Jackson deal not signed yet, full guarantee will be $16 million

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The Redskins and receiver DeSean Jackson have indeed agreed to terms.  According to a league source, the terms have not yet been put to paper and signed.  It’s expected to be reviewed and signed later this morning.

Darren Heitner of Forbes.com has reported that the deal is worth $24 million over three years, with $16 million guaranteed.  And that’s $16 million fully guaranteed.  Upon signing.  Money in the bank.

Per our source, the guarantee is $16 million — and the $16 million will be fully guaranteed that moment Jackson puts his Hancock on the contract.

At first blush, that’s not a bad deal for a guy who made a belated entry to the free-agency market, under questionable circumstances and with vague leverage.  We’re hoping to get a full breakdown of bonuses and base salaries and incentives (if any) after the deal is inked.

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  1. And with the 2nd pick, The Skins select DJax! So lets revisit the trade. St Louis is still under 500 (shocker coming from a Fisher coach team I know) We have 1 NFC title, Franchise QB, & deep speed outside. As a fan since the late 80’s, I’m good with it. HTTR!!!!!!

  2. You would think that after the Albert Haynesworth contract, the Redskins would learn a lesson about giving big money to a malcontent.

    Jackson is a punk and by giving him all the money upfront, you have no leverage in controlling his future behavior, in fact, quite the opposite. He now has a built in excuse to cause trouble so he can get out of Washington and get another payday.

    Synder deserves whatever happens next.

  3. “He was scheduled to make $10.5 million this year with the Eagles.” Now he’ll get $8 million per year.

    Signing with the Redskins: $2.5 million per year.

    Annual revenge on Chip Kelly: priceless.

  4. Darren Heitner of Forbes.com has reported that the deal is worth $24 million over three years, with $16 million guaranteed.

    Do mean to tell me the mighty midget from ESPN didn’t have these details? I didn’t think a contract could be signed unless the Michigan midget could “break the news”?

  5. Yes because that team doesn’t already have enough divas on it.

    The only solace for Cowboys fans is to look at the Washington R-words and be re-assured that there is someone competing with Jerrah for dumbest owner every offseason.

  6. So why then was he complaining about $10 million in Philly?

    it doesn’t even matter what the contract says for any point in the future, this will be an issue next season, no doubt.

  7. Lets not forget after a playoff loss going into a $10.5 mill guaranteed paid season… MeJAX was already talkin’ new contract.

  8. Good place for him. Glad the Raiders either didn’t get a chance or chose not to try to lure him to Oakland. Better Receivers, perhaps a true number one will be found in the draft.

  9. Eagles win by dumping the salary of a guy that they didn’t want.

    Redskins win by getting a dynamic talent late in FA.

    Jackson wins by getting $16M by the end of April.

    Agent wins by getting a cut of a new deal.

    So who loses? Oh, yeah. The fans. The fans who will still be hit with a ticket price increase despite this salary dump, and who now have to watch above-average talents like Maclin and Cooper try to make up those 1300 yards and 9 scores. Betting that doesn’t happen.

    As usual, Eagles cut a star without a backup plan, just to save a few dollars. And they smear a guy to get some PR cover. Eagles 101.

  10. Im guessing the Raiders found some red flags and didnt want to pull the trigger. At that price they could have afforded him and on the field hes worth that price. Best of luck D Jack.


  11. Bruce Allen – executive of the year again! Seems like a steal of a deal to me, and I was originally against the deal because I thought the skins would be paying 10+ million. I should have known better with Bruce in charge!

  12. And another clear testimony to the Skins’ complete and total inadequate management. Enjoy life in the cellar of the NFC for another decade.

  13. You have to have playmakers to succeed and the Skins finally have two Wr’s that can get it done. Haven’t had that in decades. Will help Pierre, Reed, and AlMo. Draft Olinemen and Lb’s please.

  14. Chip you should have traded this headache outside of your own division. Now you’ll get to see him twice a year? Tell me he will not be motivated?

  15. The Redskin downward spiral is almost complete. They will be irrelevant for years to come and won’t be able to do anything about it. It’s a shame.

  16. 8MM per year for 3 years is a reasonable deal for the Red Skins. They can cut him after 2 years, and still get a good WR for 2 years.
    But it all comes down to the contract details.
    If its a big signing bonus (say 9MM), and the yearly base salary is 5MM, he is likely to earn the entire 24MM.

    The only danger is if he slacks off or mopes like the prior year. The only other downside is taking playing time away from talented younger players.

    I still think it’s a reasonable deal.

  17. Good ol Danny Boy, show him a shiny object with a brand name and he will blow his dough.

    Another Redskin failure

  18. So, basically a two year deal at $8 mil a year…
    freeing up cap money in 2016 which will come in handy when they have to sign a starting QB who can actually make it thru a full season…

  19. It’s too early to see if this is worth it. But the eagles front office played this foolishly. Why didn’t they trade him to Oakland for a 6th rounder? Same as Boldin deal, and kept him out of the division and conference

  20. Hmmm….he had 30.5 mill guarantee left in Philly…Now 16 Guarantee…My math says he just lost.14.5 mill….This clown wasn’t happy with 10.5 mill. a year…I see nothing but disaster

  21. Just as the Skins were getting themselves out of salary cap jail, they reverted to the ways of Snyder, and signed big contracts to old players and locker room cancers.

    Offensive Line is still a huge problem.

    Looking at 8-8 even with all the big money additions.


  22. DeSean will be asking for his contract to be renegotiated next year. Washington should have made the contract incentive based and put in behavior clauses.
    DeAean will seem like a great player for the first 6-8 games then injuries, fumbles, and attitude will appear.

    Good luck Washington!

    – Eagles fan

  23. I think that this is a double edge signning. It will work at the beginning but could end up causing issues if he isn’t kept happy.

    Money seems about right and like that it is a short term signning.

  24. Decent deal. Next question: Who’s going to pass block and keep RGKnee on his feet?

  25. That’s a lot of guaranteed money for a guy that just got cut for non football related actions.

  26. From a football standpoint I like this signing. It gives the skins offense a dimension they have been missing.

    My question is this: If they had enough cap room for this deal why didn’t we sign a Safety or RT earlier in free agency.

    Donald Penn: 2 Years $9.6 million contract with $4.2 million guaranteed.

    Austin Howard: 5 Years $30 million, with $15 million guaranteed

    Zach Strief: 5 Years $20 million, with $5.5 million guaranteed

    Guess RT/Safety is a lock for our first pick.

  27. Redskins Big pay days to players have really paid off well, if you bet the other way:

    Haynesworth – Wheres the beef?
    Primetime – when he was past his
    Coles – Big down payment on a short term lease.
    Portis- ran them no where
    Hall- Makes plays but they have done nothing as a team
    Djax – The guy neither Chip or Reid wanted. Gotta tell you something.

    This sounds like a “Logical” voice move for them.

  28. I don’t understand how the Redskins can give him $16 million this year when they only had $7 million in cap space. I must be missing something.

  29. All years being equal that’s an $8 million a year cap hit. That has to be the most fantastic deal a team has ever signed a player of his caliber to in his prime. However, he’s gonna be a little cranky when his pay next year is (again all years being equal) $2.6 million. I imagine that its more like $16 million signing bonus vet minimum, $6 million 2nd year, and cut/extend/trade the 3rd year $1.25 million savings. But I doubt he’ll make it past the 2nd year if he was willing to hold out over a $10 million base salary year.

  30. It’s a terrible deal…for the deadskins. $16 million? Can’t wait to see Trent Cole blow up MeSean on a crossing route. Can’t wait until RGKnee gets hurt and DeSean starts complaining about Kirk Cousins.

  31. Lol. Another off season Super Bowl for the trophy case. When it really matters the skins will Finnish in thier usual spot. Last in the nfl east.

  32. And the schedule makers just got out their erasers so they can put an Eagles vs Redskins matchup on prime time early in the season.

  33. mancave001 says:
    Apr 2, 2014 9:04 AM

    It’s a terrible deal…for the deadskins. $16 million? Can’t wait to see Trent Cole blow up MeSean on a crossing route. Can’t wait until RGKnee gets hurt and DeSean starts complaining about Kirk Cousins.

  34. Considering the raiders and bills were talking about north of 9 million per year this deal is a steal. 27 years old and coming off a monster season. If he was 6’3 he would be getting 14 million a season with his production

  35. So just like last year and the year before. The Redskins go just as far as RG3 takes them.

    Right or wrong the entire philosophy of the Redskins is built around 1 player in a very team-oriented game.

    I love watching RG3, he was so amazing that first season. I don’t think we’re ever going to get another season out of him like that.

    And now all Redskins and NFL fans will be expecting is that first season and unless he gives it to us, he’ll be blasted for not being the same.

  36. Redskins just put themselves back in salary cap hell. Since they have so little money now this deal will be back loaded.
    Seems to me defense or o-line might have been a better place to spend their money.

  37. When you add up Jackson’s numbers be sure to add in the the money the Eagles paid him for not playing in green. I believe that’s $6M.

    Yeah, he’s a dope alright. Player wins, as always. Owners win, as always.

    I can’t wait to watch 3 yard completions to Cooper all season. Foles will be relegated to a checkdown machine.

  38. Agreed – Skins were very prudent the last 3 years in FA due to cap penalty or otherwise.

    This contract is minimal risk (10.5, 9.5, 8.5 respectively each year) and the team is in GREAT cap shape for 2016 & 2017.

    This move makes the offense better. You want to talk about teams “winning” the offseason and throwing money around go look at Denver and New England, or did people forget how much money were spent on aging players like Ware, Talib & Revis?

  39. Good deal for a receiver in his prime. Jackson was getting 10.5/yr from Philly and the Redskins got him at a discount.

    If he behaves the Skins just stole a weapon from a rival that they can use against them twice a year…for less money.

    To add insult Philly doesn’t even get a comp pick because they cut him, they shouldn’t have just traded him. Even a late round draft pick would have kept him away from a division rival and given them something in the way of compensation.

    What on earth was Philly thinking?

  40. LOL…That is a typical Redskins move. All of their needs, and combination of limited cap space and draft picks they choose to invest heavily in a 160 pound speedster. Let’s say under the best Case scenario that Desean Jackson makes the offense more explosive. All the Redskins will be doing is putting their 31st ranked defense on the field faster either by3 and outs or quick scores.

    Not to mentioned he has quit on his team before during a contract dispute, and not one Eagle spoke in support of him since leaving.

    All I have to say is that I’m happy Reggie Mac is our GM, and Bruce Allen is now the Redskins GM. Signing DJAX to a huge Multi year deal would have been the worst signing since we signed Deangelo Hall. Signing Desean would have been a old Raider move. That’s not how we roll in 2014….#CleanCap #PayAsYouGo The New Raider Way.

  41. All of you writing “R-word” are so witty and cute?! Give me a break. It must be tough going through life being shocked and offended by daily life.

    I’m not even a REDSKIN fan but I love the name REDSKINS! When I hear it I think…Riggins, Jurgensen, Huff, Theisman, Dave Butz, Dexter Manley, Charles Mann…I think football. Get over yourselves!

  42. How quickly I change my tone?
    Is there a Redskins D-Jax Jersey for sale, yet?
    Only time will tell, but this is why I’m glad Bruce Allen is with the team. First -round talent obtained, and yet, without owning a first round pick.

  43. dlw492 says:
    Apr 2, 2014 7:49 AM
    If I created FEDEX, I would be handing out money also… Virtually printing it

    Dan created an advertising agency and sold it for 900 million.
    FedEx is the sponsor of the field.

    Must be an Eagles fan who posted that one!

  44. @ moochzilla,

    our WR core is no more incomplete than it was at this point last season.

    DeSean was coming of a 2 TD year, Cooper a 3.
    Then we had injuries to Maclin and Ben.

    I’m feeling more confident this season with an experienced Foles coming back.

    Trust in Chip & Howie.
    stats don’t win championships, teams do.

  45. Its always smart to pay a pouty me first player who is just as interested in a rap career as playing football over half his contract guaranteed. That has never been a bad idea.

    The gangs of DC must be salivating.

  46. For anyone saying he wont produce now that he has been paid; well, he got paid by the Eagles and last year he put up of 1300-yards.

    Production doesn’t seem to be a problem for him after signing big contract.

    In fact whilst obviously a braggart and and an off-field distraction who was never happy with his contract, it didn’t effect his play last year.

  47. I can’t wait to see the sideline temper tantrum when MeSean throws a fit during the WAS/PHI game because he isn’t getting enough balls thrown hisway…

  48. Really you skins fans have no clue. You just gave a guy who is not getting any younger essentially a 16m contract for 2 years. You have no draft choices and now your cap money is depleted. The skins fans are as much dopes as their owner. This guy was a cancer on the eagles. None if his teammates came to his defense. His qb (who buy the way was one of the best in the nfl last year) did not even speak up. You think you have something special here? Just wait. Remember McNabb!!!

  49. youtubeingravenvids says: Apr 2, 2014 9:01 AM

    Where did the Redskins get all that money from?

    They started the offseason with about $30m in cap space.

    They started the day with around $6-7m in cap space, so they’ve got plenty of room to add Jackson and still have spare cap room for FA and the draft class, which will only eat up about $1m in extra cap space.

    They also have a number of easy cuts that can clear up a fair amount of space without creating too much dead money in future years.

  50. Desean has baggage but hes good, Im just glad the 49ers didnt get him so good signing redskins. I wonder how many more signings it woulda took for everyone to say “I told you so” about kaep

  51. LOL at posters who are saying the Redskins overpaid. Radio reports in DC report that it’s a team friendly contract. Basically, 8 million per year for a guy who was set to make 10.5. Can cut him in 2 years without paying more than the 16 total. Redskins analysts say at this price it won’t cripple them cap wise.

    The haters are clenching their teeth in frustration and yelling: “BUT VINNIE OVERPAID AGAIN!”

  52. Of course people are saying the Skins over paid again BLAH ….BLAH ……. You all need to stop saying that because not only is it not true it is getting very old!

  53. Please for the people who say The Skins over pay, I have a question for you what FA have the Skins over paid for since 2009?

  54. Here is another case of packing the ACELA TRAIN OF DISAPPOINTMENT for a trip to DC.

    The Skins may be better with DJAX in the lineup but by the end of the first season it will turn into a real-world episode with RGME and JACCPOT. You won’t hear about it unless you ask B-MITCH or some other honest former player who was a player first.

    The Eagle’s will keep bring in FOOTBALL PLAYERS for Chip. The draft will bring us another field stretcher (BRANDIN COOKS). And in the end the mantra reigns….

    In Chip We Trust

  55. I love when people compare this deal to other past Redskins signings. This is not a Cerrato deal this is a Bruce Allen deal. They did not over pay and got another weapon. Yesterday Eagles fans were saying no dont go to Washington. Pats, 49ers, Raider fans were all over this guy yesterday. He’s a Washington Redskin today and now everyone trys to play him off as a joke. This shows you how big of a cry baby fan base the NFL has. Things didnt go my way so he sucks. Love it. And to everyone complaining about our record and how bad we have been for the past two and a half decades. True, we have not had stellar years lately but we have alot more than most teams. Five trips to tje Super Bowl, Three Super Bowl Championships, Mutiple Championships before the combined league and a rich history. You all can have your ten win seasons with nothing to show for it. I will take those Super Bowl wins that most dont have, a 3 and 13 season with no chance of playoffs and a chance to load up and make it the next year. Because who wants to be the Denver Broncos, no we all want what Seattle played for and won last year. So when everyone loads up its ok as long as your not the Redskins because of their bad history of signings over the last twenty plus years. Some how though. I do believe the last three or four years have been different. I believe this signing is different and adds a dangerous element to the Skins offense. Just ask Philly fans this morning, listen to the ESPN philly and see whats going there this morning. Its not pretty. Fear comments are the best comments and I have seen a bunch on here the last two days. The Skins have a chance to do big things.

  56. For three weeks, you posted articles about why the jets would trade or sign for Jackson. Now you post this one about him not signing the deal yet with the redskins even though the deal is done. You just can’t admit you wasted a ton of time with your jets speculation.

  57. People saying the Skins are in cap hell have no clue. Insiders have been chafing at his…frugality. Vet minimums, low long-term implications. I hear 2016 we’re like 150 million in the clear. So go ahead and pretend Vinnie Cerato still runs the show.

    People are also forgetting how specific a role/need D-Jax fills for us. Garcon was fantastic last year but lacked an X to take a safety off the top – so he naturally got doubled. Try that now. And remember Andre Roberts in the slot and the emerging Jordan Reed at tight end. Play nickel and Alfred Morris has a free box.

    Without a first-round pick, DeSean becomes our defacto selection. Unlike the Seahawks, we surrendered nothing for our Harvin and the 2nd round is free for tackle or linebacker help. Double move right there.

    Oh. And D-Jax wants to play in DC. Garcon, D-Hall, RGIII…the whole team rallied behind this signing. Gruden has a rejuvenated and potentially explosive team to exploit.

    So go ahead and keep thinking this is the same old Skins….

  58. What’s funny is it would’ve been an awesome signing if it were the Patriots or Cowboys but everybody hates the Redskins . Truth is your really gonna hate them now……tear up the NFC east again HTTR

  59. This reminds me of when the Eagles brought in T.O. Great talent but locker room cancer. There’s NO WAY Chip Kelly just released a Pro-Bowl WR unless the guy is a nightmare.

    D-Jax may go to the Redskins & it’s possible he’ll be a ‘good soldier’ for one year BUT after the honeymoon is over the Redskins will regret signing him. Gruden is already in over his head w/ RG3 & all of the drama that he brings & now Snyder is just adding gasoline to the fire. And this is EXACTLY what bad owners do–they ignore the red flags that good organizations don’t. You’d think that Snyder would have learned his lesson from Albert Haynesworth but no….Snyder is like a junkie that can’t help himself. This is why the Redskins will continue to fail as a franchise.

    I don’t see it working out for D-Jax w/ RG3. T.O. meets Donovan McNabb all over again.

  60. I bet part of the reason he was interested in the skins was due to the fact that he gets to play his old team that cut him. RG3 has a new weapon now so they better make something happen this year.

  61. bottom line……,,,,

    If you’re a 3-13 team with a 31 ranked defense. You have no business investing heavily in a WR.

    #1. You have more pressing needs.

    #2. WRs come a dime a dozen. A dominant WR(not named Randy Moss or Jerry Rice) will not turn your franchise around. Look at Calvin Johnson. They’re nice to have, but far from a necessity. Plus Desean isn’t even dominant. For every 150 yard game he gives you, you get some 28 yard games.

    Now for a team like Seattle, Frisco, New England. Desean would have been a huge signing, a big chess piece…,but for a 3-13 squad like the Redskins???????? gimme a break. But that’s what happens when a team has a GM that doesn’t know personnel. Desean Jackson is not going turn your squad around. All the Redskins are is a platform for his revenge on the Eagles.

  62. DeSean Jackson should be motivated to prove that the eagles made a mistake especially still being in the NFC East. 6 games against familiar opponents. Gives RG3 another needed weapon, a lot of guaranteed money, but in this weak division every team is basically one piece away from winning the division and once you’re in the playoffs who knows.

  63. This also reminds me of when the Jets broke the bank for Santonio Holmes. If the Redskins struggle D-Jax is going to shut it down & laugh all the way to the bank. You don’t give a guy who just got released $16 Million in guaranteed.

    If the Redskins were close like the Niners then MAYBE I can understand this but still that’s an absurd amount of guaranteed money for a player that the Eagles couldn’t even trade.

  64. ‘raiderlyfe510 says: Apr 2, 2014 11:22 AM

    bottom line……,,,,

    If you’re a 3-13 team with a 31 ranked defense. You have no business investing heavily in a WR.

    #1. You have more pressing needs.

    #2. WRs come a dime a dozen. A dominant WR(not named Randy Moss or Jerry Rice) will not turn your franchise around. Look at Calvin Johnson. They’re nice to have, but far from a necessity. Plus Desean isn’t even dominant. For every 150 yard game he gives you, you get some 28 yard games.

    Now for a team like Seattle, Frisco, New England. Desean would have been a huge signing, a big chess piece…,but for a 3-13 squad like the Redskins???????? gimme a break. But that’s what happens when a team has a GM that doesn’t know personnel. Desean Jackson is not going turn your squad around. All the Redskins are is a platform for his revenge on the Eagles.’


    I couldn’t agree more. The Redskins are more than a few players away from being a playoff team & I still have serious doubts about RG3’s ability to stay healthy. And even if he can stay healthy, can he be successful in the NFL from the pocket? RG3 was electric as a rookie but I’m not sure we’ll ever see that again from him.

  65. Cha-Ching!!!!! Hi haters!!! Speed kills. You saw what Aldrick Robinson did with RG3. Now picture an elite WR with a better skillset, faster, with way better hands. Our special teams just got alot better. 1 crease & he’s gone.

  66. Hey, more power to the skins for offering such a solid deal. The haters who are obviously jealous like teenage girls can search for all the downsides they want. Bottom line is, the Philly front office blew it. They threw away one of their best players, hurt themselves and by doing so helped a division rival-all in less than a week. I’m not a skins fan, but I kinda hope the skins sweep em 2x a year. At least for the next 3 yrs, LOL

  67. More pressing needs? You can’t predict when a player like D-Jax comes on the market. Kudos to Bruce Allen for having powder in the keg and not waiting around.

    He already added Hatcher and Tracy Porter on D, franchised Orakpo, resigned Hall, Riley and Meriweather, shored up special teams, added Lauvao and McGlynn, cut Montgomery, brought back Ryan Clark to teach the pups at safety.

    The draft is wide open for BPA, prolly RT, ILB and TE. That’s partly because we addressed so many glaring needs with a frugal, targeted and well-executed free agency.

    I’m not alone in standing and applauding the work commendable work by Bruce Allen and the whole front-office staff.


  68. @ tory707. Sir before you type ignorance please educate yourself on facts. The Redskins have all their draft picks except the 1st round. Not only that, we have the 2nd pick in every round. Duhhhh! WR was a need. The 34th pick in mock drafts was Kelvin Benjamin or another WR, some have safety, some have OT. Since the WR need has been taken care of & Ryan Clark was signed at FS & last ear Phillip Thomas & Bacarri Rambo were drafted, safety needs are filled, with last year’s 2nd round pick CB David Amerson now starting & the ILB position addressed in FA with Akeem Jordan, Darryl Sharpton, & Andre Hayward it is a safe bet that the 34th pick will be an OT.

  69. jjb0811 says:
    Apr 2, 2014 7:50 AM
    And with the 2nd pick, The Skins select DJax! So lets revisit the trade. St Louis is still under 500 (shocker coming from a Fisher coach team I know) We have 1 NFC title, Franchise QB, & deep speed outside. As a fan since the late 80′s, I’m good with it. HTTR!!!!!!

    Ummmm, you’re the 2nd worst team in the NFL, you had to sign a luxury player because your owner cannot stand drafting his own and keeping them. He’d rather draft his players and not reward them for good play by franchising them, while you give out a multi-year deal to a luxury receiver with possible gang ties. St. Louis came out like a bandit. The only reason they are floating at .500 is because they are in a division that had their 3rd place team finish 10-6. Washington finished with the 2nd worst record in the NFL in a division that had the champs FINISH 10-6. St. Louis would have probably won the NFC East.

  70. Did the second comment say the Redskins have 1 NFC title? I don’t remember them representing the NFC in the Super Bowl since I was a teenager and I’m on the other side of 35 now.

  71. This is definitely a good signing for the skins. As good an acquisition as J. George, D. Sanders, D. McNabb, and, of course, A. Haynesworth. Good for the skins!

    Signed NFC East,

  72. As an Eagles fan, I’m kind of happy he signed with the Redskins based on that fully guaranteed 16 mil. Last I checked, Redskins have cap issues and while that means nothing this year, they are going to need money to pay some of their core players next year. Tell me where the money is for…

    Kerrigan (contract year)
    Orakpo (franchise tag)
    RG3 (becomes eligible for contract extension after this year)
    Morris (becomes eligible for contract extension after this year)

    DJax is easily the 5th best of that group. Goodluck signing the rest of the team.

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