Chris Conte out 4-5 months after shoulder surgery


The Bears have signed three safeties since the start of free agency and those new arrivals won’t have to compete for time with incumbent starter Chris Conte during the team’s offseason program.

Conte had shoulder surgery in March that is expected to keep him out for 4-5 months, a period of time that will include the Bears’ OTAs, minicamps and other work ahead of training camp this summer. The timeline won’t do Conte any favors when it comes to keeping his job, but Conte didn’t feel the chances of doing that were too good if he didn’t have the operation.

“I know I’m going to have to compete for my position on this team,” Conte said, via the team’s website. “I am prepared to do that and felt having this surgery was the best way to be 100 percent healthy and be the best player I can possibly be.”

Conte started all 16 games for the Bears last season, recording 95 tackles and three interceptions on a defense that performed poorly across the board. With Major Wright likely leaving the team, the Bears have Conte, Craig Steltz and the recently signed M.D. Jennings, Danny McCray and Ryan Mundy at safety at this point in the offseason.

26 responses to “Chris Conte out 4-5 months after shoulder surgery

  1. That’s ok.he will be back just in time to watch the bears and cheeseheads and lolions fight for 2nd while the vikings are on top.allen will regret leaving MINNESOTA for that clown town known as Chicago.#vikingsrunthenfcnorthlikeamarathon.SKOL

  2. I was unaware you could injure your shoulder while blowing a coverage and watching your divisional rival score a touchdown on a 4th and forever play.

    I will be so happy when he rides the bench, and is released after this season.

  3. I also think it’s too early to give up on Conte too. He had a rough year but who didn’t on last years injury riddled D. Sure he may never be above average, but you cant have 22 above average players

  4. This guy is a conundrum. Despite anything any Bears fans say we were expecting that guy to break out last year. had a solid year in 2012 and was poised to explode in the 2013 season. for what ever He imploded. A bounce back wouldn’t shock me.

  5. Figured he needed ankle surgery after seeing what Reggie Bush did to this poor soul last year.

  6. You waited until March to have the surgery, sounds like you’re over-delayed reaction in too many plays last season.

  7. Lol these vikings fans that think because they got Zimmer is all of a sudden a contender. With your pathetic offense you will still be 4th in the north and be blowing your 1st round pick on another “franchise qb” like ponder and poor a.p will waste away playing for a crooked organization in the vikings lol vikings are merely practice dummies for the rest of the north to decimate in spectacular fashion. #SoKeepOnLosing

  8. As long as he makes it back for the Packer-Bears game. Rodgers lasting memory is throwing it over his head to a wide open Cobb at the 10 yard line so Cobb could walk into the end zone.

  9. Major Wright and Chris Conte were 2nd and 3rd on the team in tackles, respectively. When your safeties are amongst the leaders in tackles, your defense has major problems (line and linebackers). That TD against the Packers wasn’t his fault as the call was for him to defend against the 1st down. Face it, the Safety position was the least awful unit on the Bears’ defense.

  10. I’m a Packer fan and think Conte was awful last year.

    However, there were some times when he was put in terrible position. The first game against the Packers they were playing him 50 yards deep against Seneca “throws like Uncle Rico” Wallace. So instead of being able to support run defense close to the line of scrimmage, he’s tying to tackle Lacy in the open field with a full head of steam.

    Also the TD play, it was a gamble by the Bears. The Bears brought 7 hoping for a sack, leaving trips right single covered with guys playing 10 yards off the ball…not an easy assignment.

    It almost looked like the Bears were trying to bait Rodgers into throwing quick/short to an uncovered Nelson and then tackle him short of the first down. The pressure got there so quickly that Rodgers didn’t even have that chance, and once he escaped the pocket it was going to be bad news for the Bears no matter what.

  11. granadafan says:
    Apr 3, 2014 6:23 PM
    Major Wright and Chris Conte were 2nd and 3rd on the team in tackles, respectively. When your safeties are amongst the leaders in tackles, your defense has major problems (line and linebackers). That TD against the Packers wasn’t his fault as the call was for him to defend against the 1st down. Face it, the Safety position was the least awful unit on the Bears’ defense.

    They changed the call to man prior to the snap.

    Conte stayed in zone. (And admitted such after the game.)

    I’m all for second chances, just not on the Bears. Kid burned too many bridges.

  12. Viking fans love to talk big in the offseason. Zimmer is now the best head coach in the NFL, without ever coaching a game. The Vikings QB, whichever one they draft, will be the best.

    Then the season will start. And the Vikings will make their way down to 4th place- and the Vikings fans will tell us how next year things will be different.

    Remember when Gary Anderson made every field goal in 1998 and then missed that one during the NFC Championship Game? That was another hilarious moment in Viking history.


    Conte is such a scrub …why on earth the bears keep this man on their roster boggles my mind. He is 2 steps too slow to be a safty in the NFL….at best he is a 2nd/3rd stringer and NO STARTER.

    These days Safty’s need to be (in my opinion) some of the fastest guys on the field to cover such a wide area.

    I use to grind me teeth all last year watching Conte play because he just dosent have it. Heck…Hester would of did a better job imho at safty lol.

  14. It’s odd that Conte until March to have his shoulder surgery …. but I can still close my eyes and see Conte pointing at himself after … well we all know after what. I’m just a fan but he has to live with what went down that Sunday Dec. 29th, 2013, and I think that he thinks about it day in and day out.

  15. I’ll tell you right now, if Conte isn’t healthy for the season opener, this defense is in major trouble! Conte is the best safety in the NFL…… (btw, this post I’m going retro to April 1) 😉

  16. Conte was awful last year, however I remember him lighting people up over the middle his first 2 years and getting flagged and fined for it. I can’t help but wonder if those fines made him timid and question himself. That plus, a weak front 4 shined the light on him and Wright…and they sucked.
    I think the Bears will take the best available defensive player at 14…that may be a DT. I wouldn’t be shocked if Emery feels like the improvement up front will help a serviceable secondary (safeties only–I think Peanut and Jennings are closer to the top of their game than the bottom). Emery has put them in a position to draft a potential starter without having to start him on defense. A guy like Aaron Donald could make an immediate impact in a DT rotation. I’d be happy if he drafted a play making FS…DIx and Pryor have done both in college, just need to hit on the right one…in any case they need this pick to be a “Shea McClellin” reach pick.

  17. I still believe that the Bears coaching, and Emery, are high on Conte (not like ‘stoned’ high, which they could be) and think he is a legit top level safety in the NFL. They made no moves to trade around him last season, a sure sign they were ok with him as their starter, and this season, so far, have refused to release him or bring in serious competition. In 2014, when the other teams are running up 30, 40 points a game vs the Bears, and the offense has to rely on that old time leader, Jay Cutler, you can bet there will be a serious pucker factor with Emery, et al, when the whole game comes down to how well Conte and the gang can cover someone.

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