PFT Live: Dismal offseason continues for Raiders

Raiders’ insider Scott Bair joins Mike Florio to discuss Oakland’s pursuit of DeSean Jackson and to talk about who the Raiders might target with the rest of their cap space.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Dismal offseason continues for Raiders

  1. How about we let the season begin and I don’t know let them play a few games before say how there offseason went. Because usually the big winner in free agency doesn’t mean improvement ask the Eagles or Redskins.

  2. Dismal offseason? Did I miss something? I don’t think we blew the roof off with any of our pick ups but have gotten some solid vets to fill holes and help the younger guys along. I don’t get what is so dismal…

  3. The Raiders will not get any respect until they have a Winning season, there moves will always be questioned in the negative until then.

  4. If Cleveland or the Rams or some other team made these moves it would read “Busy off season continues” but because it’s the Raiders it’s dismal. Give me a break

  5. I just looked at their current roster….and ya know its not bad at all. Some nice vets with superbowl experience. Don’t Believe me? Check them out. On paper, they look better than my team right now.

  6. I dont see anything wrong with the interview. I think they could have used a different word than dismal but we really dont know how good this team is gonna respond together. I personally am tired of getting my hopes up high and going into the season with the hardest schedule in the league and the donkeys again getting the easiest in the division sort of keeps me from jumping for joy.

  7. Dismal. When will the hating stop. The Raiders are a much better team today than they where several months ago. The d line is better than it was last year. The secondary is better not just with the signings but with the return of Tyvon Branch. The O line is much better and our Qb is better than what we had last year. Yes he had a bad year. It happens. The change of scenery will do a lot for him. Our running game is going to be powerful this year. bank on it. top 5 rushing team in the league.

  8. What scares me is RM ‘s draft last year. Moving down without getting fair value, taking a huge risk by drafting an injured player in Hayden, especially considering Hayden’s talent level should have placed him at the end of the first round without any injury history. Then drafting Watson (I love O linemen) in the 2nd when he only had one year as a starter at right tackle. The fact is RM has to hit on all his draft picks to compensate for the lack of picks and his previous mistakes to replace the older FAs and keep MD happy.

  9. This is dismal? Man, whoever thinks this is dismal wasn’t around for that budge busting Gibril Wilson/Tommy Kelly/Javon Walker off-season. Low risk and high reward signings this year, sounds good to me.

  10. This just in, Raiders still conducting background research on DJack. Umm, can someone turn on Reg’s computer? Oh wait, Raiders dont have computers.

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