Russell Wilson: I have a long way to go, but I can be the best ever


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson thinks he has a chance to be remembered as the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

“Why can’t I be the best quarterback to ever play the game one day?’ Wilson told ESPN. “I’m not right now. I’ve got a long way to go. But one day, you know?”

Wilson is right that he has a long way to go. As a passer, Wilson isn’t close to the best in the NFL right now, let alone the best ever. He’s never led the league in any major statistical category and hasn’t even been particularly close. Wilson has a Super Bowl ring, but so does Trent Dilfer. You don’t need to be a great quarterback to earn a Super Bowl ring with a great defense.

At age 25, however, Wilson has plenty of time to get better. What he’s already accomplished in his first two NFL seasons is impressive, and from all accounts Wilson is the kind of player who backs up his talk about wanting to be great with the necessary amount of hard work.

Wilson is part of a strong group of young quarterbacks who have entered the NFL in the last few years, along with Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick. Some day Wilson may turn out to be the best of that bunch and among the best of all time. But he has a long way to go.

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  1. Comparing Wilson to Dilfer is pretty bad. Wilson will have a better career than him. As for the best…yes, long way to go but he can probably do it.

  2. On of the few I believe. While “best ever” is ridiculously subjective, he has the skills and, more importantly, the work ethic to be in that conversation.

  3. I suspect that’s how all of these guys are wired, but honestly I don’t see it. Good player, but he’s not the best of his peers let alone all timers.

  4. That’s called an “inside thought” Russell. Fine to believe it, but don’t say it. Oh, and it won’t happen anyway. Montana will always be the undisputed champion, especially now that Manning and Brady have both lost two SB’s.

  5. This guy’s head has been swelling for some time now.

    I wonder if it can still fit through a door.

  6. I respect Wilson because he has fought through adversity in college, is typically humble and is “undersized” to be an NFL QB. With that said, he has a long way to go to be the best ever. If you look at the stats and championships compiled by the likes of Brady, Manning, Montana and Unitas (to name a few) he isn’t even in their league yet. Stay humble and focused Russell.

  7. Russell Wilson’s first 2 seasons he’s had 26 TDs, 9 INTs and 26 TDs, 10 INTs. 100+ QB Rating in each one, 2 playoff appearances including a Super Bowl win. I can’t remember any QB having a better first 2 seasons than what he’s had so far.

  8. Not a Seahawks fan, but I am a Russell Wilson fan. The man has goals. He wants to be the best ever. Can’t fault him for that.

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll watch any game with Russell as QB. The man puts on quite a show.

  9. Good for him. This guy has a great mentalilty when approaching the game. He’s a very good person. Let’s hope he stays humble and healthy.

  10. Give this guy a chance, if there is people calling Peyton Manning “the best ever” even with a losing record in playoffs and choking every year why not Wilson, who is playing better every year and has SB ring now.

  11. It helps when lynch is the the main weapon and the defense constantly forces turn overs.
    Can’t hate this guy at all. A gentlemen and a Baller

  12. It’s already too late to be the best ever, Otto Graham played 10 year, went to 10 championships and won 6, Russell missed his year 1 championship

  13. Agree Wilson has a long way to go if it’s even possible, but disagree he’s never led the NFL in any passing stats. RW is the only QB in NFL history to finish his first two season in the league with a QB rating over 100 and he’s only second in TD’s behind Dan Marino. Efficiency and touchdowns are pretty important…

  14. not a seahawks fan but what is wrong with wanting to be the best? there is a big difference between a guy wanting to be the best and setting that as his goal than somebody claiming to be the best. I don’t understand how anybody can consider saying something like this trash talking and hold it against him. the league would be better off if there were more guys like him than the look at me guys out there now.

  15. Wilson is part of a strong group of young quarterbacks who have entered the NFL in the last few years, along with Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.


    I guess Nick Foles doesn’t count as a good young QB? He did finish #1 overall in QBR with a 27-2 TD/INT ratio.

  16. You left the guy off of the list that had better numbers last year than anyone else you mentioned if you take into consideration the number of starts he made, Nick Foles…just sayin’, you can’t argue with the numbers.

  17. So Mr. Wilson thinks he can be the best QB ever. What a Humble guy. Like the 12th Man. Lol.

  18. am i the only one who saw how flawless he was in the superbowl? i would rank his performance against any of the top qb performances in the superbowl.

    the coaching staff put the ball in his hands, and he is only a 2nd year guy. and he was exceptional.

    i think he is on his way to being one of the best ever.

  19. “Wilson is part of a strong group of young quarterbacks who have entered the NFL in the last few years, along with Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.”

    Luck = yes
    Newton = has A LOT of growing up/maturing to do
    RGIII = yes
    Kaepernick = the most overrated, flash-in-the-pan QB in the league today. Doesn’t even belong in this list.

  20. He hasn’t had to put up huge numbers because of a solid running game and outstanding defense and special teams play. Superbowl> Stats. He’s an outstanding quarter back.

    Signed Niners Fan

  21. Anyone who thinks this is bragging, arrogance, or thinks this means Wilson isn’t humble obviously knows nothing about the dude.

    Exactly the opposite. This is the sort of work effort and goal-setting we all wish we had, wish our kids had, and should admire in anyone that has it. Wanting to be the best and put in the work. He didn’t say “I AM THE BEST” or “I WILL BE THE GREATEST”, he said that he wants it, he wants to work hard and achieve it.

    If you have a problem with that, then I’d like to know what it is you bother watching sports for in the first place.

  22. Last time I checked Russell threw more touchdown passes then ANY QB IN HISTORY beating out none other then Mr.Manning!! Keep throwing hate his way but he very well could become the very best quarterback to ever play the game and I for one am so thankful he wears the blue and green!!! His leadership and ethic alone makes this a possibility over guys like Kaepernick and newton! And if all else fails at the least he will rake in the titles while he is trying!!!! Haha. Good luck keeping up with him!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  23. Can someone explain to me why it’s egotisitcal of Wilson to want to be the best?? I’m confused by some of the comments here. He doesn’t ever say he is the best right now, just that he wants to be the best but has a long way to go. Doesn’t sound like he has an ego to me, sounds like someone who just sets high goals for himself to acheive. Clearly there are people who don’t know the difference between someone who is driven and someone who is egotistical…

  24. Good for you Wilson. You are the exact role model that all fans want to see in their QB. Thumbs down if you’re a jealous hater that has no respect for people who set goals or work to support their community on a weekly basis.

  25. Wilson is carried by a defense, it’s great winning games scoring less than 20 points on offense and he deserves some credit but but i’m sorry you’re a more an elite game manager.

    There’s 20 QB’s could of won that Super Bowl with the Seahawks defense.

    If a team had to start from scratch with no players and just pick the QB no GM would pick Wilson ahead of Luck or Cam those guys would be good whatever team they were on, Wilson needs a good running game and defense.

    Tell me what QB wouldn’t be good with the best defense and top 5 running game?

    Remember Mark Sanchez getting to 2 AFCCG games with a top 5 running game and defense, yeah that’s how much it helps you.

  26. He’s not even a top 15 QB today. He’s a guy with a great defense and running game who manages the offense. If they didn’t have such a great defense, and were finishing out of the playoffs, people would be talking about whether Seattle should draft a QB.

    He doesn’t throw for very many yards or TD’s. He’s a short dude with an epic great defense who gets to brag about how awesome he is for their accomplishments.

  27. I really believe many sports writer and the casual fan has no clue who is a football talent and who isn’t. They listen what other analysts or writers say and jump on that bandwagon with no substance. Wilson helped take the Seahawks to another level and was key in winning a Lombardi. In first two years he is ahead of every NFL QB in history throwing TD’s as well as wins.

    NFC Championship game we played a defense that was just as tough and that 4th down bomb to Jermaine Kearse was clutch. I don’t see many other top tier QB’s winning Super Bowl missing their two top starting WRs nearly all season and 3/5 the offensive line 8 out of 16 games. Give a Seahawk fan that young QB list to pick from as who will be their franchise QB it will be Wilson over and over. He’s already a Super Bowl Champion. Go Hawks!

  28. Reading these comments makes me wonder how many read more then just the title.

    “Why can’t I be the best quarterback to ever play the game one day?’ Wilson told ESPN. “I’m not right now. I’ve got a long way to go. But one day, you know?”

    Any player, at any position, without this mindset, will not make it this league.

    “The separation is in the preparation.” – RW

  29. Wilson has the work ethic to be an all time great. First one in, last one out. With that being said, I have a feeling that there are going to be increasing external distractions for Wilson, and a number of players on the current roster. In 2 years we’ll hardly recognize this current teams roster. It happens to all SB winning teams. Gotta keep getting lucky in the draft and remain injury free

  30. Short quarterbacks like you and Drew Brees can’t win. We will stick with Dante Culpepper.

    The Miami Dolphins

  31. Any poster that bashes someone who politely states he thinks he can be the best is obviously someone who is content on being mediocre in their own profession.

  32. Back in 2001, folks were calling Tom Brady a game manager after he won the Super Bowl.

    Brady’s 2001 stats (15 games):

    63.9%, 2843 YDS, 18 TD, 12 INT, QB Eff 85.7

    Wilson’s 2013 stats:

    63.1%, 3357 YDS, 28 TD, 9 INT, QB Eff 101.2

    So the argument that Russell Wilson is more than a game manager is ludicrous. Make this statement in 5 years after he has had more than a 2 year body of work.

    As of today, he is ahead of the Tom Brady pace. Would anyone say that Brady isn’t one of the greatest? Why not Russ?

  33. The genius of Russel Wilson goes beyond football. He plays the media wonderfully. he can dominate media if he put his mind to it.

    He could’ve easily opted for an headline that said:
    Russell Wilson: I can be the best ever

    Instead, he went with:
    Russell Wilson: I have a long way to go, but I can be the best ever

    Imagine the reaction to the first one. That’s right, DangeRuss knows what he’s doing. dominating football, media, and soon the entire USA.

  34. This thread has slightly verged off the topic of RW to opinion of the all-time greatest. That being the case, I, for your consideration, submit the following stats for Otto Graham:

    Yrs. played-10 (AAFC-4 & NFL-6)
    Championship games-10 (AAFC-4 & NFL-3)
    Championships won-7 (AAFC-4 & NFL-3)
    Pick 6s-1 (AAFC)

    Bob Engleman

  35. I’m 99.99% certain that any starting QB in the NFL and probably even their backup QB would have won the Super Bowl with the way Seattle’s defense played. Seahawk bandwagoners, enjoy it while it lasts and you are forced to pick a new “favorite team”.

  36. Love the journalistic spin – he never said “I can be the best ever,” nor did he indicate he thinks has any more of a chance than anyone else to be remembered as the best ever, nor did he directly say “I want to be the best ever”.

    What he said went right back to the recurring theme, “why not me?” A great message to teach self-confidence lost in all this slant.

  37. Oh no the one Seahawk I actually respect, but it seems Richard Sherman is starting to rub off. I dont konw whats more annoying? the coach and players or the fans with their “12th Man” BS

  38. Joe Flacco said he was the best playing right now(slightly different than GOAT) THEN backed up his words with a SB MVP and ring, but he was crucified in the media and by non-Ravens fans for thinking too highly of himself. RW says he can be the best QB in history AFTER getting a ring, and he’s viewed as “humble” and a “good-guy”.

    Flacco is the least flashy yet most hated dude I’ve ever seen play.

  39. Wow … I did not know playing 2 years in the NFL with a great defence puts you in the HOF.

  40. People should put this comment in perspective. Suppose he said he could never be the best ever when asked that question….that is not the positive viewpoint you should have in any sports.

    He answered the way he should, and it wasn’t of his own origination to ask/answer this question – the reporter who was asking it.

  41. One super bowl? Terry, Joe, John, Dan, Steve, Phil,Brett,all of the Mannings and many
    more were better. Stop talking and just
    play football and we will all see if you if can
    stand at the top of the mountain.

  42. Don’t know about him being the best ever, but he’s already pretty doggone good, and will likely get a lot better still…

  43. Russell Wilson need to first learn that he is a average QB that needs that Defense and the running game for him to be successful. He will never be able to carrry a team. As Bill Parcell would say just drive the bus and let the defense and the running game win for us. Wilson probably would not start for half the teams in the league. Just be happy you in Seattle with that defense.

  44. hilarious that this is a universally accepted fact…like gravity

    “_____ has a Super Bowl ring, but so does Trent Dilfer”

    I wonder if this saying will stick around long after Dilfer’s gone.

  45. He’s good, he’s smart with the football and doesn’t take unnecessary risks.
    His success will be tied to his team’s ability to support him. If he ever has to carry a team that will be the true test.

  46. WOW. I guy saying he wants to be the best ever and he’s thrown under a bus and labeled as “big headed”.

    Paging haters. Paging all haters. Your plane is boarding for loserville.

  47. There is no better way to prove what an idiot you are than to trash Russell Wilson, especially based on stats. ThevSeahawks wouldn’t trade him for any QB in the league right now. He makes plays and throws that quite simply, no one else in the NFL can make. If the Seahawks needed him to throw for 300 yards every game, he could do it.

    They don’t.

    And if you want stats, here’s some for ‘ya.

    More TD passes in 1st 2 years than any QB in NFL history. He broke Peyton Manning’s record. PEYTON MANNING.

    More wins in his 1st 2 years than any QB in NFL history.

    1 Super Bowl victory with a passer rating of 123.5.

    Trash him all you want. We’ll just continue to enjoy our Lombardi and laugh at you.

  48. He hasn’t many great games, but he doesn’t mess up a ton .. and it’s a great era to be a QB with the rule changes favoring the offense so he could be one of the best in this crop of QB’s .. very likable guy

  49. “Wilson is part of a strong group of young quarterbacks who have entered the NFL in the last few years, along with Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.”

    Luck = yes
    Newton = needs A LOT of maturing, and fast
    RG3 = yes
    Kaepernick = flash-in-the-pan, overrated QB that doesn’t deserve to be in that list.

  50. Without him being paid peanuts, he wouldn’t have that Superbowl… as a very smart man, I’m sure he knows that.

  51. Wilson switched schools for his final year of eligibility, was deep on the depth chart, and believed he could be the starter by the first game. Accomplished.

    With only one year in the Badger’s system, Wilson believed he could take that team to the Rose Bowl. Accomplished.

    Despite Mel Kiper’s Hair, Wilson believed he could be drafted by an NFL team. Accomplished.

    Despite being third on the depth chart, behind a guy making a guaranteed 9 million, Wilson believed he could be the starter by Week 1. Accomplished.

    Wilson believed he could take that team to the Superbowl and win it. Accomplished.

    But by all means, let’s all start underestimating him NOW.

  52. Maybe he should see how he does with a Number 31 Defense before he says he could be the “best ever”

  53. Joe Montana is the best ever. If you can be better than Joe Montana, then I’m all for seeing it. But you should know what you’re up against..

  54. “Wilson is part of a strong group of young quarterbacks who have entered the NFL in the last few years, along with Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick.”

    Luck definitely, RG3 has proving to do but can become very good, same with Cam and Foles, Krapernick is overrated, Wilson definitely.

  55. seriously, anyone could have QB’d that team & won a SuperBowl. On any other team, youre average at best Mr. Wilson..

  56. Striving to be the best is the best approach in the NFL. Without it, you lose your job…..

    Go Seahawks!

  57. He’s got one Super Bowl. That’s a good start. Now he needs to get better statistically and win some more Super Bowls. Just the wins wont do it. There are other QBs like Bradshaw with 4 Super Bowls and Aikman with 3 Super Bowls that are never talked about in the top 5 of all time.

  58. Did any of you guys read the article ? He never said he was the best he said he wants to be the best and has a long way to go without russell the seahawks would be 10-6 with no qb and a good defense he’s a gem that everybody passed on. Why not Russ?

  59. People who say that he owes it to the defense are forgetting the fact that he has thrown for more touchdowns in 2 years than any other QB.

    Saying he id “carried” by the defense is a silly comment. No team can win without a good defense.

    Romo is a very good QB, but he doesn’t have the defense that Wilson has.

    Go back and watch the Superbowl again with an open mind. Wilson makes serveral clutch plays.

    It isn’t his fault that the o-line is “pedestrian” at best. You will never hear him say that though.

    He conducts himself professionally. He does not say “I am the greatest” he says he is far from it, but that it is a goal.

    I can’t fault him for anything.

    Aside from that

  60. Yeah Russ, Ruthlessbooger thought the same after he won his first Lombardi with the steelers having a great defense aoround him as you do in Seattle. When you start believeing your own hype is usually when karma shows you otherwise. Stay humble, or you might end up like Bloated Ben the most disliked QB in the league.

  61. You know, he seems like a good kid, talented athlete, etc… But my experience has always been that if you feel like you have to tell everyone how good you are (or will be), then you’re probably not as good as you think you are.
    How many times did Montanta, Elway, Marino, Aikman, Young have to tell the media about how they were going to be the best ever?

  62. He didn’t look “all that” last season at home against the Cardinals…LOL! Just say’n, the kid’s got talent but I liked him better when he at least APPEARED
    somewhat humble. He needs a little more time in the league before he goes all Marshawn Lynch or Shermanator on us!

  63. Wilson just has to do a few small things to become the best ever.

    Step 1: Rank at the top of the league in a category.
    Step 2: Become the best QB in his conference.
    Step 3: Become the best QB in the league.
    Step 4: Repeat step 3 for at least 8 years.
    Step 5: Be named MVP and Super Bowl MVP several times.

    Sounds easy.

  64. Tom Brady and Manning can’t even run and easy to sack, but their considered among the best ever. Thus, no QB was “ever” perfect. But he’ll have to take up those guys style of play before he can seriously target that goal.

  65. I was a bit concerned as to how Russell Wilson would act after he and the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. After all, we’ve seen how hard it is to stay hungry once teams reach the pinnacle.

    But when I hear this comment from Wilson, I’m less concerned about his motivation now. He answers a direct, blunt question and sets himself a goal at the same time.

    The kid is special.

  66. How awesome would it be if this guy tanked the rest of his career? He’s just as arrogant as Sherman, except he’ likable, so he gets away with it.

  67. He never said it was easy.
    Nor did he say he was there or even should be a part of the discussion of “best QB”.
    He said he had a long way to go and wanted to be the best.
    If your QB, or any other player doesn’t say he wants to be the best.. .time to sign another player.

  68. Russell, you should know better than that. You rode a great team to a super bowl win. Not really that hard to see. Wait until your defense sucks and you have to go against teams geared to shutting you down.

  69. Poor Dilfer. What did he ever do to become such a punching bag? The way people talk about him, it’s like he was an absolute bumbling idiot that somehow tricked the world into giving him a Super Bowl ring.

    Wilson’s got his stuff together. Nothing wrong with lofty goals. If there’s anyone that you can put faith in to put the amount of work necessary to become the best ever, Wilson’s your guy. And as far as never doing anything significant from a passing perspective, he DID equal Mr. Manning’s rookie record for TDs thrown…

  70. A 49er fan here since before most hereon were born (can you say Kezar Stadium). Anyway, what I just read was this youngster asking “Why can’t I be… blah, blah” – and there is no reason why he cannot. I’ve only seen the kid play 2 maybe 3 times (we did NOT watch either the last Niners/Seahawks game or Super Bowl). But what I have seen of Wilson, he can play. Among “the best” I’ve seen, no – not by a long shot. And he appears to have at least have more class than that gum chomping HC of his. That man looks nastier chomping that stuff than any cow with a cud – Yuck!

  71. He’s a tremendous player, but how much longer will he have his health and legs? Right now the Seahawks win because of their defense and running game he and Lynch provide. He’s great but the Seahawks would be a good team with anyone at QB.

  72. He has had a 100+ rating in both seasons which is far more telling to a QB’s passing ability than just looking at the “major statistical categories”

    He also has thrown for 26 TDs both seasons which comes to a 2 year career td% of 6.5. HIs completion % is also solid as is his low INT % and his yards per attempt figure. Basically, he is efficient which is how QBs should be judged when it comes to passing the football.

    Matt Stafford has a 5k passing yard and 40+ td season and he has the highest yards per game average in NFL history at 286 per game. Does anyone think he is elite? No. Why? Because he isn’t consistent in most areas and throws a lot of picks and has 9000000 attempts a year.

    Bringing up Seattle’s D is silly as it isn’t like Wilson is being mediocre out there as seen again by his passer rating and those % figures.

    I agree that he has a long way to go to be the “best ever” but that is simply because he is only 2 years in. It has nothing to do with him being so-so at passing which this writer is somewhat implying. He’s right now a clearly better player than Luck is yet since the media has hyped up Luck since college they will refuse to admit this.

  73. I’d much rather a guy say this, than “I want to be an above average QB for my career” or “I already am the best ever.”

    Not a Seahawks fan, but hard not to admire this kid. He could be the Derek Jeter of the NFL — the player that everyone admires.

  74. patsfan112 says:
    Somewhere out there in Brazil (where he currently is), Brady is dying from laughter.
    Did you mean Tom Brady, who is 0-1 against Russell Wilson and hasn’t won a big game in 10 years, or Brady Quinn?

    Just asking…

  75. engymass says: Apr 3, 2014 5:15 PM

    Tom Brady and Manning can’t even run and easy to sack, but their considered among the best ever. Thus, no QB was “ever” perfect. But he’ll have to take up those guys style of play before he can seriously target that goal.
    That’s because they are traditional, pocket passing QBs (last I checked the prerequisite for a QB was the ability to THROW the ball). Why do these idiots use this as an argument??? I guess I shouldn’t expect much from a person that doesn’t understand the difference between their, they’re, & there.

  76. More wins than any other QB *in NFL history* in their first two years.

    Scroll back to the top of the page. See who’s got the Lombardi in his hand.

    Then re-read the quote “I have a long way to go”

  77. Let’s see how great you are when you carry a crippled team on your back like Brady did last season. Maybe defense will carry you to greatness.

  78. I predicted that Russell Wilson would be the first one of the young QB group to win the SB when he was drafted by the Hawks and he did in his 2nd year. I’m predicting again that by the time he’s done with his football career, Russell Wilson will be the most SB winning QB (even more than my idol Joe Montana). He’s such an amazing young man! The Hawks are very lucky. Hope they will pay him accordingly next year because he was robbed by being drafted in the 3rd round.

  79. He is 24-8 in the regular season over his first 2 seasons. In that time he has brought his team back in games in which they would have been considered dead and done in during previous seasons.
    He is 4-1 in the playoffs. The one playoff loss was a last minute heartbreaking and uncharacteristic breakdown of his team’s secondary against Atlanta. He beat Drew Brees and Peyton Manning on his SB 48 run. He is 3-2 against his arch rival 49’ers, a team that is almost a carbon copy of his own.

    He plays in the NFC which at present is a bit tougher than the AFC game in and game out.

    His premier receiver was out 99% of the season. His O-line was a patchwork quilt in the SB 48 run.

    He may not ever be the “best” QB in the NFL. But he may be among the best that ever played when he hangs up his cleets.

    In his second season he has done a lot. Yes he has a dominating defense. But every great QB played on a great team. Montana would tell you that, Elway would tell you that, Marino would tell you that and so would Brady and Manning.

    He has stepped up to the plate when he has been asked to produce. Great QB’s have great days and they have bad days. Even Manning had SB 48 which rates as a bad outing for him.

  80. I like how people say take away Lynch, or take away some of that defense, and then see how good he is. That doesn’t make sense at all. Take away Deymarious Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Eric Decker, and Manning wouldn’t do anything. Freaking moronic how people say that. If you take away every team’s good players that would make every QB look worse. Seriously some people are just morons.

  81. Why do people think he’s arrogant from this comment? He said ““I’m not right now. I’ve got a long way to go. But one day, you know?” That’s someone saying what his dreams are for their future: “Well, I’m a long way away, but if I keep working at it, I think I could make that promotion next year.” That’s essentially what he said, just thinking 12-15 years ahead.

  82. Do you know how long it takes to develop into a first rate QB??? Well me either but I recently heard Pete Carroll say: “if you think RWilson is fully developed you’re making a tragic conclusion, he has much further to go.”

    I just heard Richard Sherman say of his secondary that after 4 years of practicing, watching hours and hours of film, and they probably finish each other’s sentences — they are starting to “click.”

  83. nbarber2013 says:
    Apr 7, 2014 5:20 PM
    I like how people say take away Lynch, or take away some of that defense, and then see how good he is. That doesn’t make sense at all. Take away Deymarious Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Eric Decker, and Manning wouldn’t do anything. Freaking moronic how people say that. If you take away every team’s good players that would make every QB look worse. Seriously some people are just morons.

    Brady does it with less of a recieving core than anyone else. When he did have a great set of recievers he went undefeated.

  84. I’d take either Wilson or Kaepernick on my team and both would be one of my top 5 qb’s that if pick if I were building a team right now. Both are smart qb’s with great potential. Hey stat nerds, fantasy football is exactly that; fantasy…

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