Washington signs Colt McCoy


There’s a new backup quarterback in Washington.

Colt McCoy, the former Texas Longhorns star who was a third-round pick of the Browns in 2010, signed with Washington today.

McCoy hasn’t found much success so far in his NFL career. In three years with the Browns he started 21 games but struggled to find consistency as a passer. He spent the 2013 season as a backup to Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco.

Now he’ll get an opportunity to compete with Kirk Cousins for the right to back up Robert Griffin III.

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  1. I’m rooting for him but unless the Redskins trade Cousins, he’ll be cut in the preseason.

  2. even as a Steeler fan I have always liked this kid, he plays hard and gives it his all, the fact he was in Cleveland should give him a pass as the Browns could make the best QB look like crap simply because their the Browns.

  3. Tough qb but if Oakland or jags don’t want u. U must really suck lmao

    Just avg qb.

  4. So I guess the “bash everything they do” banner has moved from the Skins to the Eagles.

    The Eagles sign Sanchez, who doesn’t fit their system and is a back up at best, and they get slaughtered for it.

    The Skins sign McCoy, who doesn’t fit their system and is a back up at best, and crickets?

    The only difference between McCoy and Sanchez is that Sanchez has actually accomplished something as a starter at one point in his career.

  5. The only difference between Sanchez and McCoy is that Sanchez was brought in to be the back up while McCoy really has no shot at being the back up in DC and will be cut early in OTA’s or right after the draft.

  6. He will be on the roster in the end. Gruden likes quarterbacks just like his brother and he has seen the issues with injuries. Skins will carry three this year for that reason. McCoy, Cousins and RG3. No trades, no bull, just insurance.

  7. Everyone also has to think, the Redskins have been pretty smart about this free agent thing, they have brought in players from Dallas, Philidelphia, Houston, Pittsburg and now the 49 ers along with others. You know what that allows, knowledge into those teams offense and defense. Those players will give the Redskins vital information about their opponents. Smart moves. Smart moves. lol

  8. When will you people realize that in this day and age of free agency, no one player (not even on the teams that you all like) will be with one team for their entire career.

  9. Was expecting the poet to put up a list by now, ranking McCoy as the third best QB in the NFL, period.

  10. Speaking as a life-long Browns fan:

    McCoy had unreasonable expectations put on him because he was personally picked by the great QB guhru, Mike Holmgren. However, just when they selected him, they (the masterminds) were converting the Browns to a WC Offense and KNEW he was a project that would take several years to develope……which he never got. He was thrown into the lions’ den from the git-go.

    Then, they brought in the great “WC” Coach in Pat “Useless piece of —-” Shumur because someone knew his uncle (WTF?) Shumur didn’t need an OC that first year. Mr. Shumur nor any of his minions would teach or use Colt because he was “Mangini’s boy”…..even though it was Holmgren who drafted him. So, then they drafted the like of a geriatic Weinke 2.0 to be Shumur’s boy, and we’ve all seen how well We-done did.

    Yet, during all of this time, even with a concussion Colt McCoy stayed tried and true to his team and teammates, even with Weeden & Shumur. He did EVERYTHING asked of him. Not happy with Grandpa Weeden, Shumur even brought in “his boy” from St. Louis, T.Lewis. Still, not one discouraging word out of Colt. (His Dad, did express his thoughts on the Browns however. As a father of 6 who have all played sports, I would’ve, too.) As a Browns fan, I was angered and embarrassed by the disgusting treatment handed out to Colt. Yet, during it all, Colt stayed a “team player” to the bitter end.

    The clue-less cake-eating absentee owners, dysfunctional management & egomaniac coaches did more to ruin Colt’s career, than Colt ever did (that and a horrible O-line). I was really hoping Harbaugh could’ve salvaged Colt’s career but sadly, it might be gone by now.

    I wish good luck Colt! I hope you can get it back and maybe a ring along the way. Don’t let the jackals keep you down, you’re too good a guy for them.

  11. Poor redskins they sign colt McCoy and the patriots sign future hall of famers like revis. Tom Brady is greater then who ever the redskins put in at quarterback.

  12. I hope the ‘Skins are not looking for a pocket passer because as soon as any pressure comes, Colt starts taking off to the right. It worked for his first two games. When teams figured it out, they cut the field in half. Poor Colt. What worked in college did not work in the NFL. Shurmur could not coach him out of it.

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