Brian Dawkins warns DeSean Jackson about his behavior


While many made the natural assumption that the story about DeSean Jackson’s alleged ties to gang members was the final straw in his release from the Eagles, it was more likely just convenient public relations cover.

That’s the opinion of former Eagles safety and ESPN analyst Brian Dawkins, who played one season with Jackson.

Dawkins was interviewed on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, and said the gang story was a bit of a red herring.

“Anytime a guy is about to hit free agency, all of a sudden things begin to leak out, so to speak,” Dawkins said, via the Washington Post. “I don’t like that part of it for any team. The Eagles aren’t the only team that has done that. Other teams do the same thing because they wrap that around business. This happens in business. I don’t like that part of it.

“But I will say this, this is not something that all of a sudden had the gang affiliation thing tied to it and that was the thing that they only looked at it — they being the Eagles — looked at to say: ‘You know what? This is the thing we’re going to allow him to walk for.’ No, it was all the other things that have happened over the time that he’s been here, and the things he has not corrected in his character, some of the things that he does when in the building with coaches and the like, that they were concerned about.”

Dawkins then talked about some of the specifics that might have led to the change, beginning with coach Chip Kelly’s attention to detail, which Jackson may not have shared. Dawkins also suggested that Kelly’s problem with Jackson wasn’t a cultural divide, saying: “Where did he get a lot of his talent from when he was at Oregon? It wasn’t from the suburbs.”

Dawkins also shared a warning for his former teammate, who was able to cash in with a three-year deal with the Redskins, which will pay him less than he was set to earn with the Eagles.

“It only takes for a couple of mistakes to happen for your brand to be damaged to the point that you cannot earn, or your earning potential begins to be hurt in the capacity of being able to get outside of your neighborhood and earn a living,” Dawkins said. “And so these are the type of things that I’m talking about when it comes to DeSean Jackson. We’re held up on this gang affiliation thing; it’s not just that. It’s being a professional. It’s being able to be counted on to be with your team, do what you’re supposed to do, not skating around the corner, not cut corners, not doing some of the things that he’s allegedly been doing while in Philadelphia.”

While that might be good advice for any player, Jackson’s quick and soft landing in Washington might also be reason for him to believe the release wasn’t his fault.

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  1. When Dawkins speaks….Jackson should listen. There is a reason why Dawkins is so widely respected in the league.

  2. As a Cowboy fan, I got a bit worried (not relieved) when they cut him. It told me that Chip Kelly is trying to put a team together that is about the team and not about individuals. It reminded me of Jimmy Johnson and how he would cut talented but questionable players until he had a team. Teams win Superbowls.

  3. “While that might be good advice for any player, Jackson’s quick and soft landing in Washington might also be reason for him to believe the release wasn’t his fault”.

    Or it might be completely his fault. Remember for the better part of two decades Washington has not used much discretion in signing free agents. See–McNabb, Jason Taylor, Deon Sanders and the list goes on and on.

  4. Sometimes there are guys you are supposed to dislike but can’t. Dawkins is a great example. Pretty easy to dislike Jackson however. Redskins just reinforced his attitude/ behaviour with the signing.

  5. A big ego and a wealth of cash to back it up are a bad recipe. Now throw in a dash of money hungry “entourage” who agree with every statement and action by DeSean to feed that ego, now you have a recipe for a potential PR disaster. I don’t know the kid but we can only hope he heeds some solid advice and rethinks his personal life and associates.
    Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time until the blowout.

  6. I’m sorry has Jackson ever been arrested? or been in trouble? but because someone leaks a story about him having “ties” with being in a gang, that simply could mean he knows someone who is in a gang? I’m sure a lot of us African-Americans know some people who are in a gang, does that mean we hang out with them? lol Desean hasn’t done anything wrong but yet you public eye is viewing him like hes a gang member and he’s done such horrible crimes, his record is stupid clean so whats the issue?

  7. Sigh……Desean simply does not get it and most likely never will until it’s too late.

    Dam shame

  8. So, will all of you experts please explain what DeSean doesn’t “get”? What has he done to deserve the harsh criticism? He’s not someone who is in trouble with the league, and he’s never been arrested like a lot of other player in the league have. The gang story was complete BS. This release was all about Chip Kelly’s ego. Jackson didn’t agree with the philosophy, but he still went out and did his job. If any of you got a new boss you didn’t like, you might have done the same. I don’t understand why people are so critical of him.

  9. If you don’t want to be looked at as a gang-banger associate then it may be a good idea to not flash gang signs every chanch you get.

  10. To those who are defending Desean- stop it. I will admit that the gang affiliation is a bit far fetching- however Desean has been a question mark for the Eagles for quite some time. It wasn’t just this year- however Chip decided to axe the problem for good. People on here act like they were at Eagles headquarters every day observing Desean’s interactions with team mates and coaches. They fact that his own team mates appear happier with their tweets lol-c’mon man.

    I mean- even Shefter kindly reminded us that during the year of his draft- a couple GMs he spoke to were staying steer clear from him. This while he was at Cal! Before he even stepped foot onto the NFL, there were teams that were already suspect of his character.

    Also, it didn’t seem as though any one else was clamoring to sign Jackson once the Eagles released him. Yeah, there were rumors of the Raiders, 49ers, etc.- but still- he had no other visits except for D.C.

    Speaking of D.C.

    Do they care about winning at all?

  11. As a Steelers fan living in the Washington, DC area, I think this was a good pickup for the Skins. But I don’t get why Jackson is getting all the criticism he’s getting.

    He’s no more of a diva than Dez Bryant only Jackson hasn’t been arrested or in trouble of any kind. And we all know the “gang ties” leak is crap.

    I’d much rather simply see the team implode because it’s more a function of a mediocre franchise. This signing, like many others the Skins make, will blow up in their faces like they always do. You don’t win championships in April.

  12. Everyone defending Jackson keeps saying “he hasn’t been arrested before.”

    I don’t care about your rap sheet if you can perform on the field, but for the sake of accuracy, yes, he HAS been arrested for having pot on him & disturbing the peace. He pleaded out the deal in 2010.

  13. The point Dawkins is trying to make is it doesn’t matter if his arrest record is squeaky clean. The point is desean has a terrible attitude and character. Missing meetings, arguments with coaches, poor attitude. He was only concerned with the money and probably never got on board with Kelly’s program. Washington will regret giving him that 16 mil garunteed because he can basically do whatever he wants off the field for the next 2 years and you will still have to pay him regardless of how cancerous his behavior.

  14. .. Also, those who are surprised or felt the need to point out how articulate Dawkins is need to look in the mirror and ask why you are surprised or felt the need to point that… But that a whole other issue..

  15. I don’t buy into the ‘guilt by association’ meme or believe the article really provided any new information to the Eagles or the league that resulted in Jackson’s being cut. What I do believe is that the Jackson defenders seem to be forgetting something the Eagles do remember.

    In 2011 Jackson was upset with his contract and admittedly under performed earning a one game suspension and costing the team wins. That season the Eagles finished 2nd in the East, one game behind the Giants. Essentially, Jackson’s behavior cost the Eagles a playoff spot.

    Now, fast forward to January 2014 when only two days after the Eagles lost to the Saints and less than 2 years after signing a 5 year $48 million contract, he says he feels he should get more money.

    Remembering that old adage, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”, I’m thinking the Eagles were not about to be fooled again. And I for one am glad.

  16. The Eagles don’t have a problem with asking players to take a pay cut do they so why can’t a player ask for more money if the out perform a low ball contract anyway. $48 million don’t mean anything only the $18 million portion was guaranteed which was all ready paid. Eagles had no intention of paying that $30 million.

  17. Who cares what the reason is for the eagles releasing Desean? It is what it is. Kelly has a vision of what he wants for his team and in his locker room. Desean didn’t fit his vision so they let him go. That simple. If Desean doesn’t have any gang affiliates then good for him and good luck to him with his future in D.C. However, as an eagle fan I am happy we have Kelly setting somewhat of a standard he wants to maintain and I like the direction the franchise is heading. Yes, Desean was a huge threat for defenses but that doesn’t mean the eagles can’t replace him. I am not taking up for anybody and I don’t think Desean is a bad person, at all. Personally, IF I was a football coach he isn’t the type of player I would want in my locker room. The eagles organization did what they felt was best for their future and it is what it is. Move on.

  18. Philly went into mourning when BDawk left for Denver, but Philly wouldn’t pay him what he was worth. (He was worth more than for just his playing abilities, as he was glue holding that team together.) He wouldn’t be speaking about DJax now, if there weren’t some fire beneath the smoke. If I were Jackson, I’d give serious consideration to anything that Dawkins might tell him. Respect begets respect, and Brian has got that in spades, throughout the league.

  19. I am so sick of you hypocrites putting down this young man you gave you some of the most memorable and exciting moments in Eagles history! Desean admitted that he had been late to some meetings and missed one meeting his whole time in Philly! He praised us fans and played his heart out for us yet you crucify him!

    He had no gang affiliations and what I love about him is he never forgets where he came from and gives a hand up not a judgement down to those less fortunate! He was humble and a class act, not a criminal! All I know is that the Philadelphia Eagles made a huge mistake which they will regret!

    Get use to losing because you ungrateful idiots don’t deserve anything but what you’ve gotten your whole Eagle life! I’ve been an Eagles fan for 40 years and the handling of this free agency draft and the release of a Desean has made me very bitter!

  20. So if he can’t get along with a so-called players coach in Kelly? How u think he gonna fare with gruden ,who if he is like his father is not so much, also gruden is like Kelly last year tryin to establish himself as a head coach in the league and prob not gonna b very tolerant .. Prob not so good ..most likely a Snyder move … Oh an Snyder is rich so he prob very smart but he def didn’t make his money signing nfl players just check out his track record
    He should just live in north philly an hand money out to whoever knocks on his door

  21. If he was making 3-5 million a year,he’d still be an Eagle.Next month’s draft is very deep at WR.The Eagles probably think they’ll draft 2 or more and plug them into Kelly’s system and never miss a beat.
    Don’t believe in this character stuff at all from team that had Vick on it’s team last season.

  22. “Don’t believe in this character stuff at all from team that had Vick on it’s team last season.”

    Vick was a great locker room guy, though. If that’s what the Eagles were concerned about, it’s an irrelevant example.

  23. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders was not a team guy Micheal Irvin was supposedly selfish. Ricky “me first” Watters left the 49er because he didnt feel wanted. You what they have in common? Super Bowl rings.

  24. DeSean Jackson had better learned his lesson after being dumped by Philly, because little Danny Snyder has become Last Chance NFL, right along with Oakland.. Personally, I think he fails in Washington, it’s bad fit with a primadonna QB who seems to be a little flaky..

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