Clemson draft prospect Brandon Thomas tears ACL

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For the players hoping to be drafted next month by the NFL, the time between now and then is filled with training.

And holding their breath.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, Clemson offensive lineman Brandon Thomas suffered a torn ACL while working out last week.

Thomas, who played left tackle at Clemson but projects inside in the NFL, could have been a third- or fourth-round pick if healthy.

But this news will cost him thousands in terms of bonus, if he’s drafted at all, as anyone who wants him knows they’ll get at most three years worth of contract for him.

13 responses to “Clemson draft prospect Brandon Thomas tears ACL

  1. Could be an interesting option for a team like the Lions that would love to get another good Tackle prospect but doesn’t have the budget to spend a high pick this year as well as maybe not much first playing time. But how will thinks shake out for the position next year when he gets healthy, and if you could use a 7th round pick to put him on the shelf then you can get your higher profile Tackle while also not spending much and having a crowded first year group that he wouldn’t crack anyhow.

    How about a crazy Offensive draft, here’s how Thomas could fit in:

    1) Mike Evans WR
    2) Jace Amaro TE
    3) BPA QB
    4) BPA RB
    4) BPA C
    4) BPA G
    6) Brandon Thomas OT
    7) BPA K

  2. watch this guy become some late round steal for the Patriots, or the 49ers or the Packers or the Seahawks. seems like the good teams just keep getting better.

  3. Sucks to be cheated like that before the draft. On the positive side, its only April there could be a chance for a return late in the season. Melvin Ingram tore his last May and was playing in December, and of course Rod Woodson is the ultimate example back in ’95 when Barry Sanders juked him into tearing his, yet he returned for the Super Bowl. Hopefully he recovers.

  4. Regards the comment about 3 years, I am sure that if he does not suit up for a game, due to injury, the contract year does not count and he retains the 4 years.

    Can’t agree more that he fits 49ers mold, but other teams could follow suit if they have spare picks later in draft. (Comp picks, etc.)

  5. Thankfully this won’t be more than a hiccup . These are not as devastating career wise as once before. Hate to see a guy got hurt like this

  6. Panthers have already brought him in for a visit. I’d imagine they’d have to give serious consideration to taking him in the 5th or 6th, considering they’d been rumored to be interested in him at the back end of the first.

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