Griffin turns page on 2013, implying plenty

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has demonstrated in recent days on social media a strong desire to get back to work with his teammates.  On Monday night, Griffin retweeted a pair of PFT stories with a message that hints strongly at the dysfunction of days gone by.

In passing along to his 1.13 million Twitter followers our headline that coach Jay Gruden said Griffin works harder than any player Gruden has seen, Griffin said, “Coach supports his players, New Year.”

In passing along to his 1.13 million Twitter followers our headline that tackle Trent Williams defended receiver DeSean Jackson, Griffin said, “Players have each other’s back, New Year.”

The messages indicate that, in the old year, the coach didn’t support his players — and players didn’t have each other’s back.  Griffin likely is right, given the stream of leaks that continuously dumped more and more criticism on a player who was doing all he could to play despite suffering a serious knee injury in January 2013.

It’s still a little jarring to see Griffin speak so candidly, but that could be the best way to shed the past for good and focus on a future premised on one thing.

New Year.  New Team.  One Goal.  Win!!!” Griffin said.

31 other teams have that same goal, but it’s hard to imagine this year’s edition of the Washington Redskins winning only three of 16 regular-season games.

100 responses to “Griffin turns page on 2013, implying plenty

  1. Still don’t see how people always rag on rg3 when he was literally doing everything he could to play through a very serious injury with no regard to his own health for his team, but everything is “about him”?

  2. Is Gruden overcompensating praise on Griffen?

    When has their been a rookie coach with such jocking of his player.

    Makes you think Snyder got his guy in someone who will do what he says.

    Not a good omen with a team of growing Me-me-me-ers

  3. Its easy to bash him but his talent is undeniable. Hope bob can stay healthy cause we get a luck vs griffin show down coming this year and better qb and team will win.

  4. Griffin pushed himself to start before his body was really ready. Rookie mistake, but I admire his heart & desire. With improved weapons on offense, and a fully healthy knee, should be back to some exciting football in Washington DC again this season. Not a Redskins fan, but a healthy RG3 is good for the game. I wish him well.

  5. Maybe Bob should just be quiet and work on that whole quarterback thing….

    Let’s all put 2013 behind us… I mean, we’ve got a new logo! What could be better??

  6. He casurprised Griffenblame the media for writing about him and questioning his maturity after displaying such characteristics with his social media antics. Someone needs to help him stay out of the spotlight until he stays healthy and win.

  7. He can never blame the media for writing about him and questioning his maturity after displaying such characteristics with his social media antics. Someone needs to help him stay out of the spotlight until he stays healthy and wins

  8. I can definitely envision a McNabb/T.O.-esque feud eventually developing between RG3 and DJax. There’s only so much media attention to go around.

  9. Good to see the Redskins are now the Official Circus Franchise. The Jets do everything they can to keep this Title and my Dolphins just have had bad luck with the Fake Bully Scandal, but the Me, Me, Me Deadskins are asking for any and all Bad Press.

  10. People who thought he would come back last year and duplicate his rookie season had neither foot grounded in anything close to reality. That was a gruesome injury and he should have started the season on the PUP list. Shanny screwed him by leaving him in the game against Seattle and then again by letting him come back too early. Let this year play out and then we will have a much better idea if he is going to be a good, bad or otherwise QB

  11. Another year like last year and RG3-13 will be replaced by another QB and he’ll be working at Subway not shooting commercials for them.

  12. The best QBs in that division are Nick Foles and Eli. Griffin and Romo are clowns and tied for last place.

    The Rams schooled the Redskins front office.

    Vikings>Denver>New England> 25 teams > New Orleans >Seattle > Washington > Green Bay.

  13. No ones bagging on him for playing through injury. I just think he focuses way too much on his image & other things that ultimately do not matter. The winning QBs are football first. I’m not 100% sure RG3 is.

    Btw, anyone else think his logo looks like RJ3?

  14. This dude is a clown. New year, still same results. Sure they should win more than 3 games. But with that D and O line, how baby more is realistic? 6-10

  15. must be nice to take all the credit when everything went his way his rookie year then blame last year on the coach when things did not go his way. he was the one going full bore in his rehab and pushing to make sure he was back in time for the season. I seem to recall him being upset shanahan said he would not play until he was completely healed and ready to go. he made it known through media he was ready and his coach was holding him back during the pre-season. so what happens when the regular season starts? he performs badly then blames the coach. wonder how long after his first interception before he starts crying about the playbook and blaming gruden?

  16. “Players have each other’s back

    You’re a QB dude. Lead. Generalities shouldn’t count. Plus those same players ratted on Jackson in the first place. Oh, and you too.

  17. Talk talk talk. If he spent as much time preparing for the season, as he does preparing his brand and talking about the season, then he’d be doing what two other NFC QBs are doing, Jay Cutler and Russell Wilson working out in their own time with their teammates before OTAs. But RG3 would rather talk about last season and passive aggressively push blame away from himself.

  18. Most leaders let their actions tell the story. Divas just run their mouth. The draft can’t get here soon enough, we got to hear these DC divas opening their mouth all the time and blaming everyone else.

  19. How can new coach Jay Gruden say Griffin works harder than any player Gruden has seen, if the CBA doesn’t allow Gruden to work the players during this time of the offseason?

    Was he commenting on the work put in on the logo?

  20. NFL is gonna be a complete rerun of last year.. All the same headlines, “big”games, crappy rules… NFL sucks now. Once Peyton manning and Tom Brady retire, all will be lost in watching. What for?

  21. In the spirit of Livestrong and integrity we all need to start afresh by buying a special colored wristband and headband with the new RG3 logo to make Mike Shanahan and his son just a bad old memory of last season.
    Robert is now strictly focused on the the new Redskins new season and putting the past behind and every one of his twitter fans can as well by purchasing the RG3 new logo stamped wristband and headband collection complete with signed photos of RG3 for just $39.99.
    If only the Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez circus marketing guys had embraced the new logo concept for their wristbands and headbands, their careers may have been very different.

  22. My opinion….

    Leave last year alone, because if you start opening your mouth and things don’t play out well in 2014 you are just bringing more heat down upon yourself….again.

    Just shut up and play.

  23. This garbage team is getting way too much publicity. They haven’t been relevant in a very long time. They are a joke of a franchise, with the worst fan base in sports history. Their best player is Santana Moss and he is older than Jesus. Let’s talk about teams that actually have good players and a chance to win games. These bums will win 6 games this year. That’s being generous.

  24. Look, I see allot of comments on this posting from people who are not fans nor have they seen 1st hand how the Shanahan era fell apart. RG3 should have had the sense to pull himself out of that Seahawks game, so should have Mike, but neither did and he got hurt even worse. Then pride blinded them both again by trying to rush him back, he should not have been entered until after the Bye week. Then for some reason, the Shanahans decided they were going to make Robert a pocket QB…NOT his strength, not to mention we have an OL that was designed to MOVE, not stand static and try to protect, and that equaled an offense that struggled mightily. Put on top of that a HISTORICALLY bad special teams unit and a below average defense and you get just what we got, 3-13. Can you blame this young man for wanting to shirk anything to do with last year, for appreciating a younger coach who seems to want to come in and mold an offense to the talent he has? I don’t blame him one bit for wanting to hype that up a bit.

  25. Talk, talk, talk, talk – Do something! Just do something! Those that do, ie. S.A. Spurs, N.E. Patriots, etc, get no pub. – Those that talk…. Please just do something

  26. At least Jay Gruden knows his place as RGIII’s lap dog.

    I think Snyder is going to go with the Jerry Jones model of coaching hires. Jay will be a puppet to Snyder and Snyder wants to be RGIII’s bestest friend.

  27. There’s an old saying Bob, and you should remember it. “Never miss an opportunity to say nothing.”

  28. Just cause all you non Redskins fans got scared when the Redskins hung 14 on the Seahawks in the playoffs two years ago with a one legged RG3 and probably would of won the game if he could of played further on one leg, dont hate on the Skins for a bad season especially for Robert coming off surgery. It happens in this league. The Skins won the division two years ago and went 3-13 the next. Could as easily happen to the Eagles this year and most likely will. RG3 has less than two years of games ubder his belt and this is his third year as a pro. He is not overrated he is the Redskins quarterback and is not a 100 milliin dollar quarterback that cant win the big one in huge games ( P. Manning) or a hundred million dollar quarterback that has not even sniffed the playoffs ( T. Romo) nor are the Redskins a team that never tasted a Superbowl victory (Eagles). So for all the well wishers out there. Ha ha. Worry about your team and Skins fans will worry about theirs. HTTR. By the way. I bet the Redskins and Jets have better seasons than the Eagles or Cowboys. Just saying. Stay tuned haters. Year three of RG3. Its on

  29. Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk, pal…..unless your goal was too go down in history as a footnote for someone in the future doing a google search for first round picks that went nowhere.

  30. Once again the Redskins have are off season Superbowl champions. I just can’t figure why a 3-13 team with no draft picks until round three garners so much attention? Maybe it’s the legend of mean Dan Snyder?

  31. Whatever happened to, “I do my talking on the field”?

    Has there ever been any guy in the history of the NFL who has talked more while doing less?

  32. How about we turn the page on all the RG3 hype – he’s not even Randall Cunningham class yet much less Joe Montana- and a fish rots from the head down and having lived in the DC area for 20 years Dan Snyder’s record speaks for itself

  33. All that garbage Griffin is implying is garbage that he mostly created. It was Griffin saying, ” I don’t want to see any negative plays that I do.”

    It was Griffin superseding his coach and running to Snyder. It was Griffin who admitted after the season was over that he shouldn’t have started game one of the season but he was afraid of Kurt Cousins taking his job on a permanent basis.

    Griffin is RGme.

  34. Talk is not going to teach that defense to tackle. Offseason champs failed to address the real problem. They might manage to double last season’s win total in 2014.

  35. Sounds like talk is all RG3 has these days, really dumb to keep trashing the old regime. He is going to run out people to blame if he ends up playing like he did last year.

  36. Just shut it and let your play on the field speak for you……… that so difficult a concept?

  37. Some athletes say they don’t read or listen to what the members of the media say about them. Griffin is definitely not that type of athlete. Not only does he read it, but he responds to it on social media. Why does he feel the need to keep telling us how dedicated he is and how great his team is with a new head coach? I’m trying to think of a winning QB who acts like Griffin, however, I’m having trouble thinking of any. Griffin–MVP of twitter.

  38. He’ll win one more game than last year.
    The redskins are one of those teams that nobody cares about until there is some drama.

  39. ….Griffin said, “Coach supports his players, New Year.”

    This kid turned out to be a jerk. No coach is going to support a QB that isn’t playing well & last year he didn’t play well. At first I liked his confidence but he needs to shut up & just play football.

  40. Wow. This kid hurts his knee in his first year and does everything he can to get back. But its “all about him?”
    I think you folks who hate him should be honest about your reasons for hating RGIII..and Cam Newton, and Mike Tomlin, and Lovie Smith, and Tony Dungy…

  41. So many clowns trolling the skins, don’t you guys work or have anything else to do? Two years in league and all you people’s want to kick Griff to the curb… I hope he lights it up this year so the trolling will not be this bad, kinda like he’s rookie year. And to the fins fan, how many playoffs have the rams been to the last two years, being the skins gave up everything for griff. .. that’s what I thought, good try thou. Don’t even get me started on Miami. .nuff said

  42. dirtydrynn27 says: “Rams schooled the Redskins front office…..what do the Rams have to show for it????? Please elaborate….. ”

    I am assuming that comment was laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm, but for my own entertainment… Let me count the ways.

    Oh yeah, and the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft which could be Sammy Watkins, Jadeveon Clowney, Greg Robinson, or traded down to acquire even more picks.

    I’m no fan of Bradford, but Rams fans rejoice. We dodged a bullet on that one.

  43. I don’t dislike rg3 I like him but the most alarming thing about him last season was how unprepared he was mentally . When you are physically unable to perform you’d better be mentally and why he was not is extremely terrifying and possibly and insight to the future .

    Yes chemistry is important ,very important but what’s more important is knowing what’s going on in the game and he seemed to lack knowledge of defenses when he couldn’t rely on his legs bailing him out .

    It’s like he didn’t use his free time off the actual field to study film and work on the game mentally . He was so worried about the media and his brand he lacked substance to his game .

    Simply stated of you can’t physically perform you have literally no
    Excuse to not be mentally prepared , bc that’s all you can actually do while unable to work physically . Last season was extremely alarming from my perspective .

  44. It’s too early to judge the trade, let’s see what RG3 looks like after a couple of years of being healthy.

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