PFT: DeSean Jackson passes on voluntary workouts

While his new teammates were working out and getting ready for the 2014 season, DeSean Jackson posted pictures of himself on vacation. The PFT crew debates if he was wrong to go on vacation.

14 responses to “PFT: DeSean Jackson passes on voluntary workouts

  1. Everybody knows that DeSean is for DeSean. To post photos of himself on vacation while his new teammates are practicing is just another piece of DeSean. It couldn’t happen to a better owner-Dan Snyder !

  2. If your questionable character in the locker room, work ethic, and commitment to your team recently got you cut, what do you think would look best when you’re trying to reshape your image:

    Missing voluntary OTAs (however meaningless they may be) with your new team to go on a vacation, OR skipping your prepaid vacation to go to voluntary OTAs (however meaningless they may be) with your new team

  3. The key word is VOLUNTARY. How many of you show up to work for VOLUNTARY,(NOT PAID WORK) ? As a season ticker holder I would have liked for him to be there, but not gonna hold it against him. See how he preforms in Sept its April

  4. My name is DeSean Jackson. I just got picked up by a new team, and have a new system to learn, new teammates to meet, and have an opportunity to build chemistry and timing with them to give us the best chance at the ultimate goal of winning a championship.

    Naaah, I’m outta here for vacay!!!!!

    This guy just does. not. get. it.

  5. Just another over paid free agent, showing his new team who is boss. Snyder will regret paying this turd all that money. Jackson is all about himself and will be just another mediocre free agent signing in 2014.

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