Lavonte David: “There’s a real cool vibe” under Lovie Smith

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When NFL teams change coaches, there tends to be a stark difference between the former coach and a new one.

One of the most common ways this presents itself is when so-called players coaches are replaced by sterner voices and vice versa. If that was part of the plan in Tampa this season, it seems to be working.

Linebacker Lavonte David said Tuesday that “there’s a real cool vibe” around the team under head coach Lovie Smith, something you never heard from a Buccaneers player when Greg Schiano was calling the shots. They’re only two days into offseason workouts, but David already feels like things are moving in a better direction for the team.

“It’s real different, there’s a different vibe from everyone,” David said, via Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. “We feel like the situation here is a lot better.”

You wouldn’t expect a player to say anything much different publicly at this point in the process, but, as with the Redskins, the coaching change in Tampa appears to be a breath of fresh air for the players who were there for a rough 2013 season. If those players can perform better as a result, it should be more than two years before the Buccaneers decide to change directions on the sideline again.

21 responses to “Lavonte David: “There’s a real cool vibe” under Lovie Smith

  1. I don’t know about this. Lovie seems like a control freak. He got rid of his best player because he didn’t fit his style. He also told Donald Penn he looks forward to working with him and then cut him.

    Just doesn’t seem like an honest guy. Almost reminds me of the crap that Shanahan pulled in DC.

  2. Lovie’s strategy of a 3-and-out offense coupled with his scoring defense should fuel that “vibe” for about 2 games.

  3. .

    Vibe doesn’t equal success on the field. Or Belichick has a side we’re unaware of.



  4. What is with all the hate on Lovie? he’s an accomplished coach that did a good job in Chicago, he got fired after a 10-6 season.. The fact that we got rid of Schiano and brought in Lovie Smith is a reason for hope. We also have a good roster. I’m not saying were a force in the league, were not there yet, but don’t sleep on the bucs. Oh by the way, Lavonte David is a BEAST!

  5. Mike Glennon should tell David to speak for himself and not the other players on the team. i.e. I want to play QB and this jerk of a coach has already counted me out because he’s in love with McCown for some reason probably because he has a personal vendetta with the Bears and he has vengeance to focus on. So sorry I don’t think it’s very cool, nor do I think it’s professional or right with regard to ethical, moral, business, or football perspectives.

  6. I really did like Lovie when he was our head coach. He could never solve the formula that is known as offense, but if he did, he’d definitely have a Superbowl ring.

    A lot of Bears could tell you, even some of fans, that whether you like Lovie or don’t, he’s a players coach.

    Won’t throw you under the bus, won’t be Mr. Hollywood in the media.

  7. man, looking at that pic it’s a shame they butchered the bucs uniforms this year. they are hideous, and they had some of the best ones. if it aint broke don’t fix it.

  8. The “best player” on this roster was released because he was overpaid by millions. 4 players were signed in his absence. What good is the best CB in football when the QB has plenty of time to throw to 3 other wide open receivers?

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