2014 NFL preseason schedule


Here is the 2014 NFL preseason schedule as furnished by the league on April 9. Exact dates and times for some games have not yet been announced:

NFL Hall of Fame Game: Sunday, August 3.

N.Y. Giants vs. Buffalo (NBC).

Week One: Thursday, August 7 through Sunday, August 10.

Buffalo at Carolina.

Cincinnati at Kansas City.

Cleveland at Detroit.

Dallas at San Diego.

Green Bay at Tennessee.

Houston at Arizona.

Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets.

Miami at Atlanta.

New England at Washington.

New Orleans at St. Louis.

Oakland at Minnesota.

Philadelphia at Chicago.

Pittsburgh at N.Y. Giants.

San Francisco at Baltimore.

Seattle at Denver.

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville.

Week Two: Thursday, August 14 through Monday, August 18.

Jacksonville at Chicago (ESPN, 8/14).

Kansas City at Carolina (FOX, 8/17).

Cleveland at Washington (ESPN, 8/18).

Arizona at Minnesota.

Atlanta at Houston.

Baltimore at Dallas.

Buffalo at Pittsburgh.

Denver at San Francisco.

Detroit at Oakland.

Green Bay at St. Louis.

Miami at Tampa Bay.

N.Y. Giants at Indianapolis.

N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati.

Philadelphia at New England.

San Diego at Seattle.

Tennessee at New Orleans.

Week Three: Thursday, August 21 through Sunday, August 24.

Oakland at Green Bay (CBS, 8/22).

New Orleans at Indianapolis (CBS, 8/23).

San Diego at San Francisco (FOX, 8/24).

Cincinnati at Arizona (NBC, 8/24).

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia.

Jacksonville at Detroit.

Tennessee at Atlanta.

Chicago at Seattle.

Tampa Bay at Buffalo.

Dallas at Miami.

Carolina at New England.

N.Y. Giants at N.Y. Jets.

Washington at Baltimore.

St. Louis at Cleveland.

Houston at Denver.

Minnesota at Kansas City.

Week Four: Thursday, August 28. ***

Arizona at San Diego.

Atlanta at Jacksonville.

Baltimore at New Orleans.

Carolina at Pittsburgh.

Chicago at Cleveland.

Denver at Dallas.

Detroit at Buffalo.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati.

Kansas City at Green Bay.

Minnesota at Tennessee.

New England at N.Y. Giants.

N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia.

San Francisco at Houston.

Seattle at Oakland.

St. Louis at Miami.

Washington at Tampa Bay.

*** — According to the NFL, teams can elect to play the final preseason game on Friday, August 29.

16 responses to “2014 NFL preseason schedule

  1. I love the preseason. Dont wanna see these games go nowhere.
    The tickets are cheap if you are buying them on the resale market.
    If you watch them on TV you get to watch and analyze training camp competition.
    Theyre valuable for teams in evaluating talent and finalizing their rosters.
    And this year theyre trying out rule changes, thats sick brah!

  2. I don’t understand why the Hawks are playing three regular season opponents (broncos, chargers, raiders) during the preseason as well. Just seems odd.

  3. Woo-hoo! Saints going 4-0 in pre-season this year, great schedule. Undefeated in the dome so those two are a lock and the other two–a cake walk!


  4. How come the HOF game is always garbage? They should move the HOF game to mid-season and flex it to a game between to contenders.

  5. Really NFL? You have the broncos playing the two NFC west teams in both preseason and regular season? You couldn’t find two other teams that not on our rgular season schedule, this just messes up the broncos-Seahawks SB rematch because the hype won’t be there. Come the regular season match it’ll be oh these two teams met in denver for the preseason already instead of the last time the two teams met, the hawks blew out the broncos for their first SB win

  6. I have a life: Eat, drink and think football. It’s the shortest season in professional sports.
    Those who watch 10 months of meaningless hockey and basketball games are the ones in need of a life…

  7. Preseason is just an extra chance to injure your players. It should only be backups fighting for roster spots. But…. still excited to see footballs return!

  8. What is this now, 11, 12 years in a row that the Bears and Browns played each other in the preseason? I know a lot of teams agree in play in the preseason on their own, but you’d think one of the teams would get bored with the other by now.

  9. Can’t wait!!!! I know it’s still early, but I’m definitely ready for some football!!!!
    Bring it on!!!!!

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