Casey Hayward thinks he’s ready for offseason workouts

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The Packers got a very limited contribution from cornerback Casey Hayward in the 2013 season as a preseason hamstring injury lingered into the season and ultimately led Hayward to injured reserve after he aggravated the injury upon his return.

Hayward said that the extended time off the field taught him the positives of patience when recovering from an injury and that he was able to be a “student of the game” during his stay on IR, but that he feels ready to get back on the field when the Packers report for offseason work in a couple of weeks. He’s been training five days a week, although he said he doesn’t expect to go all out at this point in the process.

“I think I’m ready for it now,” Hayward said, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I’m just here and I don’t have to push it and I probably won’t push it crazy then, but I’m in a good enough shape to finish everything and do everything. I feel like they want me ready for the season and not right now.”

Hayward had six interceptions as a rookie in 2012 playing mostly out of the slot, although he said he feels he can play any corner spot by pointing out that several picks came when he was playing outside. Wherever he lines up, his healthy return would be a welcome one for a team that needs a more effective performance from their defense in 2014.

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  1. He was outstanding covering the slot his rookie year, top in the league by some metrics. One year doesn’t make a career but there is certainly room for optimism about his game.

  2. tramonisland says:Apr 9, 2014 9:22 AM

    Longest. Healing. Hamstring. Ever.

    Miles Austin may have something to say about that comment.

  3. Apr 9, 2014 10:00 AM
    You all are going to see something special out of Casey this year.


    As in he makes it out of pre season without another season ending injury. this guy along with a host of others on the packers (they were there in the draft late rounds for a reason) who were injury prone to begin with.

  4. Casey Hayward was a 2nd round pick, not a late round pick. He also had no injury history in college, so he was not “injury prone’. Do some research before you make yourself look like fool.

  5. As a rookie qb’s only had a 39 qb rating against him which was second best in the NFL according to Football Focus. Hope the hammy injury is behind him because he has talent.

  6. He thinks he can play on the outside but yet GB was hesitant to even put him there on a regular basis.

    There’s not enough room on this page to list all the players who had their career years in their rookie season. This dude can be added to that list. His measurables are just not there.

  7. He wasn’t put there because they already had 2 starters who have done well. His measurable are not there?? What does that even mean?? He outperformed stat wise all other cb’s except one his rookie year look it up in Football Focus because you sound clueless.

  8. He wasn’t ready to come back when he did last year. The 1st Bears game he looked like he was skating on ice.

    There was a 3rd down where the Bears dumped it to M. Bennett about 7 yards short of the first down along the sidelines. All Hayward had to do was force him out of bounds, but instead he slowed down like his legs were about to break and let Bennett run along the sideline for a first down.

    That said, I don’t think CB is the problem on defense, ILB and Safety are the issue.

  9. yes, it’s true, Casey loves clown music.

    and the lyrics go: (with barnum and bailey horns blaring, if you please)

    Packers! Packers! 13 and counting
    The ring count growing fast
    Vikings! Vikings! 0 for whatever
    Always finishing last!!

    c’mon viking fans, you must know the words!! you live the nightmare every single day.

    send in the clowns – skol? more like lol.

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    Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has heard what his coach has to say about eating cheese, and Rodgers says he’s up to the task.

    I won’t stop until I look just like our fans and coach Mike, Rodgers was heard to have said.

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