Patriots looking at more joint practices with Eagles


As coaches try to figure out a way to get more work out of less time, more and more teams are going to the joint practices with another team.

It appears the Patriots are heading that direction again.

According to Mike Reiss of, the Patriots are expected to go that route, with the Eagles “the top candidate.”

They worked together last year, after the Patriots worked with both the Buccaneers and Saints in the past as well.

With a little luck, there won’t be any scares like the Tom Brady panic of last summer, but the joint sessions do give players a chance to work against an unfamiliar face, which adds some intensity to the work even if it’s not full contact.

15 responses to “Patriots looking at more joint practices with Eagles

  1. The joint session in 2013 between these two teams worked out well. The coaches get along great and the players seemed to benefit from getting to hit someone other than their own teammates. Since last year’s joint session was in Philly, I would expect a reciprocal deal in Beantown. This is not a new concept. Eagles and Redskins did some joint “scrimmages” back in the ’60’s, as but one example.

  2. Sounds good to me. Two of the best football minds get to check each others work. Patriots are a tight knit group hopefully with MeSean gone the younger eagles team learns a thing or two from the more experienced Patriot unit.

  3. It can only help both teams so I’m for it. As long as we don’t play each other during the regular season, I say do it every year. It’s a short trip for both teams, both coaches like each other yet the teams are in opposite conferences so they’re less likely to play during the season.

  4. As much as I hate the Patriots, as much as I hate Bellicek and as much as I hate to admit it, the Ravens could benefit from just such an arrangement with the Redskins. Close by, out of their conference, a team that has quality players and a team that has existing relations with the Ravens. I hate Bellicek, I hate that he finds it necessary to cheat, and I hate that he has great ideas from time to time. (I hate mostly that he finds it necessary to cheat because he doesn’t have to.)

  5. It’s only going to make the overall product better. I think more teams should do it, with the caveat that they are not playing against eachother that year.

  6. More teams should be trying to practice with and learn from the greatest organization in NFL history, the New England Patriots.


  7. Is it football season yet?… God I hate the offseason. It is day after day of non stories to tide you over… speculation… over hype… wild “what ifs” and 32 football cities media with nothing to do.

    When does the schedule come out?

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