Dwayne Bowe walks back comments about being profiled before pot arrest

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In January, Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe said during a radio interview that he felt he was profiled by police when he was arrested in November on marijuana possession charges.

Bowe was pulled over for speeding when police said they smelled marijuana in his car and subsequently found two containers with a little more than 10 grams of pot between them.  The case is making its way through the system, with an April 16 court date looming and Bowe’s attorney filing a motion to suppress evidence found during the search, and Bowe took a moment Friday to release a statement through his lawyer walking back his previous comments.

“I just wanted to clear up a few things regarding the Riverside incident,” Bowe said in the statement, via the Kansas City Star. “I don’t believe I was racially profiled by the Riverside police department. I believe I was pulled over for speeding. I have seen the police reports and videos given to my attorney in this case, and I want people to know I was treated with courtesy and respect by the police. I regret speeding in Riverside and have driven through Riverside many times since Nov. 10 without a problem.”

Bowe is coming off a year that saw him catch 57 passes for 673 yards, the lowest yards per catch of his career, and said earlier this offseason that he wants to work on his endurance after feeling tired as the season wound down. Getting more from Bowe on the field and keeping things quiet off the field would be a big benefit for the Chiefs, who would also get a boost by adding a complement to Bowe in the draft.

18 responses to “Dwayne Bowe walks back comments about being profiled before pot arrest

  1. His first comment was made because he is in denial. He is in denial abut speeding, getting caught with weed, but mostly he is in denial about the fact he is a superstar and how dare the police even pull him over, much less arrest him for breaking the law. How dare they. To think he has changed his tune is silly, what he said is exactly what his lawyer, agent and publicist told him to say to avoid additional fines and/or suspensions from the NFL and to work towards a possible plea bargain that will keep him out of jail. No doubt he still is in denial and thinks he was treated unfairly. How dare they do that to him.

  2. All the money they make and still play the “Victim” role. Glad he came to his senses, if only to save face.

  3. That is 3/8 of an ounce…He has to go to court for that?

    Don’t hey just give him a ticket for that?

    He’s not Tony Montana.

  4. As a Chiefs fan, I can wait until the day Bowe is gone. He is one of the most overrated receivers in the league. The guy is a bum and has the production of a 2 million dollar receiver. He can’t stretch the field. He’s not quick. Doesn’t run good routes. Can’t get separation. Can’t catch. Not a leader. Not clutch. Basically the guy is a crappy receiver living off one good year. The sooner he is gone, the sooner the Chiefs can go about building a decent receiving core.

  5. I knew nothing about Dwayne Bowe until I watched one of the Chiefs games a few years back. After watching for a little while, I was stunned by the 3 or 4 dropped balls. I thought to be a high dollar receiver in the NFL you would need to be able to hang onto the ball.

  6. I honestly wish the Chiefs would trade Bowe and their first round pick to move up and take Mike Evans(wish they could go high enough to take Watkins). I like Bowe, but I think the Chiefs could do better. Even if they don’t trade up, if Marquise Lee is available, they should take him and trade Bowe for extra picks.

  7. What he meant by profiling was, “they didn’t know they were pulling over an NFL wide receiver who is above the law. They thought I was just an ordinary citizen.

  8. Buddy, everyone is profiled nowadays. We live in a police state. There are more cops in my small town than darn near people. Its like locust where I am at.

  9. Another Andy Reid team of just not good enough.

    Watch KC fans, Reids teams get worst the longer he’s around.

    Bowe is one of his guys. Typical. Watched this whole act recently for 14 years.

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