Report: Jeron Johnson restructures deal with Seahawks

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The Seattle Seahawks placed a second-round restricted free agent tender on backup strong safety Jeron Johnson prior to the start of free agency in March.

Johnson quickly signed the deal that was worth $2.187 million for next season.

However, it was unlikely Johnson was going to be part of Seattle’s roster at that number and he’s already agreed to a restructured contract. According to John Clayton of, Johnson’s re-worked deal will pay a maximum value of $2 million, though the specifics of the deal were not detailed.

The deal should allow the Seahawks to keep Johnson through next season; a decision that would have been difficult under the restricted tender he signed.

Johnson has been a key special teams contributor and backup to starter Kam Chancellor for the last three seasons. Johnson appeared in just seven games for Seattle last season as two separate hamstring injuries ultimately landed him on injured reserve.

Chancellor reportedly will have hip surgery this offseason – though he’s denied it via his Twitter account. If Chancellor does have surgery, having Johnson available for offseason workouts and training camp would be important for the Seahawks.

7 responses to “Report: Jeron Johnson restructures deal with Seahawks

  1. The Seahawks made him an offer he couldn’t refuse…..they threatened to trade him to the Vikings if he didn’t!

  2. The shehawks outlook for 2014:6-10. The midget at qb throws 24ints and only 11tds.marshawn lynch finishes with only 896 yds.sherman gets burned for a long Td every game.

  3. Got to love this team… They are being frugal so that they can keep their core in tact and ready to win multiple championships.


  4. 2.87 is too high, ok can you do 2.65, nope too High, ok we’ll do 1.85, that’s too low, how bout 2.35, how bout 1.95, how bout 2 even, DEAL!

  5. The Hawks are making smart financial decisions with three big looming contracts. 6-10 will still be better than the 1-15 the Viking will end up with. Talk about a sinking ship with all the rats bailing to other teams.

  6. If the Vikings can re-sign Allen and figure out the QB situation they have a chance…..oh wait….Allen did what? Minnesota’s QB is who?

    The Vikings main claim to fame as a franchise is this:



    Last NFC Championship was before any of their current players were born. (Right about the time the Seahawks entered the NFL). So the Vikings have pretty much been an afterthought for most of Seahawk’s existence.

    The Seahwaks have as many Superbowl victiories as the Vikings, Lions, and Bears rolled up together.

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