Eric Weems changes course, takes pay cut with Bears

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Back in March, it looked like Eric Weems would join Earl Bennett as Bears wide receivers released after refusing pay cuts for the 2014 season.

The Bears never made an official roster move, though, and that left Weems with enough time to decide to give the Bears what they wanted in exchange for continued employment with the team. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Weems agreed to the cut last week.

Weems’ salary will go from $1 million to $730,000, the veteran’s minimum for a player with his experience. He also retained a $100,000 workout bonus, which leaves the Bears with an extra $270,000 of cap space to go with their actual savings.

The move won’t guarantee Weems, who does almost all of his work on special teams, a roster spot, but he probably wasn’t looking at more than the veteran’s minimum with any other team if the Bears had cut him loose. With the workout bonus, he stands to make more than that in Chicago and that probably explains the course correction since last month.

7 responses to “Eric Weems changes course, takes pay cut with Bears

  1. If Weems wants to catch more passes from Cutler, he should change the color of his jersey given Culter’s tendency to target anybody not in a Bear’s uniform.

  2. Special teams for the Bears last year were the worst they’ve had in over a decade. Frankly I’m surprised they want any of those guys back.

  3. Weems will be cut eventually. They brought in Senns to replace costanza, hixon to replace Hester/Weems and they ditched the under performing and overpaid punter

  4. If you don’t perform you should either take the pay cut or be released from the team. That’s the beauty of football contracts. Other sports should follow suit. Bennett hasn’t played a full season in a couple of tears and when he did play, he wasn’t very good. Hester and Weems were the return guys and basically failed. Doesn’t matter what Hester did 2 or 3 years ago, it’s all about now.

  5. Weems is a big loser all he does is run around starting fights all day. No loss to cut his sorry butt.

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