Lawyer strongly believes Haslam won’t be indicted

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Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of the raid on multiple Pilot Flying J properties.  Since then, 10 employees of the company have pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges, and prosecutors continue to systematically climb the ladder.

The lawyer representing the man perched on the top rung strongly believes that the charges won’t reach quite that high.

“There’s got to be a factual predicate for there to be an indictment,” Aubrey Harwell told  “I know of no facts for there to be that basis for charges against Mr. Haslam.”

(Even if Harwell were aware of such facts, chances are he would publicly deny it.)

Harwell realizes that, regardless of what happens with Haslam, more charges will be filed.

“My guess is, there will be several more that will be charged,” Harwell said.  “In my view, there is always, given the facts such as this, the possibility of the company being charged.  I have no knowledge of what’s going to happen, but that’s a possibility.”

By the second anniversary of the raid, Harwell anticipates that the case will be closed.

“I would be hopeful that by a year from now this would be over and done with,” Harwell said.

He may be right, but prosecutors will undoubtedly continue to climb the ladder as high as they can.  And for the same reasons Harwell doesn’t know what will happen with the others who may be charged, he ultimately doesn’t know what will happen when it comes to the question of whether the feds will make a run at Haslam.

17 responses to “Lawyer strongly believes Haslam won’t be indicted

  1. So in other words he’s not responsible and we were all mistaken. Maybe Trump can offer to buy him out if his Bills bid fails. It’s not that much further of a ride. He could build a personal telerail if it’s a big deal.

  2. Why doesn’t Haslam just have his attorney run an internal investigation to clear himself. Hey, if it works in NJ, why not?

  3. Haslam NEEDS to go down. All of his top sales execs are going down. They worked for him, did his bidding. The money DID NOT go into their pockets. It went into Haslams’.

    Cleveland’s franchise did not deserve this lowlife billionaire smearing his hillbilly excrement all over their city.

  4. The Haslam family are also long-time Republicans and very active donors- hence the sudden, un-necessarily in-depth and overblown charges ala’ IRS partisanship-based excessive delaying of conservative non-profits while simultaneously fast-tracking Democrat-friendly non-profit applications.

    It’s all political nonsense.

    A “rebate and discount coupon scam”? C’mon…

  5. I’ll be glad when this whole thing is over. This is what happens when someone from the Steelers organization buys your team I guess.

  6. Indict Haslam? Are you kidding? He’s not only a member of the 1% like someone said above, but he’s one of the “too big to jails”…his flunkies below him will cover for him I am sure. If you are rich enough to buy an NFL team you are rich enough to buy your way through the “justice” system.

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