Von Miller vows to come back better after a disappointing 2013

Getty Images

Broncos linebacker Von Miller missed the start of the 2013 season with a suspension and the end of the season with a torn ACL, and in the middle he wasn’t quite the same player he had been in his first two seasons. Now Miller says he’s ready to return better than ever in 2014.

“With today’s medicine and what’s going on now like ACL, it’s really not as serious as it used to be,’’ Miller told ESPN. “I’m a 100 percent positive I’ll be able to come back not only be the same Von, [but] I got to be better. You come back and be the same guy it’s like you go ‘it’s the same Von again’ and I got to be better.’’

Miller says he understands that he needs to rededicate himself to football, and he’s going to do just that.

“When I get back to full speed I’m going to be ready to go,” Miller said. “When you’re coming off an ACL it helps you re-evaluate what really matters to you and what really matters to me is playing football and be able to get back to that.”

If the 2014 Broncos get something closer to the Von Miller they had in 2012 (18.5 sacks) instead of the Von Miller they got in 2013 (5.0 sacks), that would go a long way toward making them the kind of team that could win the Super Bowl.