Teddy Bridgewater visiting with Vikings after weekend workout


While responding to a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN about poor workouts by his client Teddy Bridgewater, agent Kennard McGuire said that the report was false because, in part, Bridgewater had only worked out for one team.

McGuire also said that would change on Saturday when Bridgewater worked out for another team. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network follows up on reports that the workout was for the Vikings with a note that Bridgewater is now visiting with the team in Minnesota.

The Vikings, who pick eighth, have met with several of the top quarterback prospects already as they look for someone who could upgrade the position over the Matt Cassel/Christian Ponder duo currently on hand. Bridgewater’s ability to do that has generated a wide range of opinions through draft season, with some feeling strongly about his chances of making it as an NFL starter and others predicting a tumble down the draft board for a player who was once thought to be a safe bet to be the first player off the board.

Whether or not Bridgewater is in play for that first-round pick is something only the Vikings can tell us and we’re not expecting to see any press releases to that effect when the visit comes to an end.

31 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater visiting with Vikings after weekend workout

  1. At least they can have him throw outside (with gloves for a change) to simulate the conditions he’d face at TCF Stadium — its colder than heck out in MN today.

  2. Hmmm. Teddy. The face of an NFL franchise? I dunno. Leader in the fourth quarter huddle? I dunno that either. Tough call fort the Vikes.

  3. I wouldn’t trust the talent evaluation of any of the Vikings’ brass. I’d give Turner’s opinion weight as he hasn’t set the franchise back with his QB talent evaluation. Yet.

  4. Personally I still like Bridgewater a lot (although recent reports of his struggles are troubling) but I don’t see him as a fit in Norv Turner’s passing system. Bridgewater is a WCO guy and Turner’s offense is an Air Coryell scheme — maybe he could succeed in either offense, but when I think Bridgewater I think West Coast Offense.

  5. I think Carr would be a better fit for Norv to work with. If the Vikings had a better starter and had the luxury of developing a QB, then Bortles.

    As bad as Weeden was for the Browns, Turner & Frazier did make improvements in him. I would expect at least the same from within this group.

  6. I don’t see this kid being a middle of the road QB…I think he’s going to be really good or really bad. If he ends up a Viking, he will have a great RB, a good TE and some serviceable WR’s

  7. Bridgewater is gonna be another ej manuel and geno smith it will take them time to adjust to the pro level. The same can be said about manziel but you cant pass up manziels skill set he really is a gifted talent. The most pro ready qbs will be bortles and carr. I still want manziel or bortles or carr over bridgewater.

  8. Please NO Vikes! This skinny little kid will be hurt in preseason and never be able to practice again while he is paid millions. This guy has BUST written all over him. Will never stand up to the rigors of the NFL.

  9. Even before his recent “fall” ; Bridgewater was seen as the QB with the lowest ceiling.

    There simply isn’t much difference , long term, between him and players available day 2 – a bit of a reach ala Ponder and we know Einstein’s definition of insanity

  10. What QBs, if any this year, I would like to see the Vikings draft and what round.

    2nd Round
    Garoppolo-E. Ill
    3rd Round
    4th Round
    Thomas-VA Tech

    I do not want Manziel-Diva issues, doesn’t play well in Minnesota, or with their fans.
    I do not want Bridgewater-If he is struggling wiht the biggest interviews of his life, how is he going to perform in the big games…just the same, shaky.
    I do not want Bortles in the 1st round, because I believe carr and Garoppolo are not that far behind him in capability.

  11. This guy was the consensus #1 overall pick for months. Then his pro day didn’t go that well and all of a sudden he’s tumbling out of the first round. Teams only badmouth players before the draft if they hope they will fall to them, so I’m thinking Bridgewater will go higher than people think.

  12. How is it still possible that Ponder is still even mentioned with the words “NFL” and “QB”? Drop him already. There’s no way in hell Zimmer is going to let him on the field, anyways. What a complete waste of time and money..

  13. None of these QB’s are up there with the likes of Luck or RG3.
    All any team would be doing is rolling the dice that one of these QB’s will be a true starter and will hit on a Wilson.
    As far as the Vikings go, how long will Norv be around to develop a QB? New system this year, new system in 3 years. Drafting for a coordinator that won’t be around=bad planning.

  14. Bridgewater wouldn’t make it in the NFL, even if he is drafted by a top 10 team, something that Minnesota isn’t even close to right now. Or anytime in the near future the way they are going.

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