Andrew Luck had to get away from football for a few

Some quarterbacks decompress over the offseason by burying themselves in football (and possibly violating the CBA).

Others take a difference approach.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck spent a few months traveling the world, getting away from football before returning to work next week.

You do have to get away, at least in my mind you do, so I did,” Luck said, via the team’s official website. “I made sure I gave myself a solid month-and-a-half, two months to get back into football shape before starting this voluntary workout session.

“It’s something I think I did better this year than last year. Every year, hopefully [I’ll] continue to do better in balancing that time. I know getting away from football is as important almost as making sure your mind’s fresh and clear as the training aspect.”

Luck said his football itch returned in March, leading him to the feeling of, “I’ve really got to get this thing cranked up again.”

Luck made solid strides from his rookie year to his second, especially in terms of limiting turnovers (at least until the postseason). Now, he has a new weapon with which to work, after the Colts brought in Hakeem Nicks.

“I haven’t had a chance to throw with him. We’ve talked, though,” Luck said. “He’s a winner, a vet, a good football player. I’m very excited.

“Every off-season is key in building rhythm. That’s one of the bigger focuses as a quarterback. [It’s] either build on the rapport you have with guys like a T.Y. [Hilton] or Reggie [Wayne]. Also to integrate the new guys, sort of feel each other out football-wise. The work you put this off-season hopefully will pay dividends when the season comes.”

But for Luck, the work starts next week, when offseason conditioning begins.

17 responses to “Andrew Luck had to get away from football for a few

  1. That’s what happens when you get your doors blown off by the Patriots. The entire Texans team is basically wandering the desert at this point.

  2. If not for Joe Webb replacing an injured Ponder and orchestrating that Christmas Eve, come from behind, victory over the Washington Redskins, it could be Viking fans reading about how Andrew Luck likes to get away from the game so he is refreshed and ready for the new season.

  3. I get that getting away from the job can be relaxing and help but one has to wonder. Is he already getting burned out from all his years in football. Hopefully that is not true but when you need a break that bad and to the point where you know you have to get back and say i have really go to get this going that means you have procastinated getting back sooner like you knew you should have. Hopefully thats not the case. This guy is a great qb.

  4. Roethlisberger’s 2013 Total QB Rating was a mediocre 54 (out of 100). Without those offseason golf outings, he might’ve been even worse…

  5. of course. he isn’t recognized around the world, and can go have some fun and see the world without being constantly bothered for an autograph. the way it is now, I would start to consider going to different places every offseason and just not tell anyone other than the organization where you are going. you have the money, why the heck not.

  6. Wilson and all of the Seahawk receivers go to California for a week of extensive training just prior to the 4/21 formal team training program.
    The ‘hawks find ways to win.

  7. Romo goes golfing in the offseason and everyone bashes him for to spending all his time focusing on football, this dude goes and seats on the beach for 2 months and everyone is saying, “he needs it” or “sometimes it is best to take a break” your all a bunch of lame a$$ clowns, those who post them kind of comments!

  8. Luck is gonna go all the way to the SB eventually. He somehow came back from the dead to beat the chiefs. Unfortunately lost Wayne

  9. Transplant living in Indy who gets out a few weeks per year. If you lived in Indianapolis, you’d get out for a few months too. The snow was particularly bad this year.

    Great place to work, great place to raise a family, and the dollar goes pretty far, other than that……hmmm….

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