Jaguars doing more homework, working Bridgewater out


The Jaguars have already had Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in for a visit.

Now, they want to see a little more.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Bridgewater will have a second meeting and workout tomorrow with the Jaguars.

This comes right as reports are building that Bridgewater’s stock might not be as high as previously thought.

The Jaguars desperately need a long-term answer at quarterback. They also own the third overall pick in the draft. And the 39th.

Whether they think Bridgewater is more worthy of one than the other may dictate their interest. But after he had a lackluster pro day, he has a chance to convince them on a one-on-one basis tomorrow.

11 responses to “Jaguars doing more homework, working Bridgewater out

  1. All teams in the top 10 would be better off picking an immediate starter on defense or another position before QB this year. Lots of solid second round QB’s this year.

  2. His hands look nice and big in that Pic !
    A lot of Mis- information out there right now, this kid can play

  3. WE WANT JOHNNY JAGUAR !!!!!!!!!!!
    Khan,Caldwell and Bradley if you ever read fan comments please listen to the fans for once in our Jaguar lives. we want a true football competitor not a tall thin 4th round bust ! TB is not the answer and will be another bust back up like so many the media wants to promote, HES A BUST ALREADY !

  4. What? You ALREADY had a visit with the kid… Why are these billionaire organizations putting unemployed kids at risk with these multiple workouts… if they get hurt, they could go undrafted. Maybe these unemployed kids should be payed for these workouts so that they can pay for the insurance instead of taking loans out to buy insurance.

  5. If you want to see a player who looks like Russell Wilson did in college, Bridgewater is your guy. They have very similar throwing motions and touch, especially on the deep ball. Maybe that’s over-reaching on the Gus Bradley connection, but Jacksonville makes a lot of sense for this FLA native. Especially since they signed Henne for another year.

  6. may be just me but i would rather have a baller on game day than one who looks good in shorts throwing to undefended receivers.

  7. Clowney, if he’s available(which I doubt he will be) or Manziel, we need a star in Jacksonville someone the public can recognize. U ask ppl to name a jags player and most can’t since mjd is gone. Plus his ceiling is phenomenal. Take the chance. If neither are available jockey to trade down as much as possible and attain more picks. Can pick up an Aaron Murray or mettenberger in round 3. But above all, Do not take Bridgewater, seen him 3 times in person, not a 1st round pick, quality backup, somewhere below Aaron Murray and above Logan Thomas. clowney/Manziel to Jags

  8. I vote for Manziel! There has been a lot of discussion of which QB would be best for the Jags, but I think Manziel is the best move for the Jags. Someone pointed out that they would prefer an un-exciting QB who won vs. an exciting one who lost. To that I say Manziel had a fantastic record at A&M against the SEC defenses; most would agree they are the best defenses in college football. Some would say his success is only because he is a “system QB”. This reminds me of the comments about Purdue’s “Basketball on grass system” that produced Drew Brees. And I would point out that more and more NFL teams are adding aspects of spread offenses to their plans. That makes these QBs who have to make quick decisions in those offenses better trained than those trained in more classic NFL offenses. But mostly, Manziel would bring to Jacksonville the combination of skills and leadership that has been missing since we lost Mark Brunell. If that is not a formula for winning excitement, what is?

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