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John Harbaugh joins “Cradle of Coaches”


Last year, Ravens coach John Harbaugh won a Super Bowl.  This year, he secured something even more rare.

On Friday, a statue was unveiled in his honor at Miami of Ohio’s “Cradle of Coaches,” a bronze gallery of tributes to coaching legends who played college football at the school.

“There’s nothing like the Cradle of Coaches.  I don’t think there’s a bigger honor in coaching,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s official website.   “People may not understand that, but once you take a look at it, it means a lot.”

The Ravens’ website has video of the unveiling, which fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) wasn’t disrupted by Mr. T.

The throng of 260 family members, friends, and colleagues who attended a Friday night dinner in Harbaugh’s honor included a surprise visit from John’s brother, Jim, head coach of the 49ers.

“There have been a lot of proud moments but I’ve never been more proud of him than I am today,” Jim said at the celebration.  “I always prided myself on being the tallest Harbaugh, but that all changed today when they unveiled that statue.”

John Harbaugh played college football at Miami in the early 1980s.

“I wasn’t a really good football player, but I was the best football player I could ever be,” John Harbaugh said. “And there were a lot of challenges and a lot of difficult things.  But then 10 years later, or 15 years later, or 30 years later, you have a chance to look back and you understand why you were there at that time with those people.”

Harbaugh’s likeness joins Paul Brown, Bo Schembechler, Weeb Ewbank, Earl Blaik, Carm Cozza, Paul Dietzel, Ara Parseghian and John Pont in the grove of statues outside Yager Stadium.

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24 Responses to “John Harbaugh joins “Cradle of Coaches””
  1. alshonbrandontandem says: Apr 20, 2014 9:59 AM

    Wow – their building statues for mediocre coaches now a days. SMH

  2. 13x Offseason World Champions says: Apr 20, 2014 10:43 AM

    Did Jim yell at anybody?

  3. matt2calvin says: Apr 20, 2014 10:43 AM

    Big fish – Little pond …

  4. nfloracle says: Apr 20, 2014 10:47 AM

    I’ve heard of a gaggle of geese but never a cradle of coaches. Sure seems like an odd name for what’s apparently quite an honor. I never heard of this before, though.

  5. iamdinguskhan says: Apr 20, 2014 10:47 AM

    Harbaugh is not a mediocre coach. Like the Ravens or not look at his record it speaks for itself.

  6. Nofoolnodrool says: Apr 20, 2014 10:48 AM

    Does the statue whine like John?

  7. Nofoolnodrool says: Apr 20, 2014 11:02 AM

    Is the statue whining?

  8. Coach John Harbaugh says: Apr 20, 2014 11:32 AM

    i will go down as the best of all time

  9. drewzducks says: Apr 20, 2014 11:55 AM

    Does the “cradle” come with a pacifier ?

  10. thestrategyexpert says: Apr 20, 2014 11:57 AM

    They must have copied that pose after a win, that definitely looks like the universal gesture to signify a coaching win. That or he’s trying to get a semi-truck to honk. And he really should iron his pants before games, I didn’t realize how bad it was.

  11. realdealsteel says: Apr 20, 2014 12:13 PM

    Right now, the Harbaugh boys look really good. But in the end, because of their personality qerks, they both will end up being ran out the league. Time will bear witness to that.

  12. robuff716 says: Apr 20, 2014 1:16 PM

    Wait a minute….Michael Jordan can have a statue…Wayne Gretzky can have a statue…Muhammad Ali can have a statue…Vince Lombardi can have a statue….but John Harbaugh…cmon man!!!

  13. baltimoresnativeson says: Apr 20, 2014 1:19 PM

    John is a great manager of men. But not a great x and o’s guy. He needs good coordinators to succeed. I’m a ravens fan fan but I can speak the truth.

  14. laxer37 says: Apr 20, 2014 2:02 PM

    A cradle is a perfect spot for a crybaby like Harbaugh.

  15. fdugrad says: Apr 20, 2014 3:25 PM

    Not bad company he and his statue are keeping.

  16. 700levelvet says: Apr 20, 2014 4:41 PM

    Bo Schembechler’s 10 Rose Bowl loses is the standard all coaches aspire to…

  17. crownofthehelmet says: Apr 20, 2014 6:36 PM

    They should move the statue out of Tomlin’s shadow so it can be seen.

  18. dickjagger says: Apr 20, 2014 8:31 PM

    Hmmm. Does the statue of Tomlin have him attempting to trip someone?

    Congrats to John HHarbaugh.A nice honor for a really good coach. Now, another ring please.

  19. steelcurtainn says: Apr 20, 2014 8:34 PM

    Cradle……fits John Harbaugh perfectly.

  20. buzzbeaubank says: Apr 20, 2014 9:18 PM

    crownofthehelmet says:
    Apr 20, 2014 6:36 PM
    They should move the statue out of Tomlin’s shadow so it can be seen.
    That’s actually Cowher’s shadow.

  21. jrcoop says: Apr 20, 2014 10:53 PM

    One day he may be considered one of the top NFL coaches ever… However, with one AFC championship, and SB win, apparently the bar has come down a little since Paul Brown.

    As a measure, by the time Don Shula was the same age he had 5 AFC championships, 2 SB wins, and was named NFL coach of the year 6 times. That said, John still has some time.

  22. midwestconservationist says: Apr 21, 2014 11:55 AM

    The Miami University Cradle of Coaches fraternity is pretty impressive:
    The Cradle of Coaches is a nickname given to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for producing star football coaches including Earl Blaik, Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, Bill Arnsparger, George Little, Weeb Ewbank, Sid Gillman, Ara Parseghian, Bo Schembechler, John Pont, Carmen Cozza, Bill Mallory, Jim Tressel, Joe Novak, Ron Zook, Dick Crum, Paul Dietzel, William Narduzzi, Randy Walker, John Harbaugh, Gary Moeller, Larry Smith, Dick Tomey, Sean Payton and Terry Hoeppner.
    (Source Wikipedia)

  23. crownofthehelmet says: Apr 21, 2014 4:37 PM

    If Harbs is statue-worthy, then Big Ben should have the whole school renamed after him.

  24. tombstoned says: Apr 22, 2014 3:59 PM

    Ben’s Bathroom Buddies

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