Cam Newton: I have to take more ownership of this offense


Like plenty of other people, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was taken by surprise when wide receiver after wide receiver from last year’s roster left the team this offseason.

That leaves Newton with plenty of new faces to develop chemistry this offseason, a process that’s made a bit problematic by the fact that he’s still recovering from ankle surgery. Newton said Tuesday that he wants to get back on the field quicker than the four-month timeline that he was given after the operation and believes that there’s “plenty of time” to work with the new wideouts before the start of the regular season.

Newton also talked about being more of a leader this season, something the Panthers need after cutting Steve Smith and watching Jordan Gross retire.

I have to take more ownership of this offense and I will,” Newton said, via the team’s Twitter account.

Newton also addressed his contract and the highly likely possibility that the Panthers exercise their option for a fifth year of Newton’s services by saying that he was fine with the option and that he’s more concerned with getting the team back to the playoffs. If he pulls that off, there won’t be any doubt about whose offense it is in Carolina for quite a few years.

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  1. It’s gonna be a tough year if your a Panther fan. If a 1st ballot hall of famer like Tom Brady had a tough time adjusting to a new receiving core. I see lots of terrible plays in Cam Newtons future.

  2. More ownership of the offense? Yes, especially now that longtime co-owner Steve Smith is no longer a stockholder.

  3. Although I still think it was a mistake for the Panthers to cut Smitty, let’s just see how things play out. If cutting Smitty is what the coach thought was necessary in order for Cam to assume more ownership and leadership then so be it. I just hope that it all works out the way management thinks that it will. As a long-time Panthers fan I’m certainly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. GO CATS!!!

  4. Why is everyone still hating on Cam Newton? The man showed his true ability last year, and he balled out.

    He is also at Auburn this offseason working on a 4-year degree while other players are currently getting arrested.

  5. Just as long as he realizes that taking ownership is about leadership, and not running out of the pocket, putting yourself in jeopardy every chance you get.

  6. I’m probably biased being he is the quarterback of my favorite team but why is there still so much hate thrown his way? Record breaking rookie season, followed by the same productivity the next year, and a 12-4 record and a division title the next year, all while having one of the consistently worst receiving corps in the league, think about it

  7. What offense? They all left the station. It’s just you now Cam and a bunch of lackluster WR’s. Sam Bradford feels your pain.

  8. Cam is in for a long and painful season.

    The Superman moves will be few and far between this year.

    Salary cap jail will prove to be Mr. Newton’s kryptonite.

    It’s doubtful he makes it through the season in one piece.

  9. Cam has done everything right, going through some tough times, some good times and trying to act appropriately to not offend haters who hate just to hate.

    The man plays with a smile, gets upset when he loses, but can’t ever quite get it right to please the public. Now management has crippled his efforts to move the team forward. He’s saying and doing the right things and I hope it all works out, but I fear Gettleman is not a fan of Cam or Rivera.

    The team needs OL, WRs and secondary help from a 12-4 team. After firing 18 of those guys from that team, its hard to be optimistic.

  10. I was a Cam Newton doubter for sure, but I have to admit, he’s been winning me over more and more each season.

  11. We’ve been hearing this “Leadership” song and dance for 2-3 years.

    Btw, to a previous post, Newton played well at times, he didn’t “ball out”. Newton probably thinks he “balled out” too, which is why nothing changes.

  12. Haters never seize to amaze, keep on hating knowing that it is fuel that drives. Cam is a very very good QB, better than Flacco. There is something to be said about being objective as oppossed to living a life of 24/7 hate.

  13. Of course you need to take ownership. You don’t have any receivers to throw the ball to, so you better figure out a way to throw to yourself!

  14. I like Cam and I think that he is a “baller” but it is what it is. Cam is going to have some ‘long days” this season because he is not going to have much to work with. I would be nervous if all that was protecting my “blind side” is a “turnstile” by the name of Bell and that seems to be the direction that Rivera is going in. Cam will be running for his life and he will have few weapons to use to his advantage. Good luck to Cam and the Panthers. They will both need it.

  15. Plain and simple:

    1. Haters gonna Hate (always)
    2. If you are a true Panthers fan, you aren’t bashing the QB, you may disagree but you support.
    3. Cam’s productivity from a TD and yardage standpoint is only second to only Dan Marino (maybe Peyton)
    4. Cam is the only 6’5″ 250 true dual threat QB in the league(remember that)
    5. Cam’s poised to take this team as a leader.
    6. We didn’t have a true #1 last year as smitty has lost a step(still wish him luck in Balt)
    7. The draft is deep, so no reason to panic Panthers Fans
    8. Haters still gonna hate when it’s all said and done.

  16. I just don’t understand all this Cam hate. I guess it goes back to the stupid decisions/criminal acts when he was 18 years old, and the fact that his crooked father tried to get a college to pay him for Cam to play for them. I guarantee every person that views this website did his/her own set of stupid things at age 18. I can freely admit that I did. So why must it be assumed that the person he was at 18 is the person he will be for the rest of his natural life? Aren’t all of us different from when we were 18? I certainly am. And it’s not Cam’s fault that his dad is a crook disguised as a preacher. Keep in mind Cecil asked Miss. St to pay HIM, not Cam. There has never been any concrete evidence Cam was in on it. The NCAA president said on 3 separate occasions Cam was innocent.

    Then Cam goes to the pros and sets just about every passing record there is in his rookie year, along with a few rushing and TD records. He makes the Pro Bowl. He was not appreciably worse in year 2, and the team won 1 more game.He was great in year 3, made another Pro Bowl, and the team won 5 more games and made the playoffs.

    And what do we have? Legions of people continuing to hate him.

    It just doesn’t make any sense.

  17. Last year we went 12-4…. Who thought that a week before the previous draft. Just keep winning and we will be fine. This injury could be good for Cam to step back and grow in the mental aspect of the offense. We all know he is got it physically. I’m anxious to see how this group works together. We still have a top 3 defense too. So I like our chances to compete for the NFC south again. Falcons are our only threat

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