Bills plan to address web blunder “internally”

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If Donald Trump owned the Bills, he’d likely be spouting off his catch phrase today.  In the interim, someone else may be doing the same thing.

A day after the team’s website prematurely posted a story disclosing that coach Doug Marrone has cancer, the team said it’s looking at the situation.

“We are continuing today to discuss the unfortunate situation we experienced last night with our website and will address the matter internally,” the Bills said in a statement released Wednesday, via Mike Rodak of

It’s unclear whether Marrone publicly would have revealed the removal of a cancerous mole if the issue hadn’t been forced by the accidental posting of a live web link.  If Marrone hadn’t made a decision about whether to publicly acknowledge the disease, the mistake left Marrone with no realistic option.

17 responses to “Bills plan to address web blunder “internally”

  1. Was the trump photo and a non-associated first paragraph to the main point of this story really necessary (or an attempted joke)? The guy has yet to be involved in anything Bills related.

  2. The Bills have had a rough off-season…. Ralph Wilson’s passing, Kelly’s cancer, Excessive Text Message lawsuit/settlement, being sued by the Jills for not paying minimum wage for their work, and now this???

    Jeez… And that’s saying something for this franchise.

  3. gotta go O-line…its a trite but true, the year after your draft a QB you gotta pair him up with a 1st round O-lineman to protect him….after spending the ’00s with a bad O-line i’m happy its finally stable to good

  4. Please stop with the Trump references, demeans the Bills and the good people of Buffalo whenever you mention that loud mouth.

  5. Wait, didn’t they also prematurely disclose they would be playing on Thanksgiving? Sounds like there is a need to upgrade the Communications Director.

  6. A Bengals fan mocking the Bills? That’s hilarious…Takeo Spikes left Cincinnati to come to Buffalo, what does that say???

    As for drafting an OT, they have Cordy Glenn who would have been a 1st round pick if anyone else had a brain an realized he was a LT and not an OG…he has played at a pro-bowl level since his rookie year.

    There is no need to draft a RIGHT TACKLE with a top-10 pick, I wish people would stop with that non-sense. You draft a RT and try to move him to LT, while trying to move Glenn to RT…he’ll walk as a free agent and you’ll be in the same position. Take a natural RT like Seantrel Henderson later on in the draft…get EJ some weapons to use!

    Four out of five spots are set, and Chris Hairston/Erik Pears are both serviceable enough to man the RT spot this year.

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