Bills pick up fifth-year option on Marcell Dareus


Whether the Bills make a dramatic move up for one of the top players in the draft or not, they already have a good defensive line.

They took a step Friday to keep it together.

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, the Bills have picked up the fifth-year option on defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

The decision was a no-brainer, really, giving them another year of security, and time to work on a long-term deal to keep the group intact.

Dareus and Kyle Williams have become a top inside tandem, and with Mario Williams on one side, they’re the bedrock of one of the league’s best defensive lines in the game.

14 responses to “Bills pick up fifth-year option on Marcell Dareus

  1. Thrived in pettines system I hope he can keep making strides forwards and not regress under Schwartz. Another good season and he’ll be right on top of players getting a long term deal.

  2. You forgot to mention Jerry Hughes as the other DE, ya know, the guy who had 10 sacks last season as a situational pass rusher, after being labeled a bust.

    Typical around here.

  3. No coincidence that he was in great shape last year, and had his best season. Keep that weight reasonable and he’s going to the pro bowl for the next decade.

  4. This was a formality. GM Doug Whaley has stated that an extension for Dareus was next. Don’t be surprised to see the Bills get a new contract extension done before the start of THIS season….

  5. Honestly, after a pro bowl last season, hes STILL the most underrated DT in football. I have watched him pickup and toss backwards both a C and G at the same time while bullrushing up the middle. The guy is unstoppable. There were questions about him keeping his head in the game, but he bounced back in championship style. 3/4 of the Bills DL made it to the Pro Bowl last season. And their MLB was nearly Def rookie of the year. With Hughes emerging and the pickup of Spikes, this could be the best front 7 in football.

  6. Bills have a lot of good players on both sides of the . But it always comes down to the quarterback. And that’s where I have to take a step back and think is EJ really that guy that can take you over the top? I sure do hope so. But if he doesn’t play well this year, they should start looking somewhere else.

    It’s hard to keep a group of talented players together in this days NFL, so why waste all that talent on a quarterback who has potential. Nobody has time for that anymore. You can either play right away or you learn from a quarterback who is already proven. But why waste time trying to develop a quarterback when you already have guys in other positions who are ready to take the next step.

  7. We dont even know what Marcell is capable of yet. Had a huge rebound year last year. Had a rough year when his brother got murdered which is completely understandable. He should be able to build on the pro bowl year he had. Great decision by the Bills.

  8. The Bills are finally looking good for a change. As a Vikings fan I can understand and relate to the years of misery. It’s a good feeling when you know your team is finally good enough to actually win. Enjoy your Williams Wall….. 😉

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