Broncos won’t have fans watching training camp

With the Broncos in the midst of a renovation of their team headquarters, fans are going to be shut out of training camp.

Because construction of the new indoor facility won’t be complete, there won’t be room to park cars or safely seat fans. They’re giving fans three chances to see them, with practices at Sports Authority Field, with free parking and admission.

“Obviously it’s disappointing that we’re unable to host our fans at the training facility during camp this year due to all the construction,” team spokesman Patrick Smyth told Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “Unfortunately, there are a number of safety and logistical issues that led to the change for this year only.”

The Broncos averaged more than 2,800 fans per practice during training camp the last two years, so it’s feasible that they could actually outdraw with three workouts in their home stadium.

But it will take away some of the atmosphere and the ability for fans to get close to the team in a more casual atmosphere.