RG3 says lost season helped him find himself

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Last year was a disaster for Robert Griffin III in every professional way imaginable.

But the Redskins quarterback told Mike Jones of the Washington Post that coming back from an injury, his dysfunctional relationship with the Shanahans and a 3-13 record helped him sharpen his focus.

“All of those struggles — being injured, working my way back, losing games, having people talk bad about me, talk bad about my family, which is very dear to me — it all let me know who I am,” Griffin said. “It’s shown me who I am, and it’s shown me who I’m not. It shows me that the little voice in the back of your head — that voice — it is your self-conscience. It’s not telling me that I know everything, or you know everything, but I know what makes me a great quarterback, and in my mind, those are the things that I found out in these first two years. . . .

“By enduring that, it’s put us in a better place. It’s put me in a better place this upcoming season, and the foreseeable future.”

Being healthy is a good first step, as the knee rehab clearly put him behind last year, and he never caught up. But having a healthy relationship with his coaches — which he clearly didn’t have last year — might help even more.

57 responses to “RG3 says lost season helped him find himself

  1. “I know what makes me a great quarterback”.

    Not sure I have ever heard a top flight signal caller claim this. Maybe that’s your first problem, “RGMe”…

  2. Wish to high heaven the guy would shut the heck up and let his play on the field do his talking for him. He has become a walking parody of himself. One good season does not a career make, really beginning to wonder if he’ll ever have another.

  3. Oh? Did he look up the definitions for “Overrated” and “PrimaDonna” and “Coach-Killer”? If not he did not find himself.

  4. So RGMe talks about REme and decides that RGme has done nothing wrong and just needs to keep doing everything RGme’s way? The dude IS the a Tim Tebow clone. Good luck, Jay Gruden.

  5. Between winning and losing. Which is a thin line. Its all about perspective. Sometimes when you win you lose and sometimes when you lose you win. Life in general. Everybody loses in life. The most you can hope for is that you been to the top and you can stay on top for awhile. Nobody stays on top forever, One way or another.

  6. Real men unveil their fancy new logos in the offseason to prevent distraction for the team.

  7. The mental acuity and the emotional maturity this kid displays are his greatest assets….. That’s been apparent since he first came on the scene. Last year was a wash and this year he will start fresh, and hopefully return to the form he displayed as a rookie. Then all the critics ( including me) will cease and desist. Here’s to hoping!!! Hail

  8. Everything this guy says just oozes with denial, finger-pointing, and insecurity. “The injury…people talking bad about me and my family”….notice these are all things he can’t control. How about your awful quarterback play starting with inability to read defenses and horrible decision making from inside the pocket? ‘Course then you’d actually have to admit that YOU are ultimately responsible for your poor performance. Was really hoping to see a humbler RG. Fail.

  9. How can this be? We are told last year it was all systems go and the sky was the limit. RGIII was going to be a medical miracle and the Shanahans were the best coaches in the league.

  10. Nice that he found himself. The football world found out that he throws off his back foot A LOT when he’s forced to stay in the pocket.

  11. What made Robert’s season a lost season was the fact that he was a mic/camera magnet. He simply didn’t know when to shut up and work on his rehab and film study.

    He stole from his hard-working teammates, by always needing to be the center of attention, with a blow by blow account every breath he took. The coaching issues was apparent, but he brought so much onto himself.

    Every time I see him, I think, “they love me, they really love me”. He seems to need that assurance more than he needs anything else.

  12. I wish he would be a little more humble but that is not his personality. However, the kid is very good and with the right coach to stroke his ego but also teach him he will be fine. Look, would you rather have Romo or Eli at this point in their careers? I need to see more from Nick Foles before I believe in him but he looks good.

    This off-season reminded me why I feel fortunate as a Skins fan. Kap may not have done a crime but he is hanging in Miami, doing bong hits and partying. Meanwhile, RGIII is making silly rap video’s with his wife and drawing new logo’s. Robert is a different kind of cat but he is a good kid, you can tell, and a very good and talented QB. HTTR

  13. Let us not forget this kid is all of about 23 years old, maybe 24….. He’s still clueless about life, and just beginning to learn organizational leadership. He hasn’t yet been through tough times in the sense most of us understand to be “Tough Times”….. He’ll learn, and he certainly is a gifted athlete. The leadership came unglued last year, so there’s new management. Shanahan did, however, build a much better younger roster, and the work he did will begin to bear fruit this year & next.

  14. Anybody else remember all the trash Redskins fans were talking on this board before the start of last season? Still cracks me up thinking about it.

  15. Cue Avicci: All this time he was finding himself and he didn’t know he was lost. Just wake him up when it’s all over.

  16. Not just RBIII, but stars in Hollywood and everywhere do and say things like this AFTER they have gone through a rough period.

    They are trying to set the table for better days ahead…

    I wish they’d keep their mouths shut and just let their performance do the talking.

    They say this and then when they perform badly the next time, it is time for MORE spin and on and on it continues.

    They are constantly trying to dig themselves out of the holes the create for themselves with their mouths.

    Put your head down and train. Say hi, glad to be back on the field again and leave it at last.

    All of these stars have egos and simply like hearing themselves and seeing themselves in the news, on Twitter etc…

  17. The only games we won last year, he carried the ball almost as many times as Alfred Morris. The Shanny’s didn’t want to use him as a running back, but they didn’t have a choice as he couldn’t read a d last year to save his life. He has yet to prove he can win a game by throwing. The book is not closed on this kid, he may develop into something great. The fact that he already thinks he is seems very discouraging to me.

  18. RG3 will be a pro-bowl quarterback this coming year and will lead the Redskins to the over on 7 wins this season (Vegas Line). The hate is pathetic in my opinion. This kid clearly has demonstrated he’s capable of being a very good NFL player and one bad season coming off a torn ACL (which he rushed himself back from!) does not decide the fate of a player’s career. He has heart and while he might let off the field distractions get into his head a little too much, he still will give his all every Sunday. He has some developing to do as a pocket passer but with the weapons at his disposal this year, the sky’s the limit.

  19. “It’s your self-conscience”? Either the reporter didn’t copy down what he actually said, or Bob is making up words. I think he means subconscious, but if he doesn’t know the difference a head should roll at Baylor for sending this young man out with a degree without teaching him anything in Psych 101. He would really be best served by not speaking much and playing better. Unfortunately I think self conscious is an accurate word to describe him. QB in the NFL requires a player with confidence.

  20. He realized he’s a really mediocre quarterback that has been overrated since college?

    This guy made the UW Huskies secondary look like a bunch of All-Pro NFL players when they were the worst unit in the NCAA (during the Alamo Bowl).

    Don’t believe me? Go look it up. He threw a number of INTs and Baylor had to fall back on their RB to come from behind and beat UW – which was one of the worst teams in the NCAA at that point.

    I knew at that moment that he’d never do squat in the NFL and so far he has proven me right.

  21. Aww you mad because our QB was a celebrity while in college? I bet yaw are the same people that hate on Lebron James and that will hate on Johnny Manziel. For whatever reason the envy in man just does not like others to shine. These types of people will be hypocritical, judgemental, and outright irrational in thinking. A 23 year old QB came to DC and made our Redskins have hope again and many of you just can’t stand it. When he’s humble you call him arrogant, when he’s modest you call him arrogant, when he’s honest you say he’s fake. Read what you all type. Its sad. I crack up personally. Whether you like it or not, get used to it. He is magnetic with charisma and mics will gravitate towards him in great seasons, alright seasons, and horrible seasons. Go suck up to Luck and Russell Wilson. We got this over here. HTTR for life.

  22. As much as you lazy trolls hate on this kid, you should know he is better than you. You will never be in the position he is in. He talks to much ? The media wants to interview him, not you. You suck. You sit behind a computer bashing a kid playing football who could have went to law school, or the Olympics. Everything out that kids mouth is Sir or Ma’am and you rednecks wanna call him arrogant ?? Hmmmm….

  23. All you haters will be eating your words if he truly is fully recovered this season and has his full complement of athleticism/quarterback skills back… He singlehandedly changed the entire culture of a down and out franchise in his one (mostly) healthy rookie season. Give him an injury-free season with all his natural abilities and on-field leadership and look out b/c the Skins will be legitimate contenders.

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