Aaron Murray prepares for his chance to get the Browns’ attention


Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray gets his chance on Sunday to prove to the Browns that he won’t need a redshirt season in the NFL, only months after tearing an ACL.  And he’s ready to make the most of it.

“I’m really excited to show them what I can do,” Murray told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer regarding his private workout for the Browns in Georgia.  “I’m way ahead of the game right now.  There’s no hesitation about anything.  Running around, there’s no worries about my leg.  I’m full-go and feeling great.”

Murray already has visited the Browns.  By rule, the workout must occur on his turf.  If the Browns like what they see, they could make Murray not their quarterback of the future but their quarterback of the present, despite a serious knee injury in the recent past.

“I’m ready to go right now,” Murray said. “My goal is to work my tail off and put myself in a situation where if a team needs me, I’m ready to play.”

But what about Brian Hoyer?

“We’d go in there and push each other,” Murray said.  “We’d compete and have fun and see what happens. I’d love it.”Despite potential concerns regarding his knee, Murray has a proven track record.

“I have 52 games of film,” Murray said.  “I think I have more film than any other quarterback in this draft right now. Playing in the SEC definitely helps as well, playing against top competition week-in and week-out.  At this point, I’m just trying to find the right match.”

That match could be the Browns.  They’ll know a lot more about what they think of Murray by the end of the day on Sunday.

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  1. The Augusta Chronicle has Aaron Murray as the #8 best Georgia QB of all-time, one spot ahead of #9 Matthew Stafford who is the #1 most overpaid Georgia QB of all-time. And his film is better than Stafford’s too yet he’s not going to cash in the same way, that’s messed up. Or rather some messed up people made this goofy comparison into a reality.

  2. This is a guy whom the Browns could grab maybe in the third round and get great value from, which would free up earlier picks for more glaring needs (someone to protect the QB). I’d take him over Manziel and he has played in a pro system. Take Watkins (if available) at 4, the best guard available at26, and if they’re going to wait for Murray, the best available CB in the second.

  3. “Bring in VINCE YOUNG” for a tryout…He is a LOW risk-HIGH reward type of guy… Vince is mobile— with talent and playoff experience…. He is motivated and determined to show he can play this game at a high level…. His career record of 31-19 tells you he knows how to WIN….
    Vince would be a wise choice for any GM/Head Coach looking to upgrade their quarterback pool….

  4. Id like him to be a Brown. Either him, McCarron, or Mettenberger. No need to draft busts like Bortles, Manziel, Bridgewater. I’ve seen enough of those in the last 15 years

  5. Murray (and Mettenberger) both need to spend a year getting their wheels back in shape. If the RG3 mess last year taught us anything it is that a QB getting a knee blown out at the end of a season is not going to be ready for the season opener.

    That being said, I feel very strongly that Murray, Mettenberger, McCarron, or another of the “second tier” guys will end up having a better pro career than any of the guys at the top.

  6. This is our 3rd round pick, kid owns most SEC records even with his top 4 receivers being out all last year. He is a passer who can run, instead of a runner who can throw the ball.

    #4 – Watkins (WR Clemson) #2 for Gordon and Insurance policy in case Gordon makes the big mistake and gets a year off

    #26 Yankey (G Stanford) A Bulldozer who can get outside

    #35 Hyde/Mason (RB) Tate’s injury history

  7. A lot of GM’s are focusing in on Savage, Murray, Mettenberger and McCarron. Murray, at one point before his senior year started, was considered the #1 QB coming out. I think we will see only 1 or 2 QB’s go in round one, while GM’s focus on getting a potential franchise QB without wasting a first rounder that they have to play right away.

  8. I like Murray. Hes from down here in tampa and I hope he gets the chance to come home. Look out for that bryn renner kid too I think he could suprise some people. He’ll probably go undrafted unlike murray.

  9. Browns+Vince Young=super bowl champs. Oh add David Carr so he can get his 3rd Super Bowl ring.

  10. He’s better than anybody in this draft except for Manziel.

    He’s got great field vision and a sense of the game, not the greatest arm, but good enough with a quick release.

    Some team is going to get steal in the mid-rounds.

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