Derek Wolfe: I feel better than I’ve ever felt


Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe’s 2013 season came to a scary end after a seizure in November, but the seizure was just the final act in a long downward spiral for Wolfe.

A preseason spinal cord injury and two cases of food poisoning contributed to Wolfe losing 20 pounds and compromised his nervous system to the point that Wolfe said it was shutting down when he had the seizure. A December return to practice made things worse, leaving Wolfe to do nothing but rest until his body had recovered enough to stand up to the demands of football.

Wolfe feels he’s done that. He’s put back on the weight he lost last year, has been full participating in the team’s offseason conditioning program and generally feels like a new man.

“Honest to God, I feel better than I’ve ever felt,” Wolfe said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “In my whole life I’ve never felt this good. It just shows I needed that rest. The body needed to heal. I have no pain in my neck. I’m sleeping better than I’ve ever slept. I’m not on any kind of medicine. No supplements. Nothing. No doubt in my mind that I’m going to be better than I ever was.”

The Broncos added a lot of help to their defense in free agency and the draft may bring more reinforcements, but a healthy and productive Wolfe would be just as important a change to a defense that Denver hopes will be steelier than it was last season.

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  1. Glad to hear. Wolfe is a tremendous player when he’s healthy. Great motor and one of the strongest guys in the league. Broncos were smart for sticking with him through all this.

  2. Great to have him back. He was a proven asset when he was healthy. Now if the Broncos can find a great, run stuffing defensive tackle, solid cornerback, and offensive line help, 10 wins MAY be in the near future. That schedule is brutal though.

  3. Steelier is the perfect word. DEN should have been a 2nd place defense last year instead of a 2nd rate defense. Miller, Bailey, Harris Jr., Vickerson and Wolfe being unavailable contributed to that. The solid return of 4 (minus Bailey) plus the additions of Ware, Talib and Ward will make the Broncos defense steelier, perhaps no.2. On the other hand, DEN only faces each NFC west team once…SEA twice.

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