Falcons G.M. says they’ve talked trading down, too

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With the NFL Draft pushed back this year, we’ve had to wait for the annual rite of coaches and General Managers having press conferences to say not much.

Today, Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff took to the podium and said there have been calls about moving from their No. 6 spot in the draft order.

That part we kind of assumed, since the Falcons put possible top pick Jadeveon Clowney through some tests, sparking the natural questions about their intentions.

But asked specifically about talking to the Texans, owners of the No. 1 pick, Dimitroff said he couldn’t get into specifics.

He also told reporters he had talked to some teams about moving back, though that doesn’t seem to fit their organizational personality.

The Falcons need impact players for both lines, but last year’s injuries also showed that they’re not the deepest team in the league. With more than 100 underclassmen in this draft, moving down might be wiser than ever.

But it’s still hard to imagine the Falcons going that direction.

13 responses to “Falcons G.M. says they’ve talked trading down, too

  1. Oh, yeah…sure. No way the Falcons would even consider something that intelligent. Unless, of course, their research tells them that Clowney might slip out of the top 10 which would be believable based upon their amazing player evaluation track record. Go ahead, Dumb-itroff, you know you can’t wait to throw away another draft. Trade up, son! Git ‘r done!

  2. As a Falcons fan, moving back is the smarter option for this team. We need more depth. If someone (Bills? 49ers?) wants to jump up for Evans or someone else we should grab the extra pick(s). We can still get a good offensive tackle almost anywhere in the 1st round, grab a DE/OLB with our second round pick and use the extra picks for a safety and/or depth. Based on what Smitty, TD and Blank have said all offseason, my money’s on a trade back vs. a trade up.

  3. Forget all the smokescreens.

    The Falcons are drafting a left tackle in the first round to protect their $20 million a year investment in Matt Ryan.

    Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan.

    Bank on it.

  4. Falcons should trade back a few spots. They would still get Matthews with their first pick and Dee Ford with their next pick. Pick up a safety next and use the rest of the draft for depth.

    And I believe Matt Ryan has won in the playoffs (1 win is still a win). If I remember correctly, they were 1 play away from the Super Bowl 2 years ago. So close yet so far.

  5. So after reporting the Falcons may trade up, now they may trade down.

    Please spare us the story on how the Falcons will absolutely not trade sideways.

  6. With only six draft picks they have no other choice but to trade down… Unless they think they are good enough to go without first round draft picks for the next two years… Another overrated Belichik protege’… He’ll be unemployed in two years. Curse of 20 million dollar QB.

  7. Let’s write these stories 96 times. Because of course every team may trade up(32). Every team may trade down (32). Every team may stay put (32). Also, every team has discussed each option.
    Alas, you can even go wild and mention every team may trade down, then later trade up. Which I believe is what the Falcons should do.
    Move from 6 to 9, 10, 11 with an eye on Lewan. Then use the extra pick and their #2 to move up for Ford or Early (the MO DE).

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