Jameis Winston reportedly in hot water for pinching crab legs


Jameis Winston, the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida State quarterback who may be the first overall pick in next year’s NFL draft, was reportedly given a citation for trying to walk out of a grocery store with crab legs that he didn’t pay for.

Florida State sports site Tomahawk Nation first reported that Winston, an extremely talented passer who might have been the first pick in this year’s draft if not for the NFL rule requiring players to be three years out of high school, was cited for shoplifting. (The initial report referred to the matter as an “arrest,” but the site later corrected that report and said it was only a citation.) According to the report, Winston was caught shoplifting crab legs at Publix.

However, details of the incident have been hard to pin down. Although Tomahawk Nation cited an unnamed source within the Tallahassee Police, the department released a statement saying that it has not had any recent contact with Winston at all.

But the Leon County Sheriff’s Department told Tallahassee TV station WTXL that deputies have had recent contact with Winston and that the Sheriff’s Department will have a 2 p.m. news conference to discuss the details.

Law enforcement agencies aren’t ordinarily in the business of holding news conferences to discuss shoplifting citations, but Winston is no ordinary figure: He’s the biggest star in college football, and he’s previously been the subject of a major controversy after he was accused of rape. Prosecutors declined to press charges in that case, and the Tallahassee Police have been sharply criticized for not doing enough to investigate the matter.

This is obviously nowhere near as serious an allegation. It’s just an odd story, and one for which some details still need to be filled in.

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  1. doubt he would deliberately try and steal groceries knowing the attention it would gather – more likely that he was doing self-checkout and somehow managed to not ring them up. either way, this is a non-story.

  2. Police are waiting to be paid off before they make an announcement that this report is false. Isn’t that how Florida rolls?

  3. Stupid people continue to do stupid things… I mean you would think you would be on your best behavior after not being charged with RAPE… This guy seems to have a sense of entitlement about him. Definitely some red flags when he becomes draft eligible.

  4. Now he’s shoplifting from Publix. Well I guess he needs to get his life in better order than it is right now. He has quite a few problems, that’s obvious.

  5. Mark Emmert “This has nothing to do with yesterday’s events, but going forward schools will be able to provide unlimited crab legs to student athletes”

  6. Here’s a bet that he not only won’t be the first overall pick, he won’t even go in the first round.
    Draft speculation gone wild….

  7. In general, municipal police departments have either patrolman or officers. While county sheriffs departments have deputies. Perhaps one of those entities is trying to run a little interference for Winston.

  8. He already got let off for rape, why wouldn’t he feel entitled to do whatever he wants at this point. If you’re successful and you play football in Florida, you are exempt of the rules of society.

    This is the very clear message that came out the last time this same individual faced a serious charge.

  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s $30 or $3000. It shows lake of character. Taking something that doesn’t belong to you is theft. Call it shoptlifting but it’s stealing. Does he think he’s above the law? Or was it how he was raised. I don’t know. But I would never hire a thief, they cannot be trusted. Someone will draft him then act surprised when another issue comes up such as drug dealing, assaulting women, or any other crime he may commit. Obviously didn’t learn his lesson after the “alleged” rape. I know these are completely different incidents but it all goes back to character. He’s establishing a track record of poor choices. Now if Johnny manziel did this every news agency in the country would be calling him every name in the book, looking to kick him out of school. Time will only tell if Winston would be treated like Johnny football. I doubt it

  10. Winston obviously likes to work with “legs” and has learned that shoplifting is a far less serious offense than rape.

  11. You see, if you have ANY celebrity about you at all, no matter how insignificant at the time, you don’t get charged with a crime like anyone else would; you get a “citation”.

    How nice.

  12. Hey now…didn’t the NCAA president say athletes will get unlimited food and snacks? He was just a little ahead of the game.

  13. He should have been prosecuted for the rape and that’s the problem, now he thinks he is above the law.

    Next thing you know, he will be the boat captain on a Love Cruise around Lake Minnetonka. Playing for the Vikings is not quite in the NFL but its close.

  14. He only jacked the crab legs and not butter because that would make it a meal and therefore illegal under NCAA rules.

  15. Shoring up he resume(criminal record) in hopes the Raiders will draft him 1st overall next year.

  16. This is minor. If the college football players got compensated a little from the schools, then maybe he wouldn’t have to try and steal crab legs.

    I like crab legs too, but I don’t really like paying for them either. However, I at least have the money in my wallet (not rich), so that I could pay for them if I really wanted them. If I choose to steal them then, then I (as a moral person) am at fault.

    But what if you don’t even have the money in your wallet or bank account in the first place, to buy the crab legs that you love so much? Then what?

    Well, then you suck it up and go get some canned crab or tuna fish. Hahaha, but obviously he thought he could get away with it,…. anyways, I don’t think this is too big a deal. Just kind of funny and for sure he’s gonna get a lot of ribbing for it.

  17. Nobody really knows the details of the story yet; it’s still possible that he left them in his cart, and forgot to scan them at self-checkout, or something like that. Makes me wonder if he’s taking cash from boosters, that he really has to “steal” crab legs.

  18. Red flags, plus a slow delivery, there is no way I’d take him with the #1 pick. He reminds me of Byron Leftwich, minus the character Byron had.

  19. Publix is a Southeastern regional supermarket that’s based in Lakeland, FL just in case if someone was wondering.

  20. JeMarcus Russell was reincarnated. Besides, I thought football players now got all their food for free with all the unionization discussion going on. I guess someone forgot to tell that to Crabs-R -Us. Seriously, it’s freaking crab legs and he is a Heisman winner. People just are too greedy these days, give the poor, broke, starving football player a couple dollars to buy some crab legs. This is so dumb on so many fronts that I could go on for hours with sarcasm surrounding this.

  21. Red flags in college amounts to red flags in the pros. Sense of entitlement begins at a young age. Starts as a habit and if not subdued early becomes a personality in later life. Some people just think they are above all else.

  22. so did or didn’t the police dept have recent contact with him? Clearly another cover up… shocking…
    sure he didn’t rape that girl

  23. the media be all like….”oh no he di ‘unh!!” this will be a punchline for this kid for a long, long time. crab legs?

  24. The NFL should have a rule where if you commit stupid offenses in college (such as this) or drug problems etc. that you should not be allowed to be drafted higher than the 3rd round and if multiple offenses than perhaps the 5th or 6th. The order of teams will stay the same, so if the Texans have the 1st pick in the 1st round theyll also have the first pick in the 3rd round if they so choose to take a player with bad character. Hit this kids in the wallet and knock them down a peg by only being a 3rd round draft choice, nobody loses except the idiot making the mistake. Would also make trading for a 3rd round pick MUCH more interesting.

  25. He got off when accused of rape, maybe he’ll avoid getting pinched for stealing crab legs.

  26. This dude needs suspended. He got off the hook one time but obviously hasn’t learned a lesson. Maybe a suspension will wake him up. Kid has alot of talent but would be a high risk for any NFL team to take him if he doesn’t chnage his ways.

  27. It’ll turn out that he was partying late and woke up a little crabby..
    Nothing to see here…

  28. We judge these kids on talent but forget that they are people just like everyone else. Unlike the pros they don’t make a dime legally and with the demanding schedule for school and practice can’t work a job. So they do stupid stuff for food,clothes,cars and whatever else they want

  29. There’s a pattern developing:

    “Winston also was involved in two other minor incidents, but was never arrested or charged in either case. In November 2012, police questioned Winston and other FSU football players after 13 windows were broken at an apartment building near the school’s stadium, after an apparent BB gun fight. In the second incident, in July 2013, a Burger King employee called Tallahassee, Fla., police to complain that Winston was stealing soda” (ESPN).

  30. 1) How is he going to claw his way out of this one?

    2) Didn’t his mother ever tell him a hard head makes a soft shell?

    3) Not the first time he has handled legs illegally!

    4) He just got confused. Has to remember that you can only do the read option with footballs, not merchandise.

    First time I heard this guy in an interview I said I wouldn’t tough him with a ten foot pole.

  31. “More proof these college players need to be paid. They can’t even afford to buy crab legs for gods sakes!!”

    Most college kids in general can’t afford crab legs

  32. I heard someone comment about how this was an indication of the plight of the student athlete. Please. If he were stealing a ham, I could see it. Crab legs? No way.

  33. Notice how it took an anonymous source and initial denial from the Talahassee PD for the story to get out? Classic case of the team and the police covering up a scandal for the local football hero. If more players were publically shamed and PROPERLY convicted in courts then maybe they wouldn’t think they can just run to the coaches to fix their problems ala Urban Meyer.

  34. Hey, they don’t investigate rape why would they waste time on shoplifting. Winston, just win and everything will be fine.

  35. Rape accusation….Police botch investigation in a very curious manner

    shoplifting…..Police don’t arrest him, and then deny any contact with him

    Anyone else had enough of this amateur criminal and the Tallahassee Police covering his tracks???

  36. To be fair, have you ever tried the crab legs in the student food court? They are not Heisman worthy I’m sure.

  37. Jameis, it’s time we had a talk … old dude to young dude. Here’s a few words of advice that may help in the future …

    1. Instead of ripping off the grocery store, go to Red Lobster for all-you-can-eat crab legs. Not only will they cook them for you, but there’s also the yummy cheddar biscuits. Then you dine and dash … much better chance of getting away scot-free. I’m pretty sure you can out-run any waitress/manager anywhere, even loaded down with a belly full of crab.

    2. If you absolutely MUST steal from the grocery store, at least choose one with a nice seafood dept., like Albertson’s. Publix ?? Really ??

    3. This really should go without saying, but if you got caught with snow crab legs instead of king crab there’s no hope for you on any level.

  38. The police have said that there wasn’t probable claws for an arrest so he just got a citation. He’s gotten himself in a pinch again looking for a nice pair of legs. It was definitely a shellfish move – I just hope it doesn’t boil over. I see Jimbo is a tad steamed over this as well!

  39. Perfect example of how you just can’t fix stupid! In a year from now some team is going to pay him millions of dollars to be the next head case mistake!

  40. Same jokers on here criticizing Jamies better not be the same ones who overlooked Manziel drinking underage multiple times, lying about being too hungover to show up for the Mannings’ camp and violating NCAA regulations by signing autographs for money. Last time I checked they both broke the law.

    If you want to criticize one for bad behavior you can’t just say the other dude is “young”.

    They both lack integrity…. big time.

  41. Yeah, well, he’ll be doing a spot for Red Lobster for their all you can eat crab legs and make millions: ‘All you can eat crab legs for only 14.99? It’s a steal’!

  42. When I first saw this I thought he was apprehended for torturing crustaceans……sort of a Shellfish Michael Vick………oh well, move along, nothing here to see!

  43. There are 4 possibilities:

    1) He has not taken his required Ethics 101 course


    2) He failed the Ethics 101 course and will take it again in Summer School.


    3) This is an example of what is taught at FSU in Ethics 101.


    4) Grades, classes, ethics, character, morality, and honor codes mean nothing at Farcical Scholarship University.

  44. typical special treatment for sports, celebrity people. arrest and a record switched to a citation instead. why can’t most people get this special treatment that can’t afford a lawyer or have a big school and the nfl behind them. who needs a break more. a poor person stealing food, or a heisman trophy winner with a potential millionaire nfl lifestyle……. and people wonder

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