NFL still looking into Broncos visit to ‘Bama


Many assumed that the question of whether the Broncos violated the NFL’s rules regarding offseason meetings between players and coaches was resolved when Denver quarterback Peyton Manning told the media that:  (1) he knows the rules; and (2) there’s no rule against getting better.

But there are rules against getting better; otherwise, coaches could conduct meetings and practices throughout the year, whenever they want, all in the name of helping the players get better.

While it’s unclear whether the NFL will impose discipline against the Broncos for allowing offensive coordinator Adam Gase to meet with Manning during a mutual visit to Alabama to see coach Nick Saban (if that indeed happened), the NFL has not closed the book on the issue.

“It is pending,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told PFT via email on Wednesday.  “It is being reviewed.”

The review should be a short one, if Saban and Manning will be taken at their word.  But maybe the NFL has opted to look more closely at this one, which if not a premeditated violation of the rules was at a minimum a huge coincidence.

The fact that the NFL is reviewing the situation means that it won’t quickly be brushed under the rug.  It ultimately may be brushed under the rug, but it won’t be quick.

Meanwhile, the NFLPA has not commented on the situation, and on whether the reported meeting violates CBA provisions that arose in part from the lawsuit to which Manning and other franchise quarterbacks attached their names in 2011.

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  1. What’s the big deal? Are we afraid this would lead to multimillion dollar salaried NFL players having to work ALL YEAR?!

  2. The Fighting Tigers of LSU will take thump Bama this year.
    The only advice Saban and Bama could have given the Broncos would be to schedule CFL teams and Jacksonville

  3. Looks like his neck has taken on that list to port again, time for a few weeks at a mysterious clinic outside of Copehagen for “natural rest and relaxation.”

  4. In December 2001, the Broncos were fined $968,000 and lost a third-round pick in the 2002 draft for violations reportedly relating to $29 million in deferred payments to quarterback John Elway and running back Terrell Davis.

    In 2004 the Broncos were fined $950,000 and lost a third-round selection in the next year’s draft for circumventing the salary cap between 1996 and ’98.

  5. Sounds like the lemmings hanging around the league office are bored..

    Maybe if they had something to do, like, oh say, the DRAFT they wouldn’t be wasting time on this stuff…

  6. When your nick named the “Sheriff”….you start to assume you can do what you like regardless of the rules.

  7. Clear the patriots of that injury report scam, Kraft is wiring some $ today. But ummmmm keep looking into that Broncos Alabama deal, Kraft wiring even more $ for that.

    Roger Goodell

  8. Since Peyton Manning was involved nothing will happen.

    If Peyton Manning begins using PEDs… he will get a free pass (like albert pujols).

  9. In the whole scheme of things, this violation is probably insignificant. The problem is that if the league let’s it go, they are leaving the door open for teams to violate the rule on a regular basis. Fine the Broncos between fifty to a hundred thousand, with the understanding the fine will increase significantly and picks will be at risk with repeat violations. That type of message should nip this in the bud.

  10. Does anyone really believe the NFL will look into anything that the Manning’s do, come on people.

  11. A meeting that just happened on the same day, same time, same place, with the same person. Manning says there’s no rule against getting better, which is a smug, punk answer from someone who truly believes he’s above any rules.

  12. So if coaches and players can’t meet up in the offseason then why is this Peyton being at Alabama with Adam Gase such a big deal when Tony romo and Jason Garrett have been shown on NATIONAL TV at MULTIPLE basketball games together….

  13. Yeah, that makes alot of sense that Manning was at Bama for about 24 hours to have a top secrete practice / meeting with Gase without any of his offensive team mates. Idiots!

  14. I thought the NFL was investigating whether Super Bowl 48 was thrown?

    They’ll make an empty statement about how the rules were broken and any future violations will be dealt with severely. I’m sure he learned his lesson.

  15. NFLs rules are convoluted and asinine. Heres an idea NFL, simplify your rules, get better refs, stop taking 10 minutes on replays that anyone with a brain can see on the first replay. Its amazing to me, how 99 percent of college replays are finished in less than 1.5 minutes, yet it takes the refs in the NFL 10 minutes. Makes me think its related to gambling and the lines Vegas needs to make money

  16. I do find it surprising that that players dedicated to their craft can not practice with their teammates at the club during the off season. I understand that some players that don’t want to practice would be pressured to turn up by coaches and team mates but surely this rule also affects the rights of the player that wants to get better. A football career is not forever it soon passes.

  17. They’re still trying to figure out how to let Manning and the Donkeys off on this.

    Rules are rules, unless you’re in a select group.

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