Taking a look at the Packers’ needs


It was a rough 2013 for the Packers’ defense, but when Aaron Rodgers was healthy the offense was good enough to overcome the bad play from the defense, and Green Bay made the playoffs for the fifth straight year.

If the Packers are going to make the playoffs for a sixth straight year, it would be a good idea to bolster the defense in the draft, where the Packers have plenty of ammunition to add quite a bit of depth: The Packers own all seven of their own picks, plus compensatory selections in the third and fifth rounds, thanks to G.M. Ted Thompson’s longstanding policy of playing very conservatively in free agency one year in order to acquire compensatory picks the next year.

In our look at the Packers’ draft needs, we see safety and linebacker as the spots Green Bay is most likely to address in the first round, although a tight end is a possibility as well. Let us know what you would do if you were in Thompson’s shoes.

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  1. They need a new intelligent non overweight fanbase,anything that ressembles an o line or defensive player,and a new qb because the one they have is soft and will get broken in pieces when they play the vikings.notice how Minnesota has better talent than you,both offense and defense.TURD BAY IS STILL LAUGHABLE.SKOL

  2. No matter who they pick in the first round, he will almost certainly be a giant bust. Only one of their last eight first round picks has been worthy of the spot in which he was drafted (Matthews). This is why a Super Bowl champion has turned into mediocrity. You need to replenish your talent with big time players, not just pick up some serviceable players in the sixth round.

  3. Don’t worry folks TT is out there stocking up on 6th rounders and measuring arm length as we read this. Speaking of which: I wonder when the Vikes Floyd and the Pack’s Bulaga face each other this season if they’ll just resort to head butting since they won’t be able to reach each other with their weeny little arms?

  4. Packer fanbase is intelligent enough to know that when you have a 1-7-1 record against a team over the last four years, you don’t claim to be superior to them.
    Pryor or Shazier or Beckham most likely unless TT trades up or down.

  5. If McCarthy wants to use Hyde more than just Dime situations (which will be even less this year) then a move to Safety is coming. Taking a safety in the first round means the team expects him to play. Otherwise they cant afford to let a first rounder sit and learn. So a safety would leave Hyde in Dime packages with Heyward returning and Shields and Williams on the outside. NOT HAPPENING. They’ll take Ebron if he falls because it’ll keep the offense lethal, or they’ll go D Line or Linebacker. Mosely, Shazier, or trade down is my opinion.

  6. Re-post (in part) from the other thread:

    They have 10 million into Shields, and Tramon Williams is 31 and a free agent next year. There is no way they will pay him similar $$ at that age and tie up 20 million of their cap at CB.
    House is a backup level player, Hayward is best suited for the slot, and Hyde looks to be going to safety, where he should thrive.

    They NEED a corner who A) can start outside next year and B) who won’t cost 8-10 million dollars.

    Corey Fuller has the talent and would be an excellent fit. So that’s who I hope they get.

  7. GB must hit on atleast 3 picks. Its time to match vikings talent. Kicking their ass time and again means they have caught us pack nation! The mediocre pack needs playmakers next to peppers and matthews, maybe then we can win 4 straight division titles. Sounds like a team on a downward spiral to me. Oh the mediocrity is killing us! Someone let vikings know thet pick 8th, hate for them to forget.

  8. The Packers need to stabilize Aaron Rodger’s personal assistant situation so he can focus on football. I understand that Roder’s previous personal assistant was very, very, very, very, very, very, very close to Rodgers.

    They also need to invest in a new helmet for AJ Hawk. His current one keeps getting spun around backwards every time he hits Peterson 9 yards down the field. Hawk kinda looks like Daffy Duck’s bill after an unfortunate turn with TNT. AJ Hawk could also work on his strength because he is neither man strong nor gym strong. AJ Hawk does NOT, however, need to work playing to the cameras. So there’s that to build on.

  9. Another great pic. While rubbing his hands together McCarthy says “I was hoping you could play some defense today Priness.” A.R……. “Hmmm, I think you and Ted need to spend some more quality time together, gotta run”
    Here’s to a total disaster come draft day GB!

  10. Somebody please explain to why this is so hard for Vikings fans to understand: Rodgers missed 7 games because THE DOCTORS WOULDN’T LET HIM PLAY! Get a clue, people.

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