Titus Young in hospital, criminal case delayed


It has been almost a year since former Lions wide receiver Titus Young went on an alleged crime spree that ended with him facing 11 charges, but his trial on those counts has been delayed again.

Young’s attorney Brian Hurwitz made an appearance at a California courtroom for a pre-trial hearing that had to be delayed when Hurwitz told the court that his client was in the hospital. There were no specifics about why Young was being treated, but he has been treated for a mental disorder in the past.

“He’s receiving treatment and is in a safe place,” Hurwitz said, via USA Today.

Young is now due back in court on June 5, although his attorney said he hopes he’s able to reach a plea bargain with prosecutors in order to avoid a trial. Young pleaded guilty to one count of disturbing the peace last month as a result of two arrests on the same day in 2013. Those arrests came just before the arrest that led to the 11 charges, including four felonies, that Young will face after completing his treatment.

18 responses to “Titus Young in hospital, criminal case delayed

  1. Clearly mentally ill Here’s just hoping he gets the treatment he needs to live a healthy life. For now, forget the game. Best wishes.

  2. titus deserves a Gruden Grinder for showing outstanding second effort with that whole impounded car matter.

  3. “Clearly mentally ill” or clearly doesn’t know right from wrong or understand why he just can’t break laws as he wishes.

  4. @JimmyT

    Youre both being speculative. I’m going to have to lean towards something mentally wrong with him as well. His behaviour was bizarre and very irratic. Not something a normally function person would be doing. Sometimes people have different brains from others. Certain things in a person’s life can trigger outrage. You could be right and he’s just an idiot who uses poor judgement regularly. We’re all being speculative, but the fact that he’s in a hospital getting better can only be a good thing.

  5. rg3andthensome says:
    Apr 30, 2014 8:43 AM
    Get some help boy.

    So did you not read the parts where it said he has received mental health treatment in the past and that most likely that’s what he’s doing right now?
    Or are you thinking he didn’t realize that he had mental health issues but he would read your comment and all of a sudden realize he needed help? “Boy” probably wouldn’t be the best way to address him in that case.

  6. Dude is clearly talented and could have been a decent #2/excellent #3 for a long time in the league. Stuff like this is really sad. Sometimes people get really sick and become their own worst enemy. Hope he comes out on the other side someday.

  7. For society’s sake, I hope he gets the help he needs and that the lawyer/ courts don’t let him get off easy.

  8. Wish the guy the best — hope he gets the help he needs. I still wonder how the heck this condition wasn’t known pre-draft for someone drafted this high?

  9. Young had issues back in college, too. I’m no expert, but have been doing work at a mental hospital for 20 years, and have seen enough to know that these people have real problems.

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