Broncos pick up Von Miller option


The Broncos wisely waited until nearly the last minute, but they ultimately did what they were expected to do with linebacker Von Miller.

Per multiple reports, the Broncos have picked up the fifth-year option on the second overall pick in the 2011 draft.

Miller, who was suspended six games to start the 2013 season due to his latest violation of the substance-abuse policy, is one strike away from a one-year suspension.  But the fifth-year salary is guaranteed only for injury, so the Broncos are protected against any off-field issues or a sudden drop in on-field performance.

He’s currently rehabbing a torn ACL, and he’s expected to be ready to go for Week One.  What he does this year, on the field and off, will go a long way toward determining whether the Broncos tear up the contract and give Miller a long-term deal.

24 responses to “Broncos pick up Von Miller option

  1. He’s a cheater , not only would he have failed a 3rd test to finally get suspended but he literally cheated the test . While the kid is a stud he’s only a bit of a moron and needs Ware to really show him how to be a respected and lasting professional. But Von is a beast talent wise no doubt but his character is crap.

  2. Talib, Ware, Peyton, Demaryius, Julian, Ward, Vasquez. How will the broncos afford all of these big contracts? Who besides Welker is getting kicked to the curb next season? Bronco fans?

  3. The Broncos will be fine. Peyton will retire in the next year or two, thus opening his $20 million+ salary to pay other players. Nearly all other Broncos have very cap friendly contracts. Plus, Elway has shown year in and year out that he is a closer in free agency, so if others decide to leave, they’ll just be replaced with other top free agents.

  4. “Hey, have you guys heard of this thing called email? Works great! Fast AND reliable.”

  5. None of Peyton’s contract is a signing bonus. So really, if things get tight all they have to is extend him 2-3 years allocate a certain amount as a bonus, he could free upwards of 10 mil on the cap.

  6. Also, the majority of the big signings were front loaded cuz we had the cap space this year. All of our big signings will count less against the cap next year then they do this year. Elway knows what he’s doing.

  7. elway knew what he was doing when he signed the 20mil dollar choker…who then went on to claim that he wasn’t “embarrassed” when he lost the sb, and cheated when he met with his oc “because it’s not against the rules to get better.” Golden boy thinks he’s above all the rules.

  8. I get a kick outta all the “peyton took all the money” posts.
    Manning makes the same as many qb,s….Cutler-Romo_Flacco…all about 20mil a year.
    the difference is Manning is one of only a couple that deserve it.
    He’s one of best qb’s to ever suit up for the nfl….give the dude a break.
    also the cap is going up again in 2016 so the Broncos will be in good shape capwise for the foreseeable future.

  9. Good move. How many points did that defense let Seattle score? 43? ‘nuf said.

  10. I find it funny that anyone would call him a bust. The guy is an amazing player! An idiot off the field, but a bust he is not!

  11. Hey, Bronco Haters. Denver has won their division the last three years. Last year they went to the SB. How the hell is your team doing?

  12. I don’t see anything that points to Elway knowing what he’s doing, nothing.

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