Seahawks pass on Carpenter option

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The Seahawks have made plenty of great draft picks under G.M. John Schneider.  Guard James Carpenter wasn’t one of them.

The team has announced that the fifth-year option on Carpenter’s 2011 rookie contract won’t be exercised.

The 25th overall pick four years ago, Carpenter started 10 games in the 2013 regular season.  He also started Super Bowl XLVIII.

Carpenter remains under contract for 2014.  He’ll be eligible for free agency next season, and it’s possible the Seahawks will keep him around.

For now, the team simply has decided that it would be too expensive to keep him around in 2015 under the fifth-year option salary of more than $7 million.

16 responses to “Seahawks pass on Carpenter option

  1. I still remember Nick Saban being caught on camera saying, “Wow” when he got picked. You knew right there the pick was bad when his own college coach was surprised.

  2. He was going to be OK… then he got hurt… then he got BIG… then he got bad. Worth $700k a year, not 7m.


  3. Kid:
    Dad, why is there a little star next to Seattle’s name for their Super Bowl?

    Son, they believe that if your not cheating your not if you want to get paid think peds…

  4. Seattle had led suspend players on their roster than over 3/4 of the nfl right now . They also were slightly ahead of a couple other teams even in the middle of their “suspended ” headlines . Barely surpassing the redskins and only a cpl from Demver and others .

  5. allidoiswin55 – Do some actual RESEARCH before you open that dick flap you call a mouth. You’re an idiot, and just vagina-hurt. I’m going to refer to you as “Janet” from now on. So just be quiet, Janet.

  6. Drafts are so hit and miss. You can Seattle blew the pick but the did draft a starting Superbowl lineman. The draft where they took Russell Wilson was rated an ‘F’ and Sherman being drafted was a complete fail in many draft gurus eyes.

    If your going to not miss on a pick, a number in the mid 2os is better than a top 10. The Seahawks drafting has been exceptionaly good the last few years.

  7. Beware the Alabama draft pick. Generally already used and abused and pretty much broken down before their (pro) career is even started.

  8. The guy came late to camp as a rookie, got hurt and finally stayed healthy last year when all he did was start in the Super Bowl and crush people, especially in the run game. It’s a little early to write him off.

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