Chip Kelly says Pro Day attendance is about more than workouts


Eagles coach Chip Kelly attended more Pro Day workouts than any other NFL head coach. But he said the primary reason wasn’t to find out how a player runs and jumps in shorts and a T-shirt.

Instead, Kelly said he likes to visit college campuses so he can get the perspectives of all the people who spent the last few years with these prospects. According to Kelly, finding out how a low-level staffer in a college’s athletics department feels about a star player can go a long way toward judging what kind of person he is.

“To me it’s just another tool in the toolbox when you’re making evaluations on people,” Kelly said, via “It’s tough for me to be in a room and argue for or against a player when I’ve never seen them in person. I’ve watched his tape. There’s so much more than just watching tape – finding out the people that coached him, finding out what the janitor in the complex says about him, finding out what the people in the cafeteria say about him, find out what he’s like from a learning standpoint, find out as much information as you possibly can. And if you don’t, then shame on you.”

Perhaps Kelly was thinking of DeSean Jackson when he said that: Kelly clearly believes that the previous regime in Philadelphia gave Jackson far too lucrative a contract, and Kelly’s problems with Jackson appeared to stem from issues other than his play on the field on Sundays. Kelly wants to know that he sees eye to eye with the players the Eagles draft this week. That wasn’t the case with Jackson.

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  1. Chip is a gift that is just starting to give. We will reap a few years of Chip knowing each player in the draft as well as, if not better than the competition. Each player in this draft was a blue CHIP player coming out of college that CHIP vetted. He knows everybody. He is everywhere. If he misses it will not be because of lack of trying.

    We finally have someone who works at the task. He is smart. His arrogance is created from confidence and results.

    I’ll meet you all on Broad and South in February of 2015…and 2016!!

    In Chip We Trust


  2. I agree with Chip. People always put on their best faces when others who matter are watching them. I have co-workers who only work through lunch and breaks and then ask to work OT. People think they’re machines because they see them working during lunch and on weekends. But in reality they’re bums. If a college janitor and classmates say a kid’s a bum then it doesn’t matter how good he looks on tape because eventually those character flaws will pop up.

  3. As an Eagle fan, Chip still has a ways to go before I fall in love with his direction. This draft and season will give us a much better insight.

  4. Sounds like old Chip may be exercising the same philosophy of one Pete Carroll. Kelly has recruited most of the players coming out over the next 3-4 years so take that advantage and make hay in all rounds of the draft. If chip wins a Lombardi in Philly u fools better not treat him like u treat most. Hands down the most ignorant angry fans outside of Cleveland reside in Philly. Throwing D batteries at visiting teams? Come on man!
    Go Hawks!

  5. I understand what he is saying. Still, you have to keep an open mind. Sometimes when you meet someone, they inadvertently rub you the wrong way. It could be a one-time misunderstanding and you wouldn’t want to write off the relationship unless it clearly crossed some sort of boundary. Success has to do with preparation. These guys probably have not had a lot of practice for Pro Days so they might not be at their best. Then again, if the Pro Day is as important as it appears to be, maybe they are looking for the guys who do practice for it.

  6. Say what you want about Kelly but one thing is clear, he doesn’t view his team as a bunch of plug-in pieces. He wants 100% buy-in, and he’s going to get it.

  7. I really like hearing this from him. Dude is nothing but about the game. Doesn’t everyone want a coach that puts the work in and does his research? Go ahead and say no if you disagree, but it smells like jealousy over here to me.

  8. Get the opinion of the janitor? I think Kelly has watched Rudy one too many times.

  9. Lets see if you Eagle fans still have your bromance with Chip after week 2 when Luck lights up that pathetic Defense in Indy then Skins destroys your secondary with the guy you now love to hate DeSean and Pierre in week 3 in Philly. Oh yeah then you get to go to San Fran I’m sure that will go well for you. By week 5 you will be screaming for his head. Chip will be back in college in 2015.

  10. So far, Chip has shown that he can rip bad defenses, cannot field an NFL defense, and cannot deal with his top talent. Keep going Chip!
    Hell, he even managed to make the Redskins better lol.

  11. My team is the Redskins, but Kelly’s point here is obviously true. Whatever it may say about Jackson, you want to gather personal perspectives on important draft prospects.

  12. In a round about way, it seems like he’s saying if you don’t do your due diligence, you’ll end up with a little turd like Jackson polluting your locker room.
    I think he’s right. A guy like that may be a good player, but he’ll never help you win anything.

  13. Funny how the same posters who said Kelly would fail in the NFL and ran a gimmick offense are the same ones posting the hate today. Some people never tire of being wrong and stupid ALL the time.

  14. Man he knows an awful lot for never winning a playoff game. Underutilized McCoy and Jackson in the game. He needs to realize it is a North and South game…

  15. A coach is only as smart as his win/loss record. Andy Reid is a perfect example of that. When the Eagles were going to the NFC Championship game every year, Andy was a genius. After that stopped, all people could do was criticize his flaws. Kelly is still riding a better than expected record in his first season. He has to improve on that this year or people will stop believing in him. Its not rocket science.

  16. All the non eagles fans in the NFC east will say chip is stupid for cutting Djax. Funny how nobody has anything positive to say about the guy except…..the desperate skins. Good luck with that. The eagles will score a ton of points again, if you think they won’t that’s wishful thinking.

  17. iamdinguskhan……….the skins aren’t ripping anything bro. You need a qb that is accurate, an O line and a Defense. The skins don’t have any of that. 7-9 if you’re lucky, keep dreaming.

  18. Sorry the truth hurts. NFC east has gotten better than it was last year which you barely won. You have gotten worse, you did not improve your D and keep denying DeSean leaving didn’t hurt you have a receiver coming off ACL injury as your #1. Even McCoy says it going to hurt. RGIII was one of the most accurate rookies in NFL history when healthy you can deny and hate but face the truth he is an elite talent who is flat out dangerous. Eagles will do a 2013 Skins and be 3-13 ending with Butt Fumbler as your starter and Chip sneaking out before the heat back to college. HTTR BRO!!!

  19. The redskins? Hahahaha rg3 is a bust Washington get over it hes a crybaby an not even good its pathetic if anyones gona rival the eagles its the giants and the nfl thinks so too thats why we play them week 17 cause obviously the nfl thinks itll work out that way so please no more redskin comments they’re there joke of the league an will be again this year an rg3 will b “shutdown” again lol Washington’s a pathetic joke

  20. Nick foles also had more tds and less int in HALF a year than rg3 did in his one hit wonder season that wasnt even that good

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