Gil Brandt thinks Mack goes before Clowney


In recent weeks, a presumption has emerged that defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will be the first player drafted on Thursday night, with the only question being whether the Texans trade the pick before making it, they pick Clowney then trade him, or they pick Clowney then keep him.

The venerable Gil Brandt has another thought when it comes to Clowney.  Brandt, a long-time Cowboys executive who now works for the NFL, believes Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack will be picked before Clowney.

Brandt hinted at the theory last week, when he said he’ll have Mack higher than Clowney in Brandt’s final rankings, to be released on Monday.  Brandt thereafter reinforced the point, telling Peter King of that Brandt believes Mack will be taken before Clowney.

It could be that the Texans ultimately decide to go with Johnny Manziel at No. 1, and that the Falcons trade up with the Rams for Mack at No. 2, leaving Clowney on the board for the Jaguars at No. 3.Then, the Jaguars would have to decide whether to draft Clowney or someone else, like receiver Sammy Watkins.The Jags also could then trade Clowney to a team lower in the top 10 that regards Clowney as the best player in the draft.Either way, we’re only three days away from the start of the draft.  And there’s no clear sense as to how any of it will unfold.

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  1. Gil Brandt has made a nice bit of cash by saying stupid things before the draft.

  2. Clowney will be the first player taken, whether its the Texans or a team that trades into the spot. Mack is top 5 for sure.

  3. Jags in a great spot. Watkins, Clowney, or Mack. Can’t lose on all of those. Good fits and top prospects. QB in rd 2. And the largest video boards in the world and pools in the stadium…..Jacksonville is the place to be!!

  4. Mack may go before Clowney because of his 3-4 OLB predalictions (I think that’s a word) & at least 2 teams in the top 6 swing in that direction.

  5. It’s not that shocking considering there was a report just the other week that said Rick Smith prefers Mack to Clowney. Some of these GMs don’t like to second guess themselves, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Rick has a sheet of paper he carries around every day that says on it “Mack no matter what”.

  6. He thinks Mack goes before Clowney and I hope for the draft to come before the next draft article, draft statement, NFLN mock draft show, etc.

  7. Funny thing is, in 3 years either Mack or clowney will be average at best and a “bust” and the other guy will be all-pro. And everyone will be saying “omg we knew this guy would be a bust”

  8. I don’t know how anyone who is a fan of football can say a negative thing about Gil Brandt. I love listening to him talk, he’s awesome. I don’t necessarily agree with this, but it’s good to know that he’s willing to put a different opinion out there.

  9. I cant believe not one is thinking like I am….”Mack will go before Clowney!”……..PLEASE, get this draft under way so we can be put OUT OF OUR MISERY!!!!

  10. He’s saying that because if the truth be told, Mack is a better fit in Houston’s system then Clowney. And putting Mack with Matthews, behind JJ and the front 7 still looks damn good.

  11. If the Texans draft manziel over mack or clowney they should fire the gm immediately. Clowney or mack would be ideal for a team with watt and a weak secondary. The infatuation with this year’s draft class is ridiculous. Bortles would be a better choice over manziel. Neither should go in the top 7 to 10 picks.

  12. The Texans want Bortles and will look to trade back to get better value. If that fails they will take him at #1.

  13. “Gil Brandt thinks Mack goes before Clowney”-it only makes sense, Mack is much better suited for a 3-4, Clowney should always play in a three point stance and attacking!

  14. .

    “Either way we’re three days from the draft and no one has any idea how it will unfold”

    True that. Manziel is either the first overall pick or an early 2nd rounder. Where do the tackles go? When do the DB’s start coming off the board?

    In a draft like this, teams may be moving all over the board.


  15. Clowney will be a massive underachiever unless he’s playing in a contract year. The minute you pay this guy he’ll pamper himself to keep from getting injured until the next contract year.

    Pick Mack Houston!

  16. I’ll be so happy when next Monday comes! No more Mock Draft 21.0, no more “hard news” items about what this or that “expert” believes, no more wasted hours on the NFL Network predicting who takes what when. The only ones who know for sure what’s going to happen are the teams’ GMs.

  17. divorcetohealing says:May 5, 2014 9:29 AM

    Jags in a great spot. Watkins, Clowney, or Mack. Can’t lose on all of those. Good fits and top prospects. QB in rd 2. And the largest video boards in the world and pools in the stadium…..Jacksonville is the place to be!!

    Do you live in Jacksonville? I do, it is not the place to be..What would a Sammy Watkins or a Jadeveon Clowney do here? This has to be the least NFL player friendly city in the NFL..No stars in Jax. No oe wants to come here. Who’s the face of the jags right now? Blackmon? sheesh..

  18. To those trashing Gil Brandt, just know this, that guy has more football IQ than everybody (myself included) on this comment board put together – and dating back longer than most of us have been alive. They don’t call him ‘The Godfather’ for nothing. And just what if he’s right?

  19. mack is the the best pick in this draft, just ask merril hodge. I watched clowney agaist Wisconsin and I was not impressed, most times he wasn’t doubled teamed!

  20. All due respect to Brandt but he’s been out of touch with the modern NFL for quite some time. Yes he’s been involved with the league forever and still has earned the right to be heard but his mock drafts and player lists haven’t been very accurate for awhile now.

  21. I’m of the opinion that Clowney will go first overall, and likely have a very productive career. However, it’s not outrageous that the Texans pick Mack before Clowney. Clowney may have all the talent in the world, but as Jamarcus Russel showed everyone, if you don’t have to commitment and work ethic, raw skill won’t always carry you. If the Texans picked Mack, they would still get what seems to be a potentially dominant pass rusher to pair with Watt, and might not have to worry about the headaches that could come with Clowney.

  22. I get the questions about the QBs in this draft. What I don’t get is the logic of Houston drafting Clowney or Mack. Defense was not and has not been this team’s problem. Offense is, in a big way. Sure, don’t draft Manziel if you aren’t sure about him, but draft a RT or Watkins if you must. I’m guessing they’d prefer to trade down to get that done, which would be ideal, but doubling down on the strength of the team when your weakness is as weak as Houston’s is… That’s not a great strategy. There’s only so close to zero points allowed a team can feasibly have, especially when your offense is intent on losing the field position battle.

  23. If you draft a player with a suspect work ethic whose last name is “Clowney” you have no excuses.

  24. Funny how People on these sites are ranting and raving over KMack! And Never seen Him PLAY MORE THAN 2-3 GAMES IN HIS CAREER! Yet he’s been Anointed a STUD and Clowney a Bust. And Neither has played a NFL DOWN. Hilarious.

  25. i would have a hard time spending the first pick of the draft on a guy that had three sacks… just sayin….you could say he was being careful, but is that the new precent for collage players heading into the NFL ?

  26. Texans trade down, get Mack (Rick Smith already said in a previous interview how much he likes him), get extra picks and get their QB with the second pick, hopefully Bridgewater.

  27. My five-year old daughter says there’s no way Mack goes before Clowney. I think Amelia will make a much better GM than ol’ Gil. Just sayin…

  28. Last year Brandt said Ziggy Ansah #2 overall to Chiefs, Jets trade up to #3 overall to take Dee Milliner, Shariff Floyd would go #9 and Geno Smith would go #11.

    I’m not saying he’s not a good scout and he’s not entertaining but anything he says is probably not gonna happen.

  29. In this draft the teams will be changing positions like a NASCAR race. Should be interesting, at best. No clear cut #1 and the QB’s could go first or 31st.

  30. I agree with this 100%. Would say it’s about a sure deal.

    As for the lame Raiders fans and their meaningless 2 cents they post on here. No one cares about you or your pathetic team. Get real fans and a real team. There’s 31 others to choose from.

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