PFT Live: Mock Draft picks 17-21

Mike Florio continues his mock draft with picks 17-21. Florio predicts Zack Martin, Darqueze Dennard, Derek Carr, Calvin Pryor and Marqise Lee will be drafted by the Ravens, Jets, Browns, Cardinals and Packers respectively.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Mock Draft picks 17-21

  1. If you buy this scenario for the Packers in Rd.1, you have to buy that Lee is a notch above any defensive player on GBP’s board. Not equal to, but above. I guess it’s possible, but am not thinking that will be the case …

    So, if it happens that they take WR (Lee or another) in the 1st, what defensive players around are going to be realistic difference makers for them in the 2nd at #53 ?

    No, it shapes up much better for them the other way around. Defense BPA on their board in the 1st (CB/LB/or perhaps S), and BPA receiving target (WR or possibly TE) in the 2nd.

  2. I agree theres no way in heck that the packers take a wr in the 1st round its either safety,cb,dl,linebacker, or offensive line

  3. Packers trade down with Cleve get browns 2nd rd and 6th this year #1 in ’15 GB takes with Clev pick SS J Ward NIU and Wr Allen Robinson Penn St with their pick

  4. Marquise Lee isn’t getting much support by the “experts” as a first round pick. He is my draft sleeper this year. I think the man will be an explosive star for whatever team drafts him. No, I’m not a USC fan, but I saw several games he was in and he seemed unstoppable. He won’t go to my team, but I’ll keep an eye on his career.

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