Rams doing plenty of homework on Johnny Manziel


The Rams might hold the keys to the draft, and their own futures, this week.

With the second and 13th picks, they have the ability to take nearly anyone they want, or make a deal with you for someone you want.

But beyond the usual speculation, Peter King of The MMQB said the Rams were doing plenty of work on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Head coach Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer put Manziel through a private workout and then an 80-minute session in the meeting room. Meanwhile, General Manager Les Snead went to Texas Tech to talk to Kliff Kingsbury, Manziel’s former coordinator in 2012.

While the Rams have seemed genuine about their intention to do business with quarterback Sam Bradford down the road, there’s a reasonable question as to whether they should. As the last of the pre-CBA golden goose rookie contracts, the floor for Bradford’s next deal will be inflated by the ludicrous ceiling of his first one.

With first-round quarterbacks so cheap now, and one available to them, the Rams would be doing themselves a disservice by not checking them out.

16 responses to “Rams doing plenty of homework on Johnny Manziel

  1. Now the Lies and Mis-Information really gets deep….Great coverage by the way, this is as much fun as the Draft itself.

  2. If Dalton’s post season performance can be openly questioned, then Bradford’s regular season performance needs the same scrutiny.

    The only thing he has going for himself is he was a #1 pick. Reality is he’s mediocre.

  3. It’s been rough on Bradford.

    He’s been hurt or on his back most of his career and often without much of a rec core.

    However it’s probably time to make a change.

  4. Boom or bust problem child with maturity and substance abuse issues. He could be Brett Favre … or Ryan Leaf.

  5. Jeff Fisher took gunslinger Steve “Air” McNair and molded him into one of the most precise passers (as in protecting the football) in Oilers/Titans franchise history. Some would even say he reined in McNair too much … that he became too safe through the air. That to say, except for his lack of discipline (attitude), Manziel is in many ways the kind of raw talent that Jeff Fisher loves … gutsy, good arm, extremely mobile, competitive. Don’t be shocked if the Rams actually pull the trigger on drafting Manziel and Fisher proves to be the perfect coach to temper Manziel’s recklessness.

  6. Bradford has been injured more times than I care to remember, how can the floor of his ” future” contract negotiations be based on his rookie deal ? Unless he tears it up this season and the Rams become a serious playoff contender.

  7. Bradford has robbed the Rams blind during his “career”. Last of the massive paydays.

    His greatest accomplishment to date has been being drafted #1 overall and getting a huge amount of guaranteed money.

    Bottom line is, he hasn’t produced like a #1 pick. I would give him some weapons, and protection this year to see if he can live up to some of his draft day potential.

  8. Since the start of the 2012 season Bradford has thrown 35 TD against 17 INT, and won or tied six of his last eight against the NFC West.

    Rams can work with that.

  9. If the Rams were smart they will draft one of the best QB’s in this crop and trade or cut Bradford. He doesn’t pass the eye test and he’s only going to be a cap hog in the future.

  10. To put Manziel in the NFC West and all those defenses would be asking for him to get blown up. You really want him learning where and when to slide against the Niners, Seahawks and Cardinals?

  11. Sam Bradford has been mediocre since he arrived in the league. It’s time for the Rams to cut the cord, and Manziel presents them with the perfect opportunity to do so. They may also be able to pick up an offensive tackle to protect him with their 13th pick, which would be gravy.

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