Carlos Ortiz faces new murder charge


The man who at one point appeared to be on track to serve as the star witness in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial has not one but two murder charges of his own to worry about.

According to the Taunton (Mass.) Gazette, Carlos Ortiz will be arraigned later this month on a new murder charge.  While the article provides no details, it’s unrelated to the Odin Lloyd murder case.

A grand jury indicted Ortiz last month on charges of murder in connection with the death of Lloyd, who was fatally shot in June 2013.  Hernandez has been imprisoned without bail while awaiting trial for Lloyd’s murder.

Early in the investigation, it appeared that Ortiz would provide key details leading to a conviction of Hernandez.  Prosecutors reportedly have abandoned plans to rely on Ortiz as a witness, given conflicts in his version of the events and an alleged history of drug use and abuse.

14 responses to “Carlos Ortiz faces new murder charge

  1. Sounds like they’re still trying to pressure people into pointing fingers at Hernandez. Wonder how long it will be before Carlos Ortiz has enough against him to just go ahead and cop to the Lloyd murder in exchange for money for his family. Still not seeing any realistic shot the prosecution has of pinning that murder on Hernandez.

  2. How ironic that a Patriot’s player would be convicted in a court of law based on evidence obtained in a video tape?

    Who says there is no justice in this world?

  3. Prosecutors and cops do and say what they want and even when they send innocents to their death or decades of incarceration have the gall to admit they would do the same thing again if case was redone. Facts and pressured facts are the same in their corrupt world. America is home of the plea bargain because sentencing guidelines are draconian to pressure people to say whatever your top cop wants them to so they can see the light of day again in their lifetime. Ortiz is choosing to tell the truth, in his world lying to prosecute and be apart of taking ones liberty is unjust. Maybe others will see this and stop lying. Not too many people know what happened in any case so to watch TMZ and make a decision on a case is asinine. If this guy will take prison to be truthful I say he is more human than you couch judges. Just credit where it’s due. I see one poster knows he looks like a killer. Must be an FBI agent. Idiots like that guy are the demise of human dignity.

  4. How can the prosecutors get a conviction if they don’t have the gun, witnesses or a confession??

  5. I agree. The Hernandez defense team must be loving this. Since this new murder charge against Ortiz is unrelated to the Lloyd murder, it won’t take the defense long to argue that Ortiz wasn’t an innocent passenger who was “sleeping” in the car when the murder took place but was, in fact, the one who shot Lloyd. As I’ve said before, I’m not saying Hernandez didn’t do it, but the prosecutions case keeps getting weaker.

  6. Weak case wasting tax payers money. No murder weapon, no eye-witness, and now no snitch.. Hahaha. Prosecution are a bunch of scrubs. Let him out so he can sign with my G-men, we need a TE!

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