Report: Jets have told teams they are interested in moving up


Last week, Jets General Manager John Idzik said that having 12 picks in this year’s draft gives the team the flexibility to make moves around the draft board later this week.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets have spoken to teams about doing exactly that. Per Mehta, the Jets have been calling teams to let them know that they’re interested in trading up from the 18th overall pick in the first round on Thursday night.

There’s no word on how far the Jets would be interested in moving up or what it would cost for them to make a deal, but it would be more surprising if Idzik weren’t gauging the trade market ahead of the first round. Deliberate action has been a hallmark of Idzik’s first year-plus running the front office, especially his approach to free agency this year, so getting a read of the landscape ahead of time seems like par for the course.

The Jets’ needs at cornerback and wide receiver have drawn the most attention during the pre-draft period and a few of the top prospects at each spot should be available once the 18th pick comes up. If the Jets want to ensure that they get a particular player at either position (or another spot altogether), however, Idzik will have to shift from deliberation to action.

28 responses to “Report: Jets have told teams they are interested in moving up

  1. Thus contradicting Cooks report that the Jets want him, lol.

    Gotta love all these rumors that fly the day before the draft. Teams throwing all kinds of shenanigans around

  2. Think the Browns should give them 4th for 18th and their 2nd round pick (if the Browns WANT to move down).

  3. When are you guys going to learn that no one pays any attention to manish, and that he flings more poop at walls than a monkey?

  4. The J-E-T-S want to move into the top 10? How about #18 and #49 to my Lions for #10? Works perfect on the points chart, and the Lions want to move back a little and add a 2nd. Make the move Mayhew!

  5. Based on virtually everything we’ve seen and not heard from Idzik during his tenure as GM to date, ANY & ALL ‘rumors’ and ‘reports’, what he’s thinking or doing are all smoke and mirrors. Doubt this guy has told his own kids when their birthdays are, yet.

  6. Meanwhile back at the ranch Brandin Cooks thinks they are making a move to get him.

    ????????????? The Jets just might do it

    and 31 other GM’s are LMAO

  7. jetsjetsjetsnow says:
    May 7, 2014 9:51 AM
    Can someone please explain why teams who remained alive for the wildcard in the playoffs longer than Jets are picking before us?

    On the surface you make a point, it seems illogical. But it is all simply a coincicidence based on scheduling. It is possible that with 2 games to play, that a tam with an 8-6 record is still alive, where a team with a 9-5 record isnt. Based on who those losses were against. Common opponent, head to head record, conference record, all play a role in tie breakers. We see it every year

  8. wouldn’t be suprised if the jets took pryor or shazier in the 1st. we need a upgrade on strong safety, also the jets have never properly replaced the bart scott role. i truly think this WR/CB in the first round is all smokescreen for others teams to reach, the talent stretches so deep in this draft, that it’s worth to take a jordan matthews and/or a pierre desir in the 2nd and/or third, hope i’m right. happy almost draft day!

  9. Lets see how they manage to screw this up.
    They really are a crappy franchise, perfect for that crappy NYC

  10. They need to call Phil Emery and offer 18,80, and 233 for 14. Or go a little higher than th value, and offer 18,104,115, and 154 for 14. That’s probably all they have to move up to get their target (Beckham is my guess, but don’t rule out Barr if he is still on the board). They keep their second and third in the second scenario, and the Bears get enough ammo to get another 3 if they want using one of their 6th and 2 4th rounders. Win-Win.

  11. Can Manish Mehta even make it into the Jets locker room without being tossed onto the street? I don’t think I read one article from the guy where his “source” wasn’t anonymous

  12. Does it really matter???

    The jets are the jets….and being ranked as one of the all time worst franchises in NFL history [ 5th worst]…comes because they are.

    jets are known for 1st round busts…more than any other team Been going on for 45 years now.

    Happy 45th anniversary jet fans…may your streak live forever.

  13. If the Jets were smart they’d trade DOWN in the first round and up in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to maximize the talent they get in a draft that is deep in their positions of need. Another thing they could do is I don’t know if there are any teams out there with a 1st round pick but only 4 or 5 total picks, but they could also trade their 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th for another low 1st round pick (taking a WR/Eric Ebron and a CB) and draft for depth at their other positions which really only need depth.

  14. Can someone please explain why teams who remained alive for the wildcard in the playoffs longer than Jets are picking before us?

    I think it has to do with strength of schedule. Thus, if two teams finished with identical records, the team that played the weaker schedule would be considered more in need of help and receive the higher pick.

  15. jetsjetsjetsnow says: Draft goes by strength of schedule. Not who they play like the playoffs. Steelers were 4-2 in the division. Ravens were 3-3. Hence their third place finish in the division. But the Steelers lost to the Raiders and pick #15. Cowboys and Ravens were the same so they flipped a coin for #16 & #17. Jets beat the Patriots.

  16. I was disappointed myself to learn the Ravens pick behind the Steelers and then lost the coin flip. Especially after coach Tomlin tried to trip a Ravens player and Goodell talked about taking draft picks and didn’t follow through.

  17. If they want the 7th pick, the Bucs have already said they will trade down under the right terms (e.g. more draft picks). Wouldn’t that be ironic, to get back their own fourth round draft pick for the failed D. Revis trade, and get a lower 1st round pick as well. Who knows, it could happen.

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