Despite talk of Glennon to New England, no trade is in the works


If the rumored trade sending backup quarterback Ryan Mallett from New England to Houston transpires, the Patriots would be in the market for a new backup quarterback. And there’s already been talk around the league that the Patriots’ next backup could be Mike Glennon, the second-year passer who appears to be on the outs in Tampa Bay.

But we’re told that’s not the case: Sources tell PFT that a Glennon trade to New England is not in the works.

The talk that Glennon would be a good fit in New England has centered largely on the connection between Greg Schiano — the Bucs coach who promoted Glennon to the starting job in Tampa last year — and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It would seem to make sense that Glennon is a quarterback Belichick would be interested in acquiring.

And with Josh McCown installed as the starter in Tampa Bay, it’s entirely possible that the new regime will decide to deal Glennon at some point. Glennon’s future with the Bucs doesn’t appear to be bright.

For now, though, a deal sending Glennon to New England is all talk and no action.

35 responses to “Despite talk of Glennon to New England, no trade is in the works

  1. Was Josh McCown’s success in Chicago due entirely to Marc Trestman? Could be.

  2. Just hand them another franchise QB because your organization is too stupid to realize how good he is.

    Then again, you gave a 3 sack defensive end 50 million so giving away Glennon wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Why is Glennon on the outs in Tampa Bay? Guy almost beat us at Century Link.

  4. In a league that needs QBs i dont understand TB looking to demote and jettison a rookie starting QB so quickly. Id say its mindn-boggling but it IS Lovie Smith, after all…

  5. I don’t understand why bucs are trying to get rid of him. I would take him in Cleveland over the bums they got now. Browns need to get it on this deal if it’s possible. They have plenty of picks

  6. The Bucs have no faith in Glennon. Any team interested can get him after the draft for peanuts. I think he has a future, but carries the Schiano stench.

  7. Can’t wait for Brady to retire. The Pats will be Bottom Five every year as they have to play the ‘Find A QB’ game like almost everyone else.

    Of course, the “Genius” will make one genius move– retire at the same exact time.

  8. for the sake of his career Glennon needs to get out of Tampa as soon as possible. if mccown gets hurt and he sees the field it will not be an offense that caters to what he does well. he will just be handing the ball off on first and second down with the wide receiver screen on third down. even if he has to be a back up elsewhere it will be better than playing for a coach who has no idea that offense is part of the game.

  9. That would be a great pickup for New England. Glennon certainly played well enough last year to be considered TB’s starting QB this year. I think he would play even better on the Patriots.

  10. I don’t mind so much that it’s appeared of late that N.E. seems to have a direct line to my Buc’s for decent talent, at times it seems like we’re their farm team. For Christ’s sake quit giving them away. We’ve gotten a nod and a wink from them.

  11. Glennon was quietly the best rookie QB last year. I don’t get the urge to get rid of him.

  12. So now we have an unsubstantiated trade rumor about another unsubstantiated trade rumor all released to the media by a team that prides itself on not releasing anything to the media…Riiiiiiiight.

  13. My sources (the voices in my head) tell me that the Pats will sign Mark Sanchez as their new #2. Which is appropriate.

  14. If Glennon is traded, you can pretty much mark it down he ends up in Arizona. Arians will make him something good like he always does.

  15. Wrong trade, get rid of Brady while there is some value left. He’s done…look at our playoff loses since spygate. Damn.

  16. I really don’t understand why the new Tampa regime is so negative on Glennon, other than the fact that he was drafted by the old regime. He was very good for a rookie QB last year if you look at his numbers and watched him play. The dislike seems solely based on being the previous regime’s “QB of the future”. That’s never a good place to be in when a coaching change happens I guess.

  17. I don’t think the Cards want Glennon – I’m convinced they’re going to draft a QB with their first pick; either Carr or Bortles.

  18. I like EJ Manuel, but if the Bills want to push him, why not go after Glennon? I’d take him over Thad Lewis every single time.

  19. As a person that lives in Tampa, Glennon is garbage. All his completions were within 5 yards. His deep throws are inaccurate and he under throws receivers on +20 yard attempts. He is a journeyman backup at best. So all you outsiders that think he is so great can have him.

  20. Glennon trade’s all talk to get other teams thinking/worrying.

    He’ll have a spot in Tampa.

    (Unless (considering his value) that offer we can’t refuse comes up)

  21. As a Lions fan, I would take Glennon over Stafford right now. He scared a few good defenses and looks poised for his age. As opposed to Stafford, who looks less poised the more he plays. No, I have no pipe to put down.

  22. Another #8 the Buccaneers could let go for nothing that has major potential under the right coaching.

  23. What gets glossed over is the fact that the Patriots know Mallett is garbage, yet you’ll find rubes clamoring to trade with NE for him.

  24. Glennon was thrown into a bad situation and he acquiesced himself wonderfully. I was not his biggest fan when coming out of NC State but was impressed with his performance after he was thrust into the starting job as a rookie.

    It’s a shame when your success or failure is dependent on the coach/GM who drafted you and NOT on your skills, talents or production.

    For all we know, McCown’s performance last year may have been a fluke or result of Trestman’s play calling – it does not mean he will be as effective in Tampa Bay.

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