Eagles take Marcus Smith after trade down with Browns


The Eagles picked up a third-rounder for moving down, and then they picked up the pass rush they needed.

After allowing Cleveland to trade up to No. 22 to take Johnny Manziel, the Eagles took Louisville defensive end Marcus Smith with the 26th overall pick.

Smith had 14.5 sacks and four forced fumbles for the Cardinals last year, and gives the Eagles the kind of edge-rusher they need to play outside linebacker.

Fixing the defense was a priority for the Eagles, and they still have plenty of work to do.

59 responses to “Eagles take Marcus Smith after trade down with Browns

  1. Awful pick. This guy is not a first round pick. They could of easily traded down again and picked this guy up in the 40’s

    Nothing good about this pick

  2. Worst pick of the day. The Birds just threw away their first round draft selection on an undersized guy from a small school in a small conference. It’s unconscionable to be so criminally stupid.

  3. Not saying it’s a great pick…but remember….one must have a trade partner in order to trade. Plenty of big time NFL stars came from small schools.

  4. Sumkat while you might be right about picking him in the 40 !! Who the heck has a 40 something pick . Sure as hell ain’t philly . Theirs not always a trade partner especially if the players available aren’t markee players . It’s real life , not some mock drafts it doesn’t just work like that ! Of that was their player don’t wait for anything that’s what good teams do .

  5. Know what this pick is about?

    Howie screwed it up.


    Because Marcus Smith is not a first rounder you trade down knowing you can still draft him, he’s someone you trade up in the SECOND round to draft.

    Howie is a lifelong wanna-be draftnick who is now the real deal. And the problem these people have is that they are way too into it; so into it that they can’t make clear decisions because they overdose on it.

    Howie tried to outsmart everyone, and, got busted. You know he wanted Dennard or Ford, decided however he’s the smartest guy ever and only outsmarted his own self and lost out on both by trading down.

    Given he outsmarted his own self and screwed it up, it’s no wonder Lurie thinks he’s a boy genious.

  6. I am ok with the pick. Its a really deep draft so I would much rather get need guy and 3rd.

    I have a feeling the eagles tried to trade back and found no takers. id like to see a WR NT and MLB in the next two rounds

  7. Bad pick….They could have dropped to the 2nd rd and still get this guy plus another draft pick

  8. Other teams outsmarted the Eagles and they didn’t get either of the 2 safties or Cooks, so they took this guy. I has hoping for Kelvin Benjamin and then draft some D in rounds 2 and 3.

    What happened to the comment “Big people beat up little people”? We picked the little guy while Carolina ended up with a 6-5 240 lb WR

    I’m a little dejected.

  9. This feels like a reach for a perceived need, I hope Chip and Howie didn’t screw the pooch on this one. He has good college stats but I don’t care for his lack of timed lateral agility or acceleration. Hopefully he can be a versatile defender who excels at rushing, holding the edge, and playing in space. I would rather have traded #26 to Miami for Dion Jordan…

  10. Not a fan of the pick, but let’s be real: first, he’s not undersized; second, getting all worked up before anyone actually suits up & plays is kinda silly.

  11. Ok, agree he’s not small, let’s hope he wipes the floor with DeSean Jackson should he EVER venture across the field against Philly

  12. Eagles definitely tried to trade back again. There was less than 1:00 left on the clock when they turned the card in. Apparently no takers for another trade back.

  13. DeanteLongD s what makes you think you can get last years overall #3 for this years #26

  14. The Eagles are so dumb and Howie Roseman should be fired. First, they give away Desean Jackson to the Skins and then take this guy. Laughable

  15. Why is everyone hating. They made the best move of the day by trading down 4 spots and getting a 3rd. 3rd round picks are starters in this draft. Its going to take more than 1 guy to fix this D.

  16. We have to realize all the scouting THEY do…all we really do is see the 309809 mock drafts. I’ll trust this pick. I just hope and pray this isn’t Brandon Graham or Danny Watkins 2.0 I’ll trust Chip though.

  17. How is he mike mamula? Mamula was a workout warrior at the combine who shot up Draft boards. I am not saying this was the guy I wanted, I was hoping for Barr, Pryor or denard. They didn’t have the picks to move up so they moved back and got a 3rd and the acc player of the year. I am guessing he didn’t have 3 other NFL caliber players on that dline with him and he had 14.5 sacks. They filled a need and there is still a lot of talent out there. They picked up Bennie Logan in the third last year so they know how to find contributors later in the draft. Glad they didn’t take Benjamin or marquise Lee there.

  18. It’s a good pick we were last in pass defense last year. The reason we were in last was I consistent pass rush. Marcus smith brigs a pass rush which helps everyone on the back end. Come on guys learn your football. It’s not the sexy pick but a good foundational pick one that will bring us to the promise land.

  19. It’s clear the Eagles are going stick to the philosophy of stacking the roster with stud athletes with size, and this kid is no exception. A bit raw but tremendous upside, and you gotta give them credit for taking the defensive player they love, and not just a sexy, popular pick, AND adding the 83rd pick in the process. This dude is a better athlete than Barwin, and needs time to develop. Go Birds!

  20. The Eagles definitely tried to trade back. Teams that are locked in don’t wait until under a minute left on the clock. They won with getting a 3rd rounder and if Smith works at a position of need, what else can you say about the move? They should’ve reached for a WR or gotten a questionable DB?

  21. Good job Howie. I have no problem with this pick. Drop off on 3-4 olbs is huge. Smith wouldn’t have lasted long. Plenty of receivers will still be available tomorrow.

  22. This kid has inflated stats against unreal opponents. How do you pass up on 2 Noter Dame DL who play against real football teams to get another lineman who can’t line up on the line. He’s an OLB at best and with the Eagles having Barwin, Cole, and Graham, this pick makes no sense. We needed someone on the line to make an impact and we let both Tuitt and Nix both slip our fingers. The Eagles have to draft a WR in the second or third round now because they need to and now there’s officially no good Safeties left. Where I thought the Eagles did a good job last year, this draft already looks bad for them. We had to improve to stay competitive in the NFC and I feel that we’ve taken steps back rather than forward. Awesome.

  23. Love how the. Drat Geniuses keep saying Smith’s not a. First Rounder. Guess what He IS NOW! Kony Ealy was projected top 15 and he slipped out of the First round just like Marquise Lee. Guys RISE and they FALL! Just because your Favorite TV Talking Head didn’t have a Guy “On his board” doesn’t mean the TEAM didn’t have him on theirs!

  24. After checking in on the comments I see that Marcus Smith was a reach and is already a bust for the Eagles… that was quick! How much of the season did I miss??

  25. He wasn’t the safest pick..definatly a boom or bust guy. maybe he’l be good..maybe not. But with safer picks on the board still (Lee, Roby, Kony Ealy) on the board. I think the Eagles were going more for the “I Know more then you do thing and were trying to out smart every other team (ie. Brandon Graham over earl Thomas) I wouldn’t have minded them even going after Ra’Shede Hageman and moving Logan out on the edge. The trade down wasn’t the problem. They picked up a high 3rd to move back 4 spots..Good Work there..its the pick to me thats suspect. Chip better pull off some nice picks 2-7 is all i can say.

  26. Lot of draft gurus on the message board, lets see the kid play in the pros. Last i checked we dont get paid to analyze college athletes.

  27. Know what else was very interesting???

    Remember when Banner was booted, we heard through Lurie’s innuendo how the past drafts have been pretty bad but that was before Howie was given the keys?

    The past few drafts were bad because Jaquan Jarrett was a safety who would have gone normally in like the 4th or 5th round but the Eagles took him in the second for some reason. (i.e. taking a guy too early bc you don’t know what you’re doing)

    Then, Danny Watkins. A guy who normally would have gone 3rd or 4th round but taken in the first. (i.e. taking a guy too early bc you don’t know what you’re doing.. Again)

    Now………. that was alllll blamed on the pre-Howie drafting regime, and Lurie didn’t say so but hinted that he had to go with Howie bc Howie is great, because Howie in his youth was making draft charts. So the strangeness in those picks listed above had nothing to do with Howie, it was the other guys now gone.


    So what just happened here on THIS draft night?

    The Eagles yet again picked a guy way too many rounds ahead…

    Just sayin….

    What say you?

  28. Never heard of him before today but from the video I saw, he fires off the ball and hits and wraps. The last two drafts have produced three to four players each that came in and contributed right away, so I trust Howie for now.

  29. Huh. Mostly I’m surprised and impressed that they didn’t fall for Manziel at 22. As soon as GB nabbed Clinton-Dix they had the trade in. Fast.

    After that they surely had another trade-back in mind but couldn’t make it happen. Too bad but if he turns out as good as his film looks he’ll still be a steal at 26 with the 3rd.

    You all realize this means Kelly truly is committed to the Defense…Hallelujah!!!

  30. “The Eagles are so dumb and Howie Roseman should be fired.” So they should hire you of course.

    First, they give away Desean Jackson..No they tried to trade him, could not even get a 7th rounder so they moved on, and Washington got him as a free agent.

    Let’s say this is an interesting pick, maybe right or maybe wrong, but give the guy a chance. No draft should be judged until 3 years has passed.

    I do like that they got an extra 3rd rounder as well.

  31. easy people. an outside linebacker is our biggest need! we can’t expect Trent Cole to keep playing the position at his age and 12 mill a year. plus we got huge value from the Browns for moving back four spots. chart says should have been a 4th round pick we got a third. two years ago we picked a guy name Nick Foles in the Third round.

  32. the point is they could have gotten lee or Benjamin and still got this guy at 54 stupid pick and still picked up a pick trading graham

  33. Even Danny Watkins and Mike Mamula are confused. Can we get a Shawn Bradley reference in here too??
    Howie, please stop making football decisions. You are a joke to this organization. I want our Iggles to win now, and with you at the helm all we are getting is heartache and division titles. I guess that is good enough for you, but not for the fans of this great city.
    Get a clue son and step away from the organization and let someone that knows how to evaluate talent take over.
    ‘Nuff said.

  34. All you Eagles fans out there need to chill…If Chip and Bill Davis really (really) wanted a safety, they would have definitely traded up to nab Pryor or Clinton-Dix. First of all, if half of you actually watch the Eagles every Sunday, you would realize that the passing defense was horrific because none of the guys on that D-Line would constantly rush the quarterback. Pressuring the QB was such a hard task for that defense because they really didn’t have true 3-4 rushing LB’s. So stop blaming the safeties and corners so damm much. Second, we just signed Malcolm Jenkins who got paid like a starting safety and we have Earl Wolff who showed great promise before getting hurt. Stop looking at stats and actually watch the games. That guy can play and will be a great value to the Eagles as a 5th round pick. Nate Allen just came back on a 1 yr deal to provide depth. The most obvious choice here for Chip was pass rushing LB and that’s the perfect choice. As far as Marcus Smith goes, even though he wasn’t the most talked about prospect, he has great size and speed for being 6’4. I’m sure Bill Davis will find a way for him to contribute big time. But nah…ya’ll want all the pretty picks and I bet if Johnny Manziel was drafted today instead of Marcus, ya’ll would of been real happy even though QB isn’t a position of need. With 6 more rounds to go, Chip will build that team and win the division once more.

  35. If you like him, take him. I don’t think he would have lasted to pick 54. I watched a lot of him this year – he is a force and needs to be accounted for. A bit raw but he’s a good scheme fit.

    I like the pick. They gain a 3rd rd pick with the trade and get a pass rusher who can drop into coverage if asked. The draft is a crap shoot anyway.

  36. Way too many armchair GM’s out there that are tunnel-visioned on the ‘sexy pick’. Just because you may have never heard of the guy from the talking heads before the draft doesn’t mean the pick was a bad one. The Eagles identified their strongest position of need, and got a guy that aside from possessing the physical tools, is a very smart and coachable player who puts in a lot of effort and heart. That’s they type of guy you want on your team. And with Lee still on the board when they picked, it proves that Kelly does indeed care about his defense. I like the pick, and would prefer that in a year or two when Smith is a marquee name for the Birds, all these detractors go stick their heads in the sand.

  37. I find it amazing with these posters that think every great move in the last year is because of Chip. but every questionable move is because Howie sucks.

  38. DE Jon Harris, 1997 Eagles #1 pick. same reach & bust. wasted pick, coulda got him in 3rd rd, same as Harris.

    Don’t think this was Howie, this was a Chipster pick, he tried to recruit him to Oregon.

  39. Funny how people are questioning the teams he played but quick to say we should have took Pryor. I believe they played the same opposition. If you coveted Pryor or even Bridgewater why should this guy be any different.

  40. Should have worked a deal for pick 20 (traded for a 3rd rounder) and got Ha-Ha. He wanted the Eagles, eagles needed him… should have worked harder to make it happen when he started sliding.

  41. Classic eagles. Smarter than everyone in the room. The terrible offseason continues. Gotta love it. But I’m SURE it is exactly who the wanted. HILARIOUS! Chip back to school in 2015.

  42. There sure seem to be a lot of draft experts on this message board bashing the eagles for this pick. Look not every teams big board is going to look the same obviously Chip & Howie saw something they liked and thought he was worth a 1st round pick. If you have watched any tape of him you would know hes not a bad player and fits a need. Lets see him play some games before calling him a bust. Btw I like the pick.

  43. Classic eagles. Smarter than everyone in the room. The terrible offseason continues. Gotta love it. But I’m SURE it is exactly who the wanted. HILARIOUS! Chip back to school in 2015.

    And your team is relevant since when??

    This guy was definitely not worth a 1st round I would have rather the Eagles of traded out of the first round and acquired an additional pick and picked him up in with the 83. That would have made more sense and had an additional pick and keep the GM’s like me happy.

  44. Everyone keeos saying little guy.. hes 6’3″ 250lba with sub 4.6 speed.. yea smaller confrence but but he still was second in the country in sacks last yr at 14.5 add 4 forced fumbles to that. Everyone is a draft guru i guess.. mychal kendricks is undersized and was arguably our best lb last yr… in chip i trust

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