Rams take Greg Robinson with No. 2 overall pick

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With Jadeveon Clowney off the board, the St. Louis Rams addressed a major need with their first of two first-round selections.

The Rams selected Auburn tackle Greg Robinson to help solidify an offensive line that has been a problem area for years.

St. Louis had their choice of either Robinson or Texas A&M tackle Jake Matthews to fill their need at tackle. Ultimately, the Rams felt Robinson was the better fit for them.

Robinson is a massive body at 6-foot-5 and 332 pounds. He should join the Rams as the team’s projected starter at right tackle with the potential to replace Jake Long at left tackle after this season. Long’s cap number skyrockets next season and could become a cap casualty, opening up a door for Robinson to become the starter on the left side of the line into the future.

14 responses to “Rams take Greg Robinson with No. 2 overall pick

  1. Excellent pick. We need to keep Bradford on his feet

    only to determine he isn’t a Super Bowl QB.

    Robinson will be blocking for Aaron Murray next year.

  2. Ulgh. So the final pick from the RG3 trade goes, a #2 overall, on a player who wont be ready to play left tackle for a few years. If ever.

    What a waste for a franchise that has been waiting a decade to win.

  3. A smart pick, but I bet they tried to shop the pick like they did with RG3 as few years ago. I guess Johnny Football doesn’t have the trade value of RG3.

  4. Terrible pick. Should have taken Matthews instead of this project. Terrible.

  5. Another yr of no offense. Put Sam behind the Berlin Wall and he will still get hurt. We need someone that our pathetic backup can throw to….Watkins was that guy. Sam Bowie…I mean Greg Robonson will overwhelmed when facing Seattle, SF, AZ.

  6. Remembering the Pace glory days,……this is a GREAT Pick! Just what the Rams need,….and from War Eagle Country, Baby!!! This guy will be around for many years, a wonderful offense break the Rams have been needing. Greg will be a good foundation and fit for their already so-so front line (now their ready for Seahawks and 49’ers), cause da Rams have already proven they beat those 2 teams steadily. Good to see the Rams organization are making good picks.

  7. Welcome Greg glad your a RAM. Now sign a contact Get to work becoming the next Orlando Pace. I hope you have all the success Orlando had with the RAMS .As a hall of famer. Plus I’m thinking you win a few more Super Bowls with the RAMS.

  8. an improved offensive line still doesn’t solve Bradford throwing interceptions… lol.. I do expect to see a QB drafted by the Rams.. Murray, Shaw, or McCarron, or maybe the Eastern Illinois QB.

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