Run on receivers has begun


That run on receivers has officially begun.

With three receivers and a tight end who is essentially a receiver taken in the first 12 picks, other receivers on the board may find a major demand for their services as the rest of the first round unfolds.

With teams like the Steelers, Jets, Packers, Eagles, Panthers, Saints, and 49ers potentially looking for help at the position, guys like Marqise Lee (pictured), Kelvin Benjamin, and Brandin Cooks could hear their names get called a lot sooner than they otherwise would have.

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  1. Guy writes an article “There will be a run on receivers.” As soon as the top WR and the top TE are taken, where they are expected to, if not slightly lower, guy writes a follow-up article and says “Run has begun.” Hey bub, draft is DEEP DEEP in WR so there isn’t going to be run on the position. In a draft where 0 RB and only 3 QB are taken in the top 32, 5 WR is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. 5 CB, 5 OT, 5 DL, 4 LB, 4 S. Did all of those have a run too?

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