Brian Hoyer on Manziel: Bring him on


Before the draft started, Browns coach Mike Pettine said it would be difficult for anyone in the draft class to beat out Brian Hoyer for the starting quarterback job.

That didn’t stop the Browns from ending a Thursday night spent hopping around the draft board with a trade up to secure the rights to Johnny Manziel and the frenzied reaction to that selection wasn’t because people were excited about him coming in as a backup. Pettine acknowledged Manziel’s high “it factor,” but said that nothing had changed in terms of the route to the starting role.

“Whether he was taken at four, or going at 22, it will be a competition and I meant that when I said it,” said Pettine, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I don’t think you can hand jobs to people when they come in. It’s a situation where despite what’s around him and what’s following him — and there will be that pressure to play him — we’re in the business of evaluating the best quarterback for the Cleveland Browns to win football games and that’s who’s going to play, whether that’s Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel.”

Hoyer has said several times this offseason that he is approaching the season with the mindset that he’ll be in the starting job and he was equally unshaken by the arrival of Manziel in Cleveland. The Browns texted Hoyer to give him a heads up about the forthcoming pick and Hoyer returned the message by telling the brass to “bring him on.”

The trend around the league of late has been to let young quarterbacks learn on the job, so we’ll see how things play out for the Browns now that they actually have multiple quarterbacks they’d feel comfortable starting. It might not be enough for fellow Browns quarterback Vince Young to call them a dream team, but it certainly looks like a step in the right direction.

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  1. It’s a cover. Hoyer is privately jumping for joy he doesn’t have to face the steelers wk 1.

  2. Can be a win for both guys. If Hoyer has a good year he can parlay that into a starting job somewhere next year.

  3. Hoyer knows his career would be shorter and his career earnings would be less… if he starts… since Cleveland only has one real wide receiver and tight end.

    Sure… Burleson is twice as good as Bess and Little… but… that ain’t saying much.

    Burleson is one phone call/text, joint, and slice of pizza away from being suspended or dead.

  4. Manziel is traveling tonight on a plane
    I can see the red tail-lights heading for Cleveland
    Oh and I can see Manziel waving goodbye
    God it looks like Manziel, must be the clouds in my eyes

  5. Manziel is so overrated. The Browns are fools for not trading up for RG3, the best QB in the NFL. So glad that my Redskins aren’t idiots like the Browns. #HTTR #RG3IsWayBetterThanJohnnyFootball

  6. Hoyer is a lot better than people give him credit for. I think Hoyer will make Johnny Football look silly. College football is nothing like the NFL. The NFL is a rude awakening for most young guys.

  7. I know Pettine is trying to sound smart or old school or something, or trying to smokescreen their draft intentions but coming from him he just sounds like a dope.

    Everyone knew they were going to get JM no matter what he said, it just makes him look like an idiot. And everyone also knows that Manziel is the starter no matter how they play in the offseason.

  8. ‘It factor’ is nothing, nada, zilch, and if it was one of the reasons why the Cleveland GM sacrificed a draft pick to move up to grab this guy nothing need more be said to explain why Cleveland is perpetually in the pits.

    Even Kevin Costner could have done better than this boneheaded move.

    The people of Cleveland deserve better.

  9. The best coaches play the best players, regardless of where they were drafted. If an drafted free agent is playing better than a first rounder, then he should be the starter. He will not hesitate to start an unknown over a fan favorite.

  10. Anyone who thinks the Browns moved up in the draft to get Manziel and have him hold a clipboard next year is delusional. He’s the starter from week 1 on and Pettine’s job is on the line with this. That’s the way it is these days.

  11. Browns take Manziel and get bashed. If the Browns pass on Manziel they would get bashed. Browns bashers are always gonna bash. I think JBalls is gonna bring the right attitude to the Dawg Pound… whether or not he’s the starter.

  12. ““Whether he was taken at four, or going at 22, it will be a competition and I meant that when I said it,” said Pettine, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer.”

    Kent, please. Will someone close the door on this guy?

  13. Hoyer is going to go Favre on Manziel, ie., he’ll completely ignore the rookie, never acknowledge him directly, never mentor or train with him.

  14. Manziel will be a bust. He’s a small 5’11 and that’s it. Everyone compares him to Brees and Wilson because of his size, but forget that those 2 have other skills. Manziel doesn’t do anything really well. He’s made a living off broken plays, and once he starts getting hit, he’ll breakdown fast.

  15. Johnny Manziel will greatly benefit from a guy who has seen the ebbs and flows of the NFL. Brian Hoyer was a successful college quarteback who was a perennial back-up until last season when he got the opportunity to start. He did fairly well until the hectic injury. Hoyer has seen a lot during his time and sounds like will mentor Manziel which is important for the growth of a young player.

  16. Now the question is who will start the season. I would have to think Manziel will get the nod considering he was taken in the first round and they probably want to see him in action. Plus it would be better for Hoyer to hold off if his knee is not 100%.

  17. This is so cute, watching the brownie fans act like they won the superbowl. Johnny Football and Hoyer are so screwed! Ravens and Steelers run this show and they will both be back to form this year. Ohio, dont forget where you belong…at the bottom!

  18. i think it does matter where you draft him…#22 as opposed #4 lessens the pressure to start him, although it still looms large. the good thing is i think there is a large faction still supporting Hoyer being a hometown boy…he should get a fair shot to show his capability – i think Pettine will allow him (Hoyer) that opportunity

  19. So happy to see him and his stupis antics go to Cleveland. They are a perfect fit for one another. Johnny football will flop !!!!

  20. Hate to admit it, Hoyer or Johnny football it won’t matter the Browns are on the right track with the rest of their off season moves in addition with the skill players they already had (WR, TE, CB). they will be allot better in the coming years.

  21. As a Steelers fan, I applaud how the Browns are turning things around on paper. The Trent Richardson trade from last year basically precipitated them not only moving down to draft the best CB out there, but they moved up to pick up a QB that can put some extra life back into the team on offense and they stowed away what will most likely be a top 15 pick in the first round next year. If the Browns can get their running game going and achieve some stability at QB, they could contend for at least a Wildcard spot in the next few years. As far as Manziel holding up in the NFL game, if the OL is sured up and the running game becomes a threat, he could take on more of a Russell Wilson type of role.

  22. All these people who are assuming Manziel is gonna be to some kind of superstar in the NFL are not playing with a full deck. Dude is short, throws wobbly passes, floats passes, holds onto the ball too long, and runs around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. The problem is that NOW he’s going to be chased by 27 year olds instead of 19 year olds, and he’s going to get KILLED.

    Brian Hoyer did great last year. Great accuracy, very mobile, took excellent care of the ball. The only reason this guy has been a back up was because he was on a team with Tom Brady, etc. Now that he got a chance to be a starter, he really excelled. Just has to learn to slide, that’s all.

    I hope Hoyer beats the crap out of Manziel for the starting job and, that within a year or two, the Browns admit their mistake and trade this bust to someone else.

  23. Johnny will not win that job outright. The only way he starts is that the fans vote him in.

    He or not capable of beating out Hoyer or Young on merit. The biggest question now, is if he can exit NYC without getting arrested.

    I told you the green room would be perfect for a Southwest Air commercial. “Wanna get away”?

  24. The sad part of this is that Hoyer put in work to have Browns Nation in tears when he went down with the season ending injury. Now if he ends up starting, that same Browns Nation will turn on him until Manziel gets the start.

  25. Too many young QBs are tossed out there to the wolves without a chance to get much of a grip on the pro level game these days.

    Hoyer is good, tough player. He will mentor Manziel the same way Brady mentored him. Manziel has a lot better chance of success at this level if he gets time to acclimate behind Hoyer for year and learn the system in Cleveland.

    Hoyer should be the starter when the season opens and if the Browns are winning with him out there than Manziel will watch and learn. If the Browns get off to a terrible start then that could quickly change, but it would be nuts to put Manziel out there game 1 if they don’t have to.

  26. I love the competitiveness. I really hope they start Hoyer for a year or two and actually let Manziel develop properly. Either way, very exciting draft and very exciting time to be a Browns fan.

  27. What do you get when you have one mediocre QB who is overhyped because of 2 slightly above average games, and one mediocre QB who is overhyped because of his college success?

    The Cleveland Browns headed for another sub 500 season.

  28. Hoyer has seen so much more and learned behind Tom Brady. Any “logical” thinking person would understand that Johnny Manziel, while he may inhabit all of the tools (or maybe not – it is to be determined), cannot step in right away and deliver in the NFL. The only argument would be Russell Wilson’s example but I think that may be the exception.

  29. Super glad he did not end up in Minnesota. Good luck Browns! He is going to be a problem. Remember when people thought Tim Tebow was good? Where is he now? Manziel will be gone in five years.

  30. Hoyer has one thing going for him with the fans. He’s a home town guy. The fans will love both of them. Let the best man be the starter.

  31. Steelers and Ravens defenses are licking their chops to get to this kid. Johnny Football is going to be running for his life…for about a 5 yard loss every time.

  32. Congratulations Browns fans. Bump what these haters say. Looks like yaw have 2 competitive QB’s. Hoyer’s spunk is good for camp. Good luck winning the North. Yaw can now.

  33. Funny to see all these people criticizing Manziel, saying his game doesn’t translate to the NFL, he is too small, going to get hurt, etc. The kid didn’t miss a game in college because of injury did he? And if I recall, he played in the SEC Didn’t he? The same conference that produced 11 first round picks yesterday, 5 of which were on the defensive side of the ball.
    Nobody can predict right now how his career will end up, let the kid play a few downs before you pass judgement. Also can’t stand the people saying he wont be able to compete in the AFC North due to the history of the division and the defenses in the league, last time I checked, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were not in the division anymore, neither was James Harrison, Lamar Woodley, or Michael Johnson.
    The game is changing a little bit people, stop holding onto the past and bashing the Browns because you have nothing better to do.

  34. The Steelers are rapidly becoming the bottom feeders of the AFCN. The times are a-changin’.

  35. Hoyer should start the season, but I would imagine that we will see Manziel if he struggles. Manziel will probably, assming he stays healthy, assume the starting job by the end of the season. He is an exciting player and will bring fans to the stadium, although they draw pretty well, even if they are bad. Cleveland has a loyal fan base.

  36. Biggest Busts in NFL History QB wise:

    1. J Russell

    2. Ryan Leaf

    3. Johnny Manziel

    Manziel is going to destroyed by the AFC North Defenses, and when the weather gets really cold, he will be hobbled worse than RG3.

    What a wasted pick…..

    A pure bust.

  37. I appreciate Hoyer’s moxy and Petine’s level headed words. That said, front offices don’t generally let coaches draft a QB in the first round and then let him just ride the pine. Manziel will be starting by year’s end, even if Hoyer out performs him. And the Brown’s will trade Hoyer looking for a starter on the cheap…

  38. The Steelers are rapidly becoming the bottom feeders of the AFCN. The times are a-changin’.

    Hmm…..So finishing 2nd in the division last year after an 0-4 and 2-6 start equates to a rapid decline as bottom-feeders of the AFCN?

  39. Sparties traditionaly don’t make good NFL quarterbacks unlike their big brother in Ann Arbor which is also known as “NFL Quarterback University.” The little brother QB Hoyer was and is just filling a hole until they drafted their future QB which it appears Cleveland has done.

  40. Johnny Manziel was not my first choice for quarterback. But, since the Browns chose him I will be pulling for him to succeed. I have my doubts like many do. As a Browns fan I hope Manziel can overcome his diminutive size and find the necessary passing lanes. I hope that his durability in college can hold up in the NFL. The SEC is not the NFL. I agree with many of the above posters that say ideally he would be better served to learn behind Hoyer before being thrown to the wolves. GO BROWNS!

  41. Running QBs have a very short shelf life in the NFL. One or two knee surgeries and they lose that skill and since they can’t be pocket passers it’s the unemployment line after 4-5 years. Unless you go to prison for illegal dog fighting then your career is longer.

    I have no love for the arrogant ass that is Johnny Manziel— I hope to hell “Johnnie Football” fails miserably. What a fricking showboat jerkoff.

  42. If nothing else, I like Hoyer’s attitude. That’s how a leader responds to adversity. Bring it on, and I’ll deal with it. I’ll come out on top because I’m the right guy for the job.

    If he loses the starting position, who cares? He still has the right attitude to give himself the best chance to succeed.

  43. Anybody wanta bet that, before the season is over, Hoyer won’t be holding a clipboard on the sidelines while Manziel starts? The people of Cleveland will riot in the streets if Manziel isn’t the starter at some point in the season. The Browns didn’t draft him to sit on the bench.

  44. The Cleveland (circus) Clowns have a new ring master! Woo hoo…. I mean haha. They are destined for a life of mediocrity at best. Little Johnny is going to feel the pain that is an NFL defense. Welcome to the big league little boy.

  45. I mean, people are buying tickets that would not have been sold to a season ticket holder without manziel. if you think Hoyer holds that job without playing like Kurt Warner in his first year with the Rams, you are crazy.

    Dude is going to start eventually

  46. Again, people fail to realize. Drew Brees was a 3yr starter in the Big 10. Rusell Wilson was a 4yr starter 3acc and 1 in the Big 10. Manziel has only 2yrs. Manziel doesn’t have enough football experience.

    Whatever though, I wonder if Johnny Manziel realizes that the ground in November in Cleveland, Oh, doesn’t give quite as well as it does in College Station, Tx

  47. Browns have great support, don’t need a marketing toy. Hoyer has paid his dues, vets will play their tales off for him. Johnny Football will sit until there is an opportunity. If Hoyer stays healthy and the team wins, that opportunity will come farther down the line than what is being considered here. So how did it all work out for Aaron Rodgers?

  48. Is this the same Brian Hoyer who was not good enough for the Patriots to keep behind Brady?

    Is this the same Brian Hoyer who was not good enough to play or start for Ken Whisenhunt at Arizona when Whisenhunt ran the team down into a 4-12 mess?

    When did Hoyer get so good to be the starter in Cleveland from being dog poo in Arizona under Whisenhunt’s genius coaching?

  49. It’s the Brian Hoyer that spent three years learning everything possible while behind Brady. Considering the Pats moved to a protect-the-QB offense, they didn’t need to keep two back-ups, and went with the cheaper one. If Brady hadn’t shown he could come back with a vengeance from injury, Hoyer probably would have been kept.

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