Browns knew two weeks ago they might miss Josh Gordon


The Browns will understandably be disappointed, but at least they weren’t surprised.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns have known for the last two weeks that wide receiver Josh Gordon was facing a year-long suspension for a failed drug test.

It does cast a new light on last night’s moves, as they traded out of the fourth spot, where the Bills chose Clemson wideout Sammy Watkins.

Instead, they took cornerback Justin Gilbert after a move-up to eighth, and then Johnny Manziel 22nd.

The Browns do have the benefit of a deep draft at the position, and will likely be in the market soon, when they’re on the clock with the 35th pick.

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  1. You know, I am not an NFL personnel guy, but every post I have made in the last 3 months about the draft I said take Watkins or Evans as an insurance policy against Gordon faltering. I Geez, I didn’t even stay at a holiday inn

  2. Half of me says it’s as ridiculous to suspend a player for marijuana as it would be to suspend them for drinking alcohol

    But given that it’s not currently legal in all 50 states – and the NFL rules are clear – the larger half of me thinks Gordon is a friggen idiot for doing that to his team, career and wallet.

  3. Wow, where is the brain of Farmer on moving out of that 4 position. Can’t wait to hear the spin on this one. Some things really don’t change, do they?

  4. So… Johnny Manziel will take all the blame when he plays with NO receivers (instead of having one – josh gordon).

    I Told Ya.

  5. That makes Ray Farmers moves last night really make a guy scratch his head! Your biggest offensive threat, possibly gone for the year. And you drop down, instead of taking Watkins?

    I know if I was Farmer, I would have stayed and taken Watkins no matter what! You team him with Gordon, and whether you have Hoyer behind center, or if they would have did some trades to take Johnny, that WR corp would have been scary!

  6. ummm, its not legal ANYWHERE in the USA,

    Gordon is a dam fool, and I just lost faith in Raymond Farmer.

    And, if Pettine just found out thru the media, he cant be very happy with everyone above him..

    The roller coaster in Cleveland continues to snap necks of the fans..

    Sad, sad day in Cleveland..

  7. Lots of Browns haters I see. The game is, has, and will be played between the lines. Not on draft night. I’ll wait and see how big of a joke their front office is, sure won’t take some PFT keyboard cowboy’s word for it. On a side note, Watkins will be about as good as Peter Warrick was. Netting a first rounder for 2015, the best corner in the draft, and the best QB seems pretty smart to me. But then again, I don’t react to every article on here like I know everything like most.

  8. I been saying this would happen since January, No body listened, But fact is if you think about it Haslam just stole 2000 season tickets from Browns fans, For shame stole at Flying J Now stealing here in Cleveland,

  9. To answer the question (which I thought would be common sense) The reason the Browns didn’t draft Watkins is because they were given two first rounders (this year and next year) and a fourth so Buffalo could do it. Keep in mind Gordon was a SECOND ROUND PICK IN THE SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT.

    Maybe some of the arm chair draft experts haven’t paid attention but the wideout position has proven as one of those that drafting a guy high is a huge gamble that rarely pays off. The Falcons and Cowboys have actually gotten worse since they got Julio Jones and Dez Bryant. Darrius Heyward Bey is on a totally different team than the one who drafted him and was non existent at that. Justin Blackmon can’t stay out of trouble, Braylon Edwards might as well have been an undrafted free agent he’s been on so many teams and I can go on and on.

    The Browns probably had Gilbert and Manziel ranked higher than the best wide receiver after Watkins so they just kept to their draft board. Why reach for someone who might not be as talented as you need them to be just because a guy on your team got suspended? Stick to your board get a receiver when you need one and if the reports are true and Gordon is gone beyond this season you have all the room in the world to select one projected just as good as Watkins or better in 2015.

  10. It is just the Browns being the Browns…so no Gordon, then to start the 2nd round, you get another OL…the next pick better be a WR cause what they have left on the roster isn’t good. I don’t care how good Manziel is, he cant win with this group of wideouts. It didn’t matter, even with Gordon, I was guessing 5-6 wins, maybe 4…still 2-3 years away from being a playoff contender…..Browns need to move away from Gordon, and go get another number 1 WR…maybe they should have traded him when they had the chance..

  11. what people do during there vacation should not affect there work .the nfl needs to lighten up ,josh could get suspended go to cfl make tons of money we will never see him again ?

  12. Josh had millions of dollars on the line and his NFL career..that should be enough incentive to lay off the weed..i don’t feel for him at all…you know how many people would give their right arm for the opportunity he has, and then he quickly, I mean quickly, flushed it down the toilet. Browns took the gamble and lost, and now are staring down another few years of double digit losses…same old Browns..

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