PFT Live: NFL Draft Round One recap, Bob Glauber

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The first round of the 2014 NFL Draft is done and the overnight ratings tell us that many of you were tuned in to see how everything played out.

Whether you were or not, Friday’s edition of PFT Live will bring you everything you need to know about the first 32 picks. Mike Florio will discuss the Texans holding onto the first pick to draft Jadeveon Clowney, the Bills’ big move to get wide receiver Sammy Watkins, the Jaguars’ choice of Blake Bortles and the Browns’ moves all over the board.

Bob Glauber of Newsday will join Florio to look back at all of the biggest storylines coming out of the first round. They’ll talk about which teams failed to address their needs, which teams made the most unexpected choices and take a look ahead to what might happen when the second round gets underway on Friday night.

It all gets started at noon ET and you can watch it all by clicking right here.

10 responses to “PFT Live: NFL Draft Round One recap, Bob Glauber

  1. Redskins had the best first round of any team. I view RG3 as our first round pick, and seeing as how he is clearly the best QB in the NFL, I’d say it’s worth it! #HTTR

  2. sometimes it’s best to stay where you are and pick, the rams chose greg robinson and then got aaron donald that is awesome maybe not sexy but awesome!! and to the rg3 fan the final tally is in the skins got rg3

    the rams got brockers jenkins pead ogletree bailey stacy and robinson sounds like the skins fleeced the rams jk lol!! rams new fearsome foursome #2 long quinn brockers and donald wow!!

  3. This is certainly the year you do not trade up. To many good players waiting to be plucked in the second and third rounds…

  4. The Rams had a lot of great early darft picks because they sucked last year. Hopefully, it will workout for you, but I’d rather have pick #32 or close to that.

  5. Your entire show must be devoted to why the Cowboys didn’t draft Manziel. America demands it.

  6. Congrats to the Rams. I thought Robinson was less of a “pro” style blocker than Matthews, but maybe he’ll be good. The real killer though was Donald. That guy is so good its insane, and he’ll be playing alongside some really good productive guys already. Fearsome Foursome returns!

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