Raiders select quarterback Derek Carr in the second round

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The Oakland Raiders have drafted the man they hope can be their quarterback of the future.

Derek Carr of Fresno State went to the Raiders in the second round with the 36th overall pick. Carr was widely reported to be a favorite of Raiders owner Mark Davis, and in fact Davis is said to be so enamored with Carr that there was some talk that the Raiders might use their first-round pick on Carr.

Carr is the younger brother of David Carr, the former No. 1 overall pick of the Texans.

The Raiders have three other quarterbacks on the roster, with Matt Schaub currently penciled in as the starter, last year’s undrafted free agent Matt McGloin as the backup and Trent Edwards as the third-stringer. But while Carr won’t necessarily supplant Schaub from Day One, Carr is the quarterback whom the Oakland front office hopes will be the starter for many years to come.

50 responses to “Raiders select quarterback Derek Carr in the second round

  1. Good pick. They had to take him sitting there at 36. Carr will be coming into a good situation sitting behind Matt Schaub. Time to learn and develop into a solid starter

  2. Welcome to Raider Nation. I have always said that my Raiders have trouble of developing young quarterbacks. I hope you break the trend.

  3. Congrats Raiders for drafting Blaine Gabbert 2.0. Derek Carr folds under pressure. David Fales would’ve been the better choice.

  4. Carr needs to learn a different system, by far, then Fresno St runs. Getting on a team where he isn’t expected to start is HUGE for him, IMO.

    In 2-3 years he’ll “come out of nowhere” and really shock some people.

    MWAC owning the 2nd round!

  5. Worst pick ever this draft is sooo deep with potential starters still available and we pick a questionable quaterback who wont play for at least two years makes no sense. What about Marquise Lee , Jordan Matthews they can put points on the board tomorrow or what about the #1 ranked running back to help injury plagued McFadden this pick is just dumb. We need immediate impact players not stupid projects.

  6. High character guy, smooth passer. Ran a pro offense when Hill was the coach. Doesn’t handle pressure real well. But it’s a QB league, and since the Raiders don’t have a good one, they could draft one every round and I wouldn’t whine.

  7. It looks like my favorite AFC franchise is starting to turn things around. Let’s go Raiders!

  8. Couldn’t be happier to add you to our squad! Welcome to the RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!

  9. While I’m the first to always take a jab at the Raiders, I can’t immediately fault this pick. I don’t think he has a ton of upside, but he also doesn’t pose the kind of risk that almost ALL Raiders’ picks normally do.

  10. Not the worst pick, but we need players that can play now. We have immediate needs not future ones. Still overall happy on what Reggie has done so far.

  11. Looking good Reggie Mac! Let’s keep it going!!!
    Raider Nation, baby!!! Please keep the hate coming…I love it!! LOL

  12. camperic says:
    May 9, 2014 9:02 PM
    remind me again, who is on the offense of line for the Raiders


  13. humb0lt says: May 9, 2014 7:36 PM

    Congrats Raiders for drafting Blaine Gabbert 2.0. Derek Carr folds under pressure. David Fales would’ve been the better choice.
    The Raiders can take Fales tomorrow if they’re interested. He will still be there.

  14. with the new collective bargaining agreement getting a qb later that pans out pays huge dividends. Not saying carr is kaepernick or wilson, but look at how much they account for in the teams salary cap the first 4 years. Now the raiders can build the rest of the team and save money at qb.

  15. snowdood163 says: May 9, 2014 7:35 PM

    Future bust.
    Raiders took him in the 2nd round so theres really no ”bust”..
    Ih he turns out to be garbage then who cares

  16. How the hell does Trent Edwards always end up on the Raiders team at the beginning of every year. This is like the 5th straight year he’s on the team, and he always gets cut then they bring him bacc.

  17. Aside from the Saffold mess this has been a good offseason for the silver & black…best in years.
    Can DAllen inspire our guys to play, that’s the question.

  18. I think Reggie’s moves so far this draft have been pretty solid. I may not be sold on the fact neither Mack or Carr competed at a high level collegiate division, but they are solid. I guess what I’m saying is at least our first round pick isn’t bleeding internally and being one hit away from death, and our second rounder isn’t a 350lb English soccer player, like our busts last year. Lets do it Oakland!! Go Raiders!

  19. Even with Khalil Mack on the board I was horrified we would take Derrick Carr at 5 . I would have preferred Stephen Tuitt but I this pick is fine . We will grade Reg after these two picks . They simply fell into his lap . I dig the extra 4th and the Miss St lineman looks solid on film .

  20. If the Raiders were going to draft a crappy QB then they missed the boat on Manziel. USC crushed this worthless piece of Fresno State garbage in the bowl game, remember?

    Looks like another wasted year of a commitment to excrement thanks to that moron mark who will never live up to his father’s greatness. We miss you Big Al in Raider Nation!

    To think they could have had Marquis Lee, now who will these worthless QB’s throw to? Raider receivers have sucked lately, need to replace the whole foul bunch.

  21. So lucky that Carr fell to the 2nd round he was projected to be a late 1st rounder and Raiders came so close to making a trade to get back into the 1st round and take Carr there.. everything just fell into place right off the bat and that allowed Raiders got the 2 players they wanted without giving up draft Gabe Jackson was projected a late 1st round also ..he really helps anchor that offensive line now we just need to finish this draft up with few more good picks that help us on our way to playoffs this season.GREAT JOB REGGIE !.GO RAIDERS “

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